And so it is back to work

As a great season draws to a close, a happy, wonderful and successful 2019 to all SFT readers!

After 13 days not following the news at 4:00 am it is really quite a challenge to start work again this morning. No doubt that will be the feeling of many readers who also are back to work after the annual Christmas break.

There can be little doubt that the shortened school holidays made necessary by the upcoming elections due in May, condensed the period making it seem a lot busier than in previous seasons. It will be interesting to hear shop owners comments on whether it was more profitable than previous years.

The Morning Market was a certainly one attraction that must have done a thriving business for the more than normal number of stall holders. Parking on Market day was chaotic and if it had not been for the forward thinking of the Property Owners Association extending parking at SPAR it would have been well-nigh impossible to shop at the Spar centre without a long trek to get there.

Some disappointments were the bad behaviour of a few groups of badly behaved kids, both in the village and on the canals. A concern must be that with all the CCTV cameras now monitoring some areas there have not been more reports of these destructive youngsters being identified damaging stop and other street signs.

Just before closing up for our brief break we reported on three youngsters being caught on CCTV vandalising the notice boards at the United Church. It seems either nothing was forthcoming by way of them being identified or it has been swept under the altar. This comment may upset some but the only way to stamp out this type of behaviour is to give it sufficient publicity so as to make youngsters think twice before going on the rampage.

Well done to our Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks, SA Police Services and the SF Property Owners representative. The way the ‘Cove’ incident was handled was outstanding. Although the incident made the national press it could have exploded to another ‘Clifton’ saga but it was so well handled that it fizzled out to a non-event.

With this being an election year we can expect a lot more of this posturing for attention by different political groups. It is important not to fall for the bait by reacting to to their antics on social media. Commenting in social media, especially racist comments only help fuel awareness of the instigators plight. Reading the article This is what really happened on Clifton Fourth Beach: security firm boss paints rather a different picture to what social media was putting out there and the press is certainly partially responsible for escalating the situation..