Elkington & Steyn Clinch Pro Junior Titles

Final Day Of The Billabong Junior Series

Max Elkington and Zoe Steyn © Ian Thurtell

Breezy onshore conditions and a slight surge in swell greeted competitors on the final day of competition at the Billabong Junior Series Finale, and the first heat of the day – the U12 Girls Final  – was sent straight out into the Seal Point lineup..Gabi Herbst was the surfer of the morning with a few incredible rides in the mixed up conditions, including an excellent 8.0 out of 10 for one ride which secured the title. Sarah Scott was the runner up.

Kai Hall was the champion in the U12 Boys final, banking one huge score for two critical turns on a big set wave for a near-perfect score of 9.33 and an unassailable lead. Hall was closely followed by Joel Fowles who surfed impressively on his backhand.

The U14 Girls division was a slow heat, with low scores and at the end of the heat it was Aimee Du Preez who emerged as the winner, with Olivia Winter in second place.

Luke Thompson caught 11 waves in his Final heat to defeat James Ribbink in what was an exciting U14 Boys heat. Thompson’s strategy of hard and fast surfing, catch anything that moved, proved to be the winning formula, with Ribbink, Daniel Emslie and Brad Scott filling up the minor slots.

As the tide dropped out and the onshore waves continued to pour through relentlessly, the U16 Girls headed out for their final, and it was an action-packed exchange with three of the girls on their backhand and one on her forehand. Zoe Steyn emerged victorious with a convincing win against her counterparts Kayla Nogueira, Ceara Knight and Caroline Brown who placed second, third and fourth respectively.

The U16 Boys was another final dogged by few waves and low scores. Tide-Lee Ireland snagged the win from York Van Jaarsveldt with a combined score of less than 9 points. Mitch Du Preez and Reilly Mare’ finished off the results with third and fourth spots.

Zoe Steyn © Kody McGregor

The World Surf League (WSL) Junior Women’s final a nail-biting affair as Zoe Steyn and Kai Woolf took centre stage. Both surfers had been surfing phenomenally all event and it was going to be about the surfer who caught the best waves. That was Steyn, and she won the final by a close margin from Woolf.

Then Max Elkington and Luke Slijpen took to the water to battle it out for event honours in the WSL Junior Men’s event. It was all about Elkington who took the win and broke his year-long victory drought with his first place.

Max Elkington © Kody McGregor

“I haven’t had a win this year, and for a bit of last year, so I am really happy with the win today,” said a stoked Elkington. “I also won it last here two years ago, so just very happy with the win.”

Billabong Junior Series Seal Point pres by BOS

Final Results:

U12 Girls

  1. Gabi Herbst
  2. Sarah Scott
  3. Anastasia Venter
  4. Meka Loots

U12 Boys

  1. Kai Hall
  2. Joel Fowles
  3. Ntokozo ‘Surprise’ Maphumalo
  4. Asha Steytler

U14 Girls

  1. Aimee Du Preez
  2. Olivia Winter
  3. Adrian Wolmarans
  4. Kaylee Shaw Nell

U14 Boys

  1. Luke Thompson
  2. James Ribbink
  3. Daniel Emslie
  4. Brad Scott

U16 Girls

  1. Zoe Steyn
  2. Kayla Nogueira
  3. Ceara Knight
  4. Caroline Brown

U16 Boys

  1. Tide Lee Ireland
  2. York Van Jaarsveldt
  3. Mitch Du Preez
  4. Reilly Mare

WSL Junior Men

  1. Max Elkington
  2. Luke Slijpen

WSL Junior Women

  1. Zoe Steyn
  2. Kai Woolf

VonZipper Expression Session

Luke Slijpen

BOS Highest Heat Score Award

Zoe Steyn

2018 Billabong Junior Series Results (Including Ballito & Seal Point)

U12 Girls

  1. Gabi Herbst
  2. Anastasia venter

U12 Boys

  1. Ntokozo Maphumalo
  2. Joel Fowles

U14 Girls

  1. Aimee Du Prees
  2. Olivia Winter

U14 Boys

  1. Luke Thompson
  2. Dan Emslie

U16 Boys

  1. Mitch Du Preez
  2. York Van Jaarsveldt

WSL Junior Women

  1. Zoe Steyn
  2. Kirsty McGillivray

WSL Junior Men

  1. Luke Slijpen
  2. Max Elkington

2018 WSL Africa Junior Men’s Rankings (After Billabong Junior Series Seal Point –event 8 of 8)

1 Luke Slijpen 4060 points    2018 Champion
2 Max Elkington 3090
3 Eli Beukes 2634
4 Luke Thompson 2440
5 Bryce Du Preez 2435

2018 WSL Africa Junior Women’s Rankings (After Billabong Junior Series Seal Point –event 7 of 7)

1 Kai Woolf 4750 points    2018 Champion
2 Zoe Steyn 3870
3 Sophie Bell 2815
4 Kirsty McGillivray 2685
5 Kayla Nogueira 2380

2018 WSL Africa Junior squad to attend the WSL World Junior Championships (Taiwan in December)
Men – Luke Slijpen, Max Elkington, Eli Beukes, Luke Thompson.
Women – Kai Woolf, Zoe Steyn.

