Monster Expression Session presented by Zigzag

Ballito – The Monster Expression Session presented by Zigzag at this year’s Ballito Pro will once again grab the attention of all the beachgoers on final’s day. Set to go down just before the main event finals – with R20,000 up for grabs – this heat is bound to have the spectators in Ballito cheering.

Eight of South Africa’s finest will be invited to compete in the Expression Session, and it’s a winner-takes-all format  for the biggest punt. Nothing like a quick R20k to boost the travel coffers for a one – hit move. The judges will be looking for innovation, flair, height, technique and originality amongst other criteria in order to award the prize. ‘Biggest air’ wins on the day.

Outside the constraints of competition structures, an Expression Session always bring out the most outrageous and innovative surfing from those entered. The Expression Session format allows for total freedom, and as a result sees some of the most radical surfing going down.

During the day, the public can enter to win one of the three custom-shaped surfboards by guessing the winning surfer. The winning surfer will select three names from the entries that voted for him.

Last year’s winner Beyrick de Vries

“A lot of the QS 1,000’s that we compete in give you the opportunity to get points, but they don’t offer the money to get to events that you want to compete in overseas to use those points,” said previous winner De Vries. “A contest that offers R20,000 is so great financially, and even more so in that it is a good way to hype the South African surfers, and give them a chance to further their careers.”

The Ballito Pro pres. by O’Neill takes place from 1-7 July, with the Monster Expression Session pres. by Zigzag taking place on the final day of competition.

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The price of wonderful rains – Potholes

After all the wonderful rain over the past weeks negotiating the roads in Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay to avoid destroying a tyre or two has become a test of one’s driving skills. Of course our villages are not the only ones to suffer the consequence of having lovely green lawns and flowering gardens for it would appear many villages, towns and cities in the country suffers similar pothole ‘epidemics’ some even graduating to sinkhole status.

Hopefully our good council will get around to filling the potholes ASAP but one can understand that the ‘pothole gangs’ will be hard pressed throughout the Kouga region for no doubt the problem in widespread in the region.

Of course Social Media is sure to light up with the uninformed and the anti-SRA brigade complaining as to why the SRA is not filling potholes instead of wasting money beautifying entry to the town. So if you are one of those about to throw you insults at the SRA let us help educate and hopefully prevent Mr Zuckerberg’s Facebook web servers suffering a meltdown from the overload of comment.

As set out in all the documentation on roads contained on St Francis Property Owners NPSC website, their Facebook page and at AGM in December, the SRA funds will be used for major projects only. Everyday maintenance and general upkeep of the roads and verges still remains the responsibility of the municipality for that is what part of what the rates you pay are for.

The SRA road projects are a long term process and will make improvements where the municipality simply does not have available funds and are unlikely to have in the coming decade or two as they do their best to improve the lives of the underprivileged and hopefully do away with the awful bucket system sooner rather than later.

Possibly to explain what the SRA plans have afoot for the coming decade the artist impressions set out below will give readers a better understanding of how it will benefit and beautify our town. Of course there will be those who ask why as some have commented about the waste of improving the entrance. Hopefully there attitude to the improvements don’t mean they don’t mow their lawns and generally keep their own property neat and tidy.