Not so indelible, indelible ink

Watching ENCA News late yesterday afternoon Quite an interesting question came up during an Election Commission press briefing late yesterday afternoon. Amongst other question posed to the commission, one of the media rep stated he had managed to remove the indelible mark on his nail. This surely posed a risk that people could thus vote twice if not more so how secure was the voting. This second vote would obviously only apply to the national vote apparently as one would have to be registered at the polling station concerned for the provincial vote but one can vote at any polling station for the national vote.

The official was somewhat perplexed and seemed a little unsure on how to answer stating only that it was a criminal offense punishable by not less than 10 years in prison. He did however state there were ways that it could be detected but the more he was pushed on the question the less confident he appeared to be.  He insisted it almost impossible to remove the indelible mark as the nitric acid content in the ink had been increased form 15% to 20% since the last election to improve the resilience to removal.

Waiting to a little after 9:00 pm last evening, just in case the ‘indelible ink police’ decided to raid, I set about testing the ink’s resilience. Using only my opposing thumb I proceeded to rub my left thumbnail with my right thumb using only a little saliva. I had the ink off the nail within about 20 seconds. I then started on the skin above the nail gently scratching the skin and that too was gone within 30 seconds. Last election the ink stayed on for four or five days if I remember correctly.

Surely this should have been better tested or, as in past elections, a sticker be stuck in your green book and surely there must be a system of adding data to the smart card to indicate a vote. If not what is the purpose of a smart card that isn’t all that smart.

There are bound to be plenty incidences that need to be investigated and so we now sit and wait for the final outcome whilst each party accuses the other of electoral fraud or whatever else they can dig up.

Oh well another election come and gone and so we wait to hear if the ANC is really going to crackdown on corruption or are they going to team up with the EFF to rape what is left of the fiscal. Let us hope Ramaphosa is a man of his word and that all his corrupt comrade’s end up wearing orange overall for the next fifteen years.