Empowering Sea Vista’s Young ‘Ladies’

When youth are “empowered,” they have the skills, critical awareness, and opportunities to positively impact their own lives and the lives of other individuals, organizations, and communities. To truly empower youth, our society has to be very intentional about the way youth are incorporated into communities for globally, the youth are facing their toughest challenges and no more those in poorer communities where unemployment, drug abuse and gangsterism prevail

Programs to encourage youngsters to empower themselves and rise out of the ordinary into a world of reward and personal satisfaction are so necessary and thus the  work being done by well-known local Sea Vista resident Alice Kaunda is so important and needs recognition.

Alice has created a group that is mentoring a group of girls under her ‘Girl Empowerment Project’. Under the program these young lasses are being shown how to empower themselves and learning the importance of studying and of rising above the average to make something of themselves.

By way of further motivating them as well as rewarding these young ladies for their efforts Pop In Beauty Bar in St Francis Bay decided to spoil them last Saturday. Each ‘lady’ received a mini-manicure and was made to feel that extra special as they were pampered introducing  them to what they can one day look forward to if they pursue the path to self-empowerment

Pop-In is planning to work with Alice and make this an ongoing project with regular motivation and reward to this group of ‘young ladies

Well done Pop In Beauty Bar and most especially Alice Kaunda for showing this group of girls that they can make a difference not only in their own lives but in a small way, life in their community as examples to other young girls.