Goodbye, April Fools’

Over the past week St Francis Today contemplated several subjects we felt cwould make good April Fools stories to fool some of our readers. One after the other ideas were discarded as possibly being too sensitive to the feelings of one group or another or being interpreted incorrectly even to a point as being labelled ‘fake news’ intended to stir up racial or political discord.

So sensitive have we become as a society on political and racial correctness that even in jest comments are now misconstrued to serve purposes of those who read ulterior meaning even into what is really intended as humorous.

Thank goodness for van der Merwe and the Irish for it seems they, the van der Merwe’s and the Irish have retained their tolerance and the sense of humour at being the butt of jokes without causing outcries. It seems almost everything else is off the table.

Sadly Facebook and other social media must accept some of the blame for this increased sensitivity to innocent comment and it can almost be taken as read that there will be seemingly funny Facebook posts today that will stir up a storm when they are read out of context of April Fools’ day by …. well fools!.

Interestingly none of the major digital news media featured an April Fools’ story today but Branko Brkic writing in the Daily Maverick puts it succinctly!