I’m ditching DSTV but not because of Steve Hofmeyer

The spat between Multichoice and Steve Hofmeyer has made headlines the past week and one must question their decision to ban all Hofmeyer related content from its broadcasts. It does seem rather reminiscent of SABC during the apartheid years. John Lennon’s claim to be more popular than Jesus resulted in the Beatles being banned from the airwaves as were other songs the Nat government could understand sufficiently to realise they were anti-apartheid protests.

Hofmeyer certainly has made statements that do little to nurture goodwill between certain race groups but then again Julius Malema, Andile Mngxitama and other EFF and BLF members have spouted in the past. And they continue to spout! Whilst Multichoice may not directly broadcast Malema and Mngxitama utterings they do supply the platform through which their venomous utterances are made.

Certainly Multichoice has double standards.

But no I am not ditching Multichoice because of Stevie boy although I can’t stand his music or racial outbursts but I am giving up Multichoice because they are a rip off in more ways than one.

Let’s start with the programming.

The movies are repeated over and over and over and many date back to the past Century and these are what are mainly broadcast on the ‘cheaper’ packages. They actually showed a movie on Channel 110 this week with John Ritter in it made in 1990. Ritter died in 2003.

Sport is a primary reason many of us actually watch TV but alas, unless you are a soccer fan you are not going to get much to watch.

As for their Showmax package, they advertise this at R49 they charge R95 until you bring it to their attention. But don’t be fooled Showmax has such a poor choice you will soon be converting to Netflix.

But whatever you do, don’t downgrade your package for they are just waiting to threaten and abuse you. Firstly they will take your (correct) subscription on stop order at month end but a week or two later they will disconnect your service and demand an amount two or three times higher than your subscription to reconnect you. So you spend an hour or two on the phone, at cell phone rates, and they finally concede their error and reconnect you.

But your hell is not yet over for come month end they again deduct money from your bank account this time at over twice the cost of your chosen package. Another hour on the phone to eventually be told how sorry they are but they will credit your account for next month. So now they have a few hundred rand of your money to invest whilst your account sits close to bankruptcy.

Don’t ask for a statement from Multichoice, they haven’t processed these since January but do go into the transaction list on their website. You will find all sorts of charges for ‘Access Fees’ and other charges they seem unable to explain.

More and more television alternatives are becoming available and for the moment I will certainly be looking to Netflix at R135 a month to supply my entertainment. Yes there are data charges but Vodacom has come up with more competitive packages as hove others and data has become almost as much a necessity today as electricity in modern society.

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