African Surf Adventure Awaits at Ballito Pro pres. by O’Neill

The Ballito Pro pres. by O’Neill will be an African surf adventure for surfers and spectators alike. The 51st edition of the world’s longest running professional surfing event will take place from 27 June to 7 July in Ballito, KwaDukuza on the east coast of South Africa.

uMhlanga local and former Ballito Pro quarterfinalist Beyrick de Vries signing autographs for his fans  –  Photo: Ballito Pro / Jannsens

“KwaDukuza Municipality is excited to welcome visitors to our region to enjoy the internationally renowned Ballito Pro,” said the Event Coordinator, Collette Bundy. “This year we welcome Sal Masekela, the son of legendary South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela, as the event’s official ambassador for a true African Surf Adventure.”

Sal Masekela is a renowned television host, sports’ commentator, athlete, musician, actor and philanthropist and will showcase the KwaDukuza region as a top tourist destination and as the home of world-class surfing contests.

“This event is a chance for people to experience an outdoor African adventure that surpasses surfing and entertainment. The dedication to environmental sustainability and immersion of the sport into rural communities is proving to be a catalyst for nation building – both for South African people and this beautiful country,” said Bundy.

O’Neill will be the new presenting sponsor for this year’s competition.

“The event has such an amazing history in South African surfing and has been an instrumental platform in getting our local professional surfers onto the world surfing stage for over five decades,” said Paul Canning, O’Neill South Africa Brand Manager. “We look forward to building a long relationship with the KwaDukuza Municipality and presenting another world class surfing festival.”

Local and international surfers who did not qualify for entry into the 112-man main event, will have one last chance to fight for a wildcard slot. This will be determined by the Ballito Trials pres. by O’Neill featuring 16 international and 12 local competitors, set to take place on Sunday 30 June.

Alongside the surfing, visitors will be spoiled for choice with non-stop activities providing even more entertainment throughout the Ballito festival site. South Africa’s hottest musical acts appealing to all tastes – rock, pop, hip hop, kwaito, electro and dance – will be performing live on Salt Rock Beach over the last weekend. Beach and extreme sports, culinary contests as well as quality retail and food stalls will captivate visitors to this coastal holiday highlight. 

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Kouga set to benefit from International Tourism programme

Seven students from around the globe are set to help grow Kouga’s Tourism industry.

The students, who hail from seven different countries but all study Tourism at Heilbron University in Germany, are visiting Kouga this week to gather information and experience first-hand what the region has to offer.

Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the students had chosen to do their Master’s projects about sustainable Tourism development in the Kouga region.

“Three of the students are researching the viability of a zero-energy hotel for the region while the other four are conducting a general market analysis, aimed at identifying ways to increase tourist numbers outside the peak seasons,” he said.

“Their research will be invaluable, both in Kouga’s efforts to grow the local Tourism industry and our battle against climate change.”

The students are being hosted by Kouga Municipality and have been visiting various tourist attractions, including, the grave of Khoi icon Sarah Baartman at Hankey and Jeffreys Bay’s world-renowned surfing spot Supertubes, where preparations are already under way for the Corona Open J’Bay in July.

They also met with Tourism roleplayers, including, the Kouga Local Tourism Organisation, Supertubes Foundation and the Humansdorp Museum Association. Hendricks said Kouga was excited to partner with the students.

“It’s wonderful to have such a diverse mix of young people applying their minds to growing our Tourism industry,” he said. “The students hail from Vietnam, Nepal, Mexico, Panama, Cameroon, Italy and Croatio, which gives them a vast understanding of what tourists from different backgrounds are looking for.”

He said the students’ visit is one of the first spin-offs of Kouga’s climate change partnership with the German municipality Ilsfeld.

“Together with Nelson Mandela University, the municipality is also working on establishing a broader student exchange programme with Germany for Kouga’s youth,” he said.

Some options for your morning cuppa

Coffee lovers are a little short on options of where to enjoy their cup of java, or Earl Grey for that matter, with both Rambling Rose and Pedal & Spoke closed for the moment, one for holidays and one for renovations.

But there are some great alternatives if you have a cappuccino withdrawal.

