Man dies after St Francis Bay house robbery

A manhunt is underway for two men who robbed an elderly coule in their house in Sardinia Road, St Francis in the early evening yesterday.

Armed with guns the men accosted the couples housekeeper and tied and gagged her and the elderly couple, the man aged 78 and the women 76 and proceeded to ransack the home. The woman was forced to open the couples safe and an undisclosed amount of money was stolen along with jewellery and other valuables before fleeing the crime

Police spokesman,  Captain Gerda Swart said the maid managed to free herself of her bonds around 7:00 pm and alerted the neighbours who immediately notified the police and called an ambulance.

On arrival the police found the man had died and the two women extremely traumatised by the experience. The woman were taken for treatment.

The cause of death is at this stage unknown and the name of the deceased is being withheld  until later.