South and East Africa Whale Migration Route Kicks Off

A great opportunity to learn more on the migration of the humpback whale is being held at Cape St Francis Resort tomorrow 12th June) evening at 6:30pm. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

The S. E. A. Humpback whale migration route got off to a good start at the The Russel Hotel, Knysna on the 6th June 2019. Big thanks to Loren Sampson, owner of The Russel Hotel and Island Vibe Backpackers for making his premises available. Among the guests were Colleen Durant, the General Manager of Visit Knysna and the Ocean Odyssey Knysna boat based whale watching team.

Ronelle from Enviro-Quest CC gave a presentation on what was required globally to shift towards Zero Plastic Waste Generation. She said that the emphasis must move away from Beach Cleanups (although still necessary) to making the producers and distributors of plastics responsible for their products. Those attending signed pledges about how they were going to limit their use of one time plastics.

Lloyd from the The Baywatch Project gave a presentation on the migration of the humpbacks, all the way from the Antarctic to Kenya and back. Besides the images of whales at various localities along their route, he also showed graphs of how they were brought back from the brink of extinction, to 95% of their pre exploitation numbers. The same paradigm shift that saved these animals must now save the environment through which they pass.

All the right players were present to ensure that next year in Knysna there will be more of a festival nature to the event. Hopefully, if we get funding, scientists will deploy a GPS logger on one of the whales and track this individual along the length of the humpback migration route.

The next humpback whale presentation will be at the Cape St Francis Resort on the 12th June 2019.

Article as posted on Cape St Francis Resort Facebook