NSRI St Francis Bay assist Sinking Chokka Boat

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated on Monday afternoon (3rd September) following reports of the Chokka fishing boat Jolly Fisher, with 14 crew onboard, taking water off-shore of Shark Point, Cape St Francis.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched to join the casualty boat’s sister vessel Jolene that was already on the scene and assisting.

5 crew of the casualty boat had been taken safely ashore by a tender boat, we believe some crew had been transferred onto Jolene, a skeleton crew remained on the casualty boat that was listing from water intake from a suspected blown seal and suffering motor failure from engine room flooding.

NSRI transferred a water pump onto the casualty boat and water was pumped out of the vessel and the ingress of water was stemmed.

Jolly Fisher set up a towline and, escorted by our sea rescue craft, Jolly Fisher towed the casualty boat into the Port of St Francis without incident and repairs will be undertaken.

No one was injured and once safely in Port no further assistance was required.

Vodacom fails Cape St Francis customers

No Vodacom service in Cape St Francis

All communication via the Vodacom network failed during the welcomed rainfalls on Sunday leaving local residents, inclding St Francis Today without access to the outside world. Service was briefly restored on Monday giving us  all hope but this was short lived. Service was again restored on Monday afternoon only to once again fail a short while later.

Early Tuesday morning a glimmer of hope when shortly before 4:00 am several SMS and Whatsapp messages suddenly announced we had service again. St Francis Today diligently started compiling Tuesday’s news only to again be switched off 30 minutes into compiling the day’s edition. Hope was restored at 7:00 am so we resumed work on the news only to once again have our haopes dashed for the service was short lived. At around 5:00 pm last evening service was restored and has lasted until morning so we (hopefully) will be able to publish today.

According to sources the equipment on the  Vodacom tower at the lighthouse had been damaged by the rain and because St Francis no longer falls under Vodacom Port Elizabeth  but under Vodacom George, we had to wait for the George technicians to deal with the matter. Apparently the damaged equipment was not available locally and has had to be sourced from Head Office.

Guess there is little chance of getting a refund from Vodacom, or even an apology?

100 CCTV Cameras for St Francis Bay

Criminals beware – 100 CCTV Cameras for SFB

CCTV CameraNews from St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) is indeed good news for crime prevention in St Francis Bay. SFPO confirmed last week that  a supplier has been agreed on for the installation of approximately 100 CCTV surveillance cameras  and that the majority of these should be up and running before the December holiday period begins.

The incidences of reported crimes in St Francis Bay have risen to unprecedented levels in recent months. The St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) was approached by the St Francis Community Police Forum for assistance in combatting crime through the installation of a CCTV monitoring system. CCTV camera surveillance has proven to be an effective crime deterrent wherever it has been installed and will provide the SAPS and private security companies with the means to timeously respond to incidences, and possibly prevent crimes from taking place. In addition, CCTV recordings can be used as admissible evidence to secure convictions of criminals. A series of workshops were held by the SFPO where all parties concerned had the opportunity to participate in the planning of the best possible solution for our town. These included the SAPS, the Community Police Forum and Sector Forums, all private security companies, the Neighbourhood Watch, the Disaster Volunteer Group, and The Links.

The project will be funded through the SRA Levy which came into effect for the village and canal property owners on 1st July this year. The equipment will be rented over a period 10 years through Intersec. Renting the equipment will allow us to install the system as soon as possible and will also mean that the system will be maintained and upgraded regularly by the appointed service provider.

The cameras will be installed at the key entry/exit points to St Francis Bay, along our arterial roads and pedestrian routes, and key bridges and intersections linking into residential areas

Our cameras will be linked to a state of the art 24/7 monitoring centre run by Atlas Security with links to SAPS and our private security companies in St Francis Bay.