Chocoholix is offering a choice of different breakfast options including savoury Belgian waffles  and pancakes and for those of sweet tooth, a most delicious chocolate cake. For those who don’t know where Chocoholics are, keep going along St Francis Drive and just before the hill that takes you up to Harbour Road and Santareme, they are on the left next to Albert Saunders Attorney office.

Then there is Tales & Thyme tucked away in the corner of the Rhapsody Centre next to Kouga Print. They too have a smashing pancake breakfast with smoked salmon.

Those living further south there is a wonderful little coffee shop in the Liquid Line Swimming Pool complex with a super selection of freshly made quiches, scones and more. Almost next door on the main Da Gama Road next to the little Cape St Francis Shop there is the absolutely delightful and oh so popular TRADE WINDS. Carrying on along Da Gama you will arrive at Full Stop Cafe where they too will be open for coffee and breakfast whilst Joe Fish at The Resort takes a break for next three weeks. And whilst at Full Stop be sure to take a walk around the Plant Nursery and for the more energetic, why not a stroll through the Irma Booysen Reserve situated behind Full Stop Café.

St Francis Brewing Company is having one of their  legendary Sunday Roasts  this Sunday so with Joe Fish beingclosed for a week or three this is an option for Sunday diners this coming Sunday.

And for those looking for something totally different to do before breakfast on Sunday!

The next snare hunt will be Sunday 26th May 2019.  Henni de Beer Conservation Officer for Eskom will meet you at the turn off to The Dunes at 8:00am  and escort the group to sweep the area opposite Sea Vista. Please let Sandra Hardie know if you are able to assist at our next snare sweep on 079 634 5391 WhatsApp or SMS

A little thought for your fellow being!

There was a rather heated ‘conversation’ started on one of the social media streams yesterday with regard to walking and cycling paths in Cape St Francis. It seems some inconsiderate cyclist knocked over a dog walker in the vicinity of the lighthouse. In spite of signage clearly indicating it was a NO GO area for cyclist this fellow decided to ignore it. To aggravate an already  heated confrontation he was apparently rude to his victim.

Sadly this exploded on the media stream concerned with insults flying around like locust in swarm with cyclists in general being labelled uneducated behemoths which is not true for there are far more who are considerate than those who are not.

But yes there sadly are those cyclists who don’t give a hoot for pedestrians or indeed, even motorists. They will not slow down when approaching walkers with dogs and they will ride astride on the road forcing motorists to slow down and take evasive action. Fortunately they are the minority.

And there are motorists who don’t give a dang about cyclists other than they avoid knocking them over only because it would probably result in jail time were they to bump one over.

And there are dog walkers who don’t give a dang about their fellow walkers or the community at large be it in the village or on the beach for so many refuse to pick up after their furry friends.

So it seems each group has their own gripe about one or another so surely a little respect, consideration and following the rules is all it takes.  We live in probably one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in Africa so it is sad to see such a normally caring go to war with each other when a little thought for others would go a long way to depriving the evil social media platforms fodder to insult each other.

Empowering Sea Vista’s Young ‘Ladies’

When youth are “empowered,” they have the skills, critical awareness, and opportunities to positively impact their own lives and the lives of other individuals, organizations, and communities. To truly empower youth, our society has to be very intentional about the way youth are incorporated into communities for globally, the youth are facing their toughest challenges and no more those in poorer communities where unemployment, drug abuse and gangsterism prevail

Programs to encourage youngsters to empower themselves and rise out of the ordinary into a world of reward and personal satisfaction are so necessary and thus the  work being done by well-known local Sea Vista resident Alice Kaunda is so important and needs recognition.

Alice has created a group that is mentoring a group of girls under her ‘Girl Empowerment Project’. Under the program these young lasses are being shown how to empower themselves and learning the importance of studying and of rising above the average to make something of themselves.

By way of further motivating them as well as rewarding these young ladies for their efforts Pop In Beauty Bar in St Francis Bay decided to spoil them last Saturday. Each ‘lady’ received a mini-manicure and was made to feel that extra special as they were pampered introducing  them to what they can one day look forward to if they pursue the path to self-empowerment

Pop-In is planning to work with Alice and make this an ongoing project with regular motivation and reward to this group of ‘young ladies

Well done Pop In Beauty Bar and most especially Alice Kaunda for showing this group of girls that they can make a difference not only in their own lives but in a small way, life in their community as examples to other young girls.