Great balls of fire – A 3-in-one-extinguisher

Living in St Francis one becomes somewhat sensitive to anything that may possibly mean another fire disaster. The slightest sight of smoke and the St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group (STDVG)  WhatsApp lights up calling all members attention to possible action being needed.

Thank goodness for the group for we can all rest secure knowing that they will do all they can to contain not only fire but any other disaster threat than may arise in our region.

So it was with interest that we read an e-mail from Dean Zonneveld, founder of MbG Health & Safety and a product, the ElideFire Ball that, if it does what the accompanying videos show it does, every home and business in St Francis must consider investing in at least one, particularly every thatch premise.

The product claims to be three fire extinguishers in one and the videos certainly illustrate just how effective it is in extinguishing a fire within seconds of either being thrown into the blaze or as soon as the ‘BALL’ detects flame.

The accompanying info states that this ball self detonates when a naked flame touches the ball, killing ANY CLASS ( A, B, C & E) FIRE within 3-10 seconds.

The Ball has a 5 year life span and it doesn’t need to be  serviced or maintained every year which not only saves money but should give some peace of mind that you are well prepared should a fire suddenly threaten a property.

Dean goes on to explain.

“As a health and safety officer I feel these balls are the perfect solution to protecting homes and business from fire and I urge home and business owners in St Francis to put a ball in their home, business. It is human and environmentally friendly, once it has exploded you can sweep up the powder and put it in the flowers and it will help with growth.”

Certainly seems worth chatting to Dean about it. Dean can be contacted on e-mail – or on his mobile 073 469 4037