Full results, images and news for the WSL JQS events can be found at www.worldsurfleague.com
Results and more for the other divisions are available at www.surfingsouthafrica,co.za

Press Release – Craig Jarvis – info@craigjarvis.co.za

Billabong Junior Series at Cape St Francis this Weekend

Champions Decided at Billabong Junior Series in Cape St Francis this Weekend

Status: WSL JQS 1,000 rated events for U18 Boys & Girls, SAST events for U16 & U14 Boys & Girls, and U12 Boys & Girls.
Venue: Seal Point, Cape St Francis, Eastern Cape
Dates: September 28 – 30.

The best junior surfers in the country are arriving in Seal Point for the final event in the 2018 Billabong Junior Series. The surf forecast for the contest has signs that it might be an epic weekend of surfing at the ever-consistent Seal Point, with plenty of swell around for the competitors to display their top surfing skills to the judges.

This event is possibly one of the most crucial junior surfing tournaments of the year, with much at stake for the competitors. Firstly there are the stand-alone event results, with surfers wanting to win this contest for points and prize money. Leading on from this, there are the Billabong Junior Series winners. Two event results count for these winners – from both the Billabong Junior Series Ballito and Seal Point events. This event will also crown the World Surf League (WSL) Africa Junior champions, which will also lead on to the qualification for the WSL World Junior Championships, including the top four men and top two women surfers who will compete in the World Junior Championships in Taiwan in December 2018. It promises to be an action-packed and dramatic weekend of surfing.

The contest venue, Seal Point, Cape St Francis © Ian Thurtell

The WSL Africa Men’s Junior Tour is currently being led by Luke Slijpen, with Eli Beukes and Max Elkington hot on his heels, and Dillon Hendricks and Bryce Du Preez not far behind. Slijpen has had an excellent competitive year and has a healthy lead in this division, with Beukes more than one thousand points behind him.

In the WSL Africa Women’s Junior Tour rankings, Kai Woolf is out in front with a comfortable lead over second ranked Zoe Steyn, with Sophie Bell in third place going in to this event. Kirsty McGillivray and Kayla Nogueira make up the remainder of the top five positions.

Both divisions contain a number of surfers who have improved dramatically over the last year, and there is every possibility of an upset in either division from the likes of Karl Steen and Daniel Emslie in the men’s, and Ceara Knight and Sne Makhubu in the women’s divisions respectively, to name a few.

In the U16 Boys division, all eyes will be on Tide Lee Ireland, York Van Jaarsveldt and Mitch du Preez, while in the U16 Girls division Zoe Steyn, Kayla Nogueira and Gabi Lailvaux are just three surfers who look set to dominate.

“It has been a good year for Junior Surfing in the country, and the Billabong Junior Series has been a great success,” said Billabong South Africa Marketing Manager Chad D’Arcy. “We’re immensely proud of this series as it finishes its 21st year in the country, and we are looking forward to another positive year next year for both Junior Surfing as well as the Billabong Junior Series.”

The Billabong Junior Series runs from Friday to Sunday when all the event and series champions will crowned at the awards ceremony on the beach.

Billabong South Africa: www.facebook.com/Billabong
Billabong Women’s South Africa: www.facebook.com/BillabongWomens
Hashtag: #BillabongJNR

The Billabong Junior Series is supported by BOS, VonZipper, Surfing South Africa and the World Surf League.

Press Release – Craig Jarvis – info@craigjarvis.co.za – 082 376 4443

Belt up – the kids too

All too often young children are seen standing up on the front or back seat of Mom or Dad’s car. “Oh we were just going down the road” is the justification but we all know, you cannot choose when or where you will have an accident.

Well known Cape St Francis resident, swimmer, runner, Mom and marketing manager at Brands Africa recently gave a talk on Algoa FM Radio last Tuesday and St Francis Today asked if we could share the gist of her talk with the St Francis community in the hope that maybe we can stop those irresponsible parents who continue choose to ignore the very real dangers.

Child Passenger Safety Week takes place in the USA and the UK every year however South Africa has never focussed on this important campaign. Maxi-Cosi South Africa who are the leading manufacturer of some of the safest car seats globally, decided that it was time that South African parents started focussing on the safety of their children in their vehicles.

Only 7% of children are put in child car seats in South Africa, resulting in 1000’s of horrific deaths every year. This could easily be avoided if they had been securely strapped into a car seat that had gone through sufficient crash testing. The current law in South Africa states that every child under 3 years old should be securely fastened into a car seat. As we are all well aware, this certