St Francis Property Owners answers readers queries

Following an article on St Francis Today on Thursday readers posted a few questions regarding report of road upgrades happening at the entrance to St Francis Bay. We approached St Francis Property Owners Asscociation Chairman Wayne Furphy.

The queries were

Regarding the upgrading of the roadworks and taxi facilities at the Links circle:

  1. Prior to proceeding, surely there should have been some sort of formal public participation process before the final designs were approved ? and is this not a legal requirement ?
  2. The roads contract has been awarded, and work is now in progress. Was there any sort of public, transparent and competitive tender process followed by the SRA before awarding the contract ?

If there was, I apparently missed it, my apologies. If there wasn’t, why not ?

The SRA is operating on a mandate from 50%, plus a few, of the property owners in the Village/Canals SRA Area; which is only about 25% of all the property owners in the whole St Francis Area. The SRA Levy contributions partially being utilised for this work are surely considered public money, and should therefore be controlled in the appropriate transparent manner.

A clear statement on this aspect of the SRA operations seems to be required from the SRA or KLM, especially to avoid any perceptions of ‘tenders-for-pals’ gaining traction in the community.


Was an EIA done in respect of the roadworks at the circle and the pathway???

I only ask because it seems to me that we waste a hell of a lot of money on, to my mind, unnecessary EIA’S

Wayne Furphy replied

We are very aware of the fact that we are spending property owners money and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

  1. An EIA was not required for either the roadworks at the Circle nor the Pathway.
  2. Public participation was done for the upgrade to the Village entrance at the Circle at our public meeting at The Links in December as well as included in the SFPO newsletters and other forums.
  3. The SFPO NPC have issued and awarded a number of contracts to-date including:
  • the CCTV RFI and RFP process (all security arms in St Francis Bay were included in this process via the Sfb Police Sector Forum)
  • the Phase 2 Long Term Solution Design project for the Beach and Spit: Due to the specialist nature of the work required an invited bidding process was followed. Four of the leading coastal engineering companies was invited to submit proposals and we appointed Advisian (part of the Worley Parsons Group) to undertake the engineering design.
  • the EIA for the Phase 2 Long Term Solution: We recognised the importance of appointing a suitably qualified EIA consultant to ensure that the process is undertaken professionally and expertly. Again an invited bidding process was followed and three capable consultant companies were invited to tender and we appointed CES Environmental and Social Advisory Services (CES).
  • the Upgrade to the Village Entrance (Circle). Our engineering road consultant, Engineering Advice & Services (EAS) compiled tender documentation, managed the tender process, including the evaluation of tenders received, and we appointed the contractor in accordance with their recommendation.


Health Talks at Wellness Centre

For those who follow a healthy lifestyle as well showing concern for the health of our planet, the recently opened St Francis Wellness Centre is certainly proving a boon. The health shop situated above KC Properties in the ‘Old Village’ is proving extremely popular and have introduced a ‘ZERO-WASTE’ with a REFILL concept on products such as our honey, olive oil, body range, washing powder, buchu water, spices, vinegar and more. They will also be adding new products each week.

And there is more!

They are introducing ‘foodie Friday’s’ where they will have limited fresh organic vegetables on what is available on Dr Pepler’s farm, available to purchase. A message will be sent to their broadcast group each Thursday advising what is being harvested on the Thursday for sale on Friday. You cannot get fresher than that – picked Thursday –  enjoyed Friday!

To keep their clients informed they are creating a Whatsapp broadcast group where messages will be sent for those interested advising what is available. Pop in and give your details to Debbie should you wish to be included in the group.

St Francis Wellness Centre is also running a second workshop following the well-attended workshops last month. These will be held at the end of March over the time of the Autumn Equinox. They will be hosting Daniel Jardim for these workshops. Many of you may know Daniel from his cookbooks, ‘The Cake the Buddha Ate’ and ‘More Quiet Food’. Daniel was for many years the chef at the esteemed Buddhist Retreat Centre, otherwise known as the BRC, in Ixopo. Daniel will be running three workshops while he is with us, Details of the workshops are shown below and you can call Debbie to book your attendance but do it soon as these workshops will fill up very quickly.

The centre will also be hosting monthly talks at St Francis Wellness on the first Wednesday of every month. These talks will be given by various professionals in our area with the aim of raising the awareness in our community and offering you the opportunity to gain some knowledge and wisdom from the many knowledgeable, experienced practitioners in our community. The talks will be at 11:00am each Wednesday they are held and are open and free to anyone who would like to join in and gain some insight in various topics and areas. The talk schedule is shown below but more detail will available closer the time of each talk.