Speeding Anarchy in Cape St Francis

One of the Cape St Francis WhatsApp groups lit up the other day on the subject of speeding and an appeal has gone out for residents, and particularly contractors working in Cape St Francis, to respect the 40kph speed limit that applies in Cape St Francis.

Looking into our archives an article published in September 2016 discusses the subject laying some blame on visitors rather than locals but alas it appears too many locals now ignore the limit. There is no doubt the number of construction /  maintenance vehicles travelling to and from numerous building sites has increased significantly and added to this there are suddenly daily visits by courier vehicles, most of which pay scant regard to the speed limit, solid white lines speed humps or stop streets..

A section of road that desperately needs to be monitored and a solution found is the stretch directly in front of the resort. Since the opening of Full Stop Café many more people cross from the resort to Full Stop and many of these are kids and international tourists.

Consider the danger. As children we were taught to look right, look left and then look right again before crossing a road. When travelling abroad in Europe or the US, one has to quickly adjust to looking left, then right  them left again when crossing a street.

In the coming weeks as Europeans start their summer holidays more international tourists will start arriving in our village. What we don’t need is a tourists inadvertently looking left, right, left when crossing over the road and not seeing that speeding bakkie ignoring the zebra crossing. That sort of international press we don’t want.

Hopefully if enough is published on the subject of speeding in the local media and social media platforms those who show little or no respect for keeping the village safe for walkers, joggers, cyclists, children pets and wildlife may pay heed and make an effort to kerb their speed to the legal limit and even start obeying other traffic laws. Naming and shaming transgressors should be a last resort but there is no reason why the owners of businesses should not be alerted if their vehicles speed in CSF.

What fails to amaze is those who complain about minibus taxis are usually the worst offenders and believe it is their right to speed if they want. Being late for an appointment is not a reason and if they have a need for speed Aldo Scribante racetrack still holds race meets and would welcome more competitors.

On the same WhatsApp group the n\matter of potholes also trended. Unfortunately after the wonderful rains our roads have become deteriorated significantly. That the municipal workers do a poor job repairing them is sadly endemic in South Africa.  We can complain all we want but it is not going to change the psyche of present day labour forces.

Let’s not hold our collective breath that things are going to change anytime soon. If we want to improve the quality of our road surfaces we are going to have to pay for it rather than wait for the municipality to come to the party. They simply do not have the money so if we drive to the speed limit maybe we can easily negotiate the potholes and thus save tires and lives at the same time.

If you see someone you know speeding, call them. Lets make it a conversation and maybe the word will spread.  


The speed signs as one enters the Sea Visa precinct have again been stolen but this should not be an excuse o ignore the 60kph limit in that area. There are a lot of kids that play on the side of the road and their safety is as much a drivers responsibility as  it is their parents who probably both work to eke out a living and certainly cannot afford to put the kids in a creche.


St Francis Brewery Going that Extra Mile to Reduce Plastic Waste

St Francis Brewing Company have been part of Ocean Pledge for some time now and are taking their pledge one step further in their effort to reduce use of plastic.

Says Lance “Linky & I are keen surfers and ocean lovers so the St Francis Brewing Co has been a member and pilot restaurant for Ocean Pledge for a few years now. This involves no plastic straws, mixers, take away containers, recycling and a worm farm for food waste. (www.oceanpledge.org).

Distributing our beer plastic free was the next challenge. We did some research and discovered a brewery in Florida that had developed a plant starch 6 pack ring (www.EPR6) made from the spent barley used in the brewing process. Cans are a growing trend in beer packaging, not only does the beer stay fresher, the cans transport with a lower carbon footprint and aluminium is almost infinitely recyclable.

Premium beer drinkers simply pour into a glass to enjoy. Beach Blonde will still be available in a bottle, these 6 packs are packaged in a compostable shrink wrap. We are stoked with our new cleaner, greener look and ask all to take up the Plastic Free July challenge. www.plasticfreejuly.org and join the Ocean Pledge movement.”

Chicken chain starts recruiting locally

One of South Africa’s biggest fast-food chains has started a recruitment drive in Kouga ahead of the opening of their first store at Humansdorp.

Work on the new premises of KFC in Humansdorp is already underway. 

Kouga Tourism and Local Economic Development Portfolio Councillor Frances Baxter said the business was expected to start trading by December.

“As part of the preparations, they have called for applications from local residents interested in joining their new team,” she said. 

She said the business was looking for applicants with matric, a clean criminal record and sober habits. 

“Applicants must be hard-working, reliable, presentable, enthusiastic, eager to learn and willing to work in a team,” she said. 

Interested candidates must submit their application letter and CVs at Kouga Municipality’s main Humansdorp admin unit, on the corner of Main Road and Du Plessis Street, by 10am on Friday, 26 July 2019.