Monster Cash Up at the Ballito Pro 2019

Ballito – The surfing that will go down at the Ballito Pro 2019 will be high-performance, radical and fast, with all surfers wanting to get a share of the prize money as well as those vital points available at a QS 10,000 event.

The WSL judging criteria, focused around speed, power and flow, is what the competing surfers need to adhere to in order to get the big points and beat fellow competitors. Sometimes this type of surfing is exciting and dynamic and good to watch, but at times the surfing spectator needs more.

Acknowledging that sometimes the best surfing takes place outside of the constraints of competitive surfing, and heat surfing, Monster and Zigzag have come to the party this year to reward surfing in Ballito, but outside of the contest heats.

Monster and Zigzag will be rewarding the free surfing that takes place before and after the contest with cold, hard cash. Zigzag will be scouting the most explosive surfers and maneuvers outside of the contest heats, and award the best wave ridden before and after the contest runs.

Monster and Zigzag will be giving away R1 500, along with a Groundswell Surf Store voucher, per session to the best wave surfed during the free surf session for the last five days of competition, open to anyone in the line-up after the last heat of the day finishes.

Check out some of last year’s winning entries:   


Krystian Kymerson

Jadsen Andre

Shane Sykes

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