Work starts on Africa’s first “plastic” road

Construction of Africa’s first eco-friendly road, incorporating recycled waste plastic, started in Jeffreys Bay this week.

Gareth Nel from MacRebur, East Cape MPL Vicky Knoetze and Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks take a closer look at the pellets that are used in the asphalt mix

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said Woltemade and Koraal Streets had been identified for the pilot.

“The testing of the plastic product to be used in the premix was recently finalised,” he said.

“It is this product, developed by a Scottish company called MacRebur, that is set to revolutionise the way roads are built.”

Hendricks said the testing of the product had taken longer than anticipated as it was the first time it would be used in South Africa and the continent of Africa.

“We are very excited that work on the road has commenced. The contractor will be establishing the site this week and we expect construction to start in Woltemade Street next week.”

The completion date had been set for mid-October.

The ground-breaking initiative is a joint project by Kouga Municipality and MacRebur SA, together with Port Elizabeth-based civil engineering and construction experts SP Excel and Scribante Construction.

The partnership was facilitated by Vicky Knoetze, a DA MPL, who first introduced the idea of using waste plastic to solve some of South Africa’s road problems to the East Cape Provincial Legislature in 2017.

“Essentially we will be doing what we have done for years and will be doing till the end of days, which is building roads, just in amore efficient and effective way,” she said.

She said what MacRebur offered, was an enhancement of the asphalt mix traditionally used for the top layer of roads. Plastic waste, which ends up in the ocean or clogging up landfill sites, is processed into pellets and used to replace a large component of the bitumen in a conventional asphalt mix. It is estimated that up to 1,8 million plastic bags can be used in just one kilometre of road. “

Knoetze continued, “The result is a road that is stronger and more durable. Water, the main cause of potholes, does not penetrate it as easily and it is also more heat resistant. “The plastic road surface is also cheaper to maintain.” 

Hendricks said Kouga was looking forward to the potential benefits of the trial.

“In addition to better roads and reducing plastic pollution, the technology could open up economic opportunities for our communities.   Should the trial be successful, we would like to see a factory being built to produce the pellets locally. This would mean work at the factory, as well as a means for communities to make money by collecting and selling plastic waste.”

He said the trial would be done at no cost to the municipality, with the respective partners set to foot the bill. 

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Geysers to be switched off for longer

Power Outage

Eskom will be switching off geysers for longer during the winter months as part of its efforts to minimise the need for loadshedding.

Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor Freddy Campher said this would affect local residents in whose homes geyser relays have been installed. 

“Starting this week, Eskom will be switching off geysers for an extra hour in the evenings, from 5pm to 8pm,” he said.

According to Eskom, the move is necessary to minimize the risk of loadshedding during the cold winter months when electricity usage usually increases significantly. 

” We expect that they will be implementing this measure for the duration of July and August 2019,” Campher advised. 

Media Release – Kouga Communication Department

World Class Surfing At Corona Open JBay

Excellent Surf for Elimination Round at Supertubes

Jack Freestone in action © Kody McGregor

Following a short wait at the contest site for the swell to build, the second day of the Corona Open JBay contest kicked off at 11am with the final three heats of the Women’s seeding round. In beautiful azure conditions it was Paige Hareb (NZ) who won the first heat with Courtney Conlogue (USA) in second and Brissa Hennesy from Costa Rica going into eliminations. 

Lakey Peterson (USA) won the next heat and advanced along with Malia Manuel (HAW), with Keely Andrews from Australia going to elims. In the final heat, Caroline Marks (USA) went to town on her backhand to secure the first place, with Tatiana Weston-Webb from Brazil in second and Silvana Lima (BRA) going into eliminations.

In the first of the men’s eliminations the waves were still firing, but it was so inconsistent and not many waves came through during the heat. Jack Freestone dominated from the start with a run of excellent rides, and Ryan Callinan was just behind, with wildcard Beyrick De Vries struggling to find a backup wave. Freestone was on fire and if he stuck his huge forehand air rotation it would have been the move of the event thus far, but he dug in on the landing and floundered. Still, no shame, as he won the heat with relative ease despite a last-minute flurry between Callinan and De Vries.

A later heat saw Jeremy Flores take victory from Frederico Morais, while Jesse Mendes from Brazil was eliminated from the event. The final elimination heat was an all-Brazilian affair, with three of the members of The Storm coming up against each other. There was no teamwork out there, but the waves were still delivering and there were some perfect speed-runs and some big hits. At the siren it was Peterson Crisanto who took the win from Willian ‘The Panda’ Cardosa, and it was Jadson Andre who failed to advance and went off to pack his bags.

The Corona Open JBay has a waiting period until the 22 July.

Elimination round results

Heat 1

  1. Jack Freestone 15.93
  2. Ryan Callinan 11.40
  3. Beyrick De Vries 11.14

Heat 2

  1. Seth Moniz 14.27
  2. Adrian Buchan 12.03
  3. Jorgann Couzinet 11.73

Heat 3

  1. Jeremy Flores 15.84
  2. Frederico Morais 13.23
  3. Jesse Mendes 11.83

Heat 4

  1. Peterson Crisanto 13.07
  2. Willian Cardoso 12.20
  3. Jadson Andre 11.86

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Corona Open JBay is a wheelchair friendly event.

The Corona Open JBay is a wheelchair friendly event and parking is available in Pepper Street, which is right at the event site. All vehicles with the proper disabled accreditation will be allowed access to Pepper Street which will ensure the event is wheelchair friendly. JOC co-ordinator Brenton Williams said that event security has been alerted to allow access to vehicles with the Wheelchair Parking Disc.

Williams can be contacted on 083 5496795 should there be any problems trying to access the Corona Open JBay event site.

Media Release  –  Craig Jarvis  –  –  082 376 4443

Shark incident at East Beach, Port Alfred

NSRI Port Alfred duty crew were activated yesterday (Wednesday 10th July) following reports of a local surfer in his early 20’s having been bitten on the leg by what appeared to be a juvenile White shark while surfing with friends at East Beach, Port Alfred.

Ndlambe Municipal authorities, the SA Police Services, Gardmed ambulance services, Ndlambe Municipal Protection Services and NSRI Port Alfred duty crew responded to the scene where the surfer was already safe and  out the water being attended to by paramedics for lacerations to his leg prior to being transported to hospital by ambulance in a stable condition.

A cautionary advisory is issued by Ndlambe Municipality for bathers and paddlers to be aware of this incident and to exercise caution around the coastline of Port Alfred and Ndlambe Municipal Protection Services have closed all beaches around Port Alfred to bathers until further notice as a safety precaution and bathers and surfers are urged to heed the warning in light of this incident today for public safety.

Press Release – NSRI  –  Craig Lambinon  – SEA RESCUE COMMUNICATIONS