Lyons Group Yellowtail December Competition

News from Port St Francis Ski Boat And Yacht Club

 23 boats with 87 anglers, 14  Juniors and 4 Ladies.

The competition was run over 2 days with a total of 14 Yellowtail and 9 Bonito of size being weighed.  

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind on the 2nd day of the competition so an informal additional competition was set up for the 30th December.

We wish to thank the Lyons Group and Vincent Lyons for their generous sponsorship which greatly contributed to the success of the competition.

Prizes were awarded as follows


Open Section
1st Hein Van Rooyen – Boat Geelstert – Weight 6.80 kg
2nd Dirk Ellis – Boat Geelstert – Weight 6.00 kg
3rd Dirk Ellis  – Boat Geelstert – Weight 5.70 kg

Ladies Section
1st Debbie McCracken – Boat Mathambo – Weight 3.60 kg

Junior Section
1st Charles Short – Boat Strenue – Weight 4.20  kg
2nd Andrew Wigg – Boat Tolla – Weight 2.80 kg
3rd  Andrew Wigg – Boat Tolla – Weight 2.30 kg


1st Paul Spowart – Weight 3.5 kg


1st Paul Jorge – Boat Mathambo – Weight 13.2 kg
2nd Guy Wigg – Boat Tolla – Weight 5.70 kg
3rd  C Weeks

Over the official competition there were 23 boats with 87 anglers, 14 of which were Juniors and 4 were Ladies.