New Travel Company opens in St Francis

The Travel Collective, a partnership between two local residents, Craig Jarvis and Greg Darke opened for business this week. 

Commenting on the new business Craig said “the goal is to be fresh-thinking and unconventional in our approach to travel. We will be catering for bespoke travel needs and experiences. There are so many fun and unusual ways to spend valuable travel time, and we believe that when it comes to travel, anything goes”.

For golfers, The Travel Collective is offering golfing holidays all over the world with choices to the origin of the sport in Scotland, or to any of the greatest golf courses in the world.

For open-water swimmers, a trip to Greece and Croatia as well as island-to-island open water swim packages, with stunning scenery and world class hotels along the way. Craig enthuses further, “you’ll get to swim across beautiful azure bodies of water, get pampered on your arrival at each stop, and have an experience like none other”.   

For runners there are travels to major events such as Boston Marathon, the Mauritius Dodo Trail Run, the Berlin Marathon, the London Marathon and more.

Those not into sport are not ignored as The Travel Collection will be offering “shopping frenzy” packages to the malls of Dubai where, as Craig says “you can shop ‘til you drop or until you’re broke, whichever comes first, while the rest of the family go snowboarding inside the same mall”.   

For those of you who are laid-back and want to simply chill, they are offering boat cruises along our coastline and to neighbouring islands, which are luxurious yet reasonable, and a fine way for to slow down and unwind.

“We are based on our screens and devices, contactable anywhere and at any time through all manner of communication including, unbelievably, the telephone call. Our company is based in the ether, and our files are stored in the cloud. If you need to come see us, we are based in St Francis Bay” says Craig.

Craig can be contacted at or on 082 376 4443.