Why has there been no EIA on Sea Vista informal settlement?

A link to an article published in the Daily Maverick a couple of weeks back sent in by reader Shirley Cowling over the weekend prompted this post as a follow up to our blog post on Friday

Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is a well-known acronym to most of us in St Francis. We heard it used regularly when Eskom was trying to push Thyspunt down our throats, we heard it used as a reason for the delays during the reconstruction of the Sand River bridge, often used in almost all the SRA’s efforts to repair the beach, spit and river. Recently for the proposed development on the old vineyard site and even a few individual property owners have been required to have an EIA before any construction can commence on their new homes.

The International Association for Impact Assessment defines EIA as “the process for identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social and other relevant effects of development proposals, prior to taking major decisions or commitments made”

So following on from our blog post on Friday, if EIA’s are so necessary for virtually any use of land how can the present expansion of the informal settlement, now almost surrounding Sea Vista, be allowed to expand without DEDEAT being involved?  If DEDEAT’s only involvement is to assess the social implications  the expanding informal settlement is having on the formal residents of our township it must be called in. Undoubtedly there will be other aspects for them to to consider but the social impact must be assessed for the human impact is simply cannot be ignored.

Possibly the municipality is unable to intervene for much of the development is on state land but the Mayor must surely be able to call in, if not the state or province, then certainly DEDEAT.

The social implications are already evident with growing crime, drug abuse, unemployment and more seriously, education. The new primary school already bursting at the seams with overcrowded classrooms surely cannot be expected to provide the levels of teaching required to educate the new generation.

Below is a links to and interesting article on EIA’s and that appeared in the Daily Maverick. It has nothing to do with the above it does give a deeper insight into EIA’s and it deals in detail with the recent Inyanda-Roodeplaat EIA which some will remember was connected to the Watson family of BOSASA fame or rather infamy.