A little thought for your fellow being!

There was a rather heated ‘conversation’ started on one of the social media streams yesterday with regard to walking and cycling paths in Cape St Francis. It seems some inconsiderate cyclist knocked over a dog walker in the vicinity of the lighthouse. In spite of signage clearly indicating it was a NO GO area for cyclist this fellow decided to ignore it. To aggravate an already  heated confrontation he was apparently rude to his victim.

Sadly this exploded on the media stream concerned with insults flying around like locust in swarm with cyclists in general being labelled uneducated behemoths which is not true for there are far more who are considerate than those who are not.

But yes there sadly are those cyclists who don’t give a hoot for pedestrians or indeed, even motorists. They will not slow down when approaching walkers with dogs and they will ride astride on the road forcing motorists to slow down and take evasive action. Fortunately they are the minority.

And there are motorists who don’t give a dang about cyclists other than they avoid knocking them over only because it would probably result in jail time were they to bump one over.

And there are dog walkers who don’t give a dang about their fellow walkers or the community at large be it in the village or on the beach for so many refuse to pick up after their furry friends.

So it seems each group has their own gripe about one or another so surely a little respect, consideration and following the rules is all it takes.  We live in probably one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in Africa so it is sad to see such a normally caring go to war with each other when a little thought for others would go a long way to depriving the evil social media platforms fodder to insult each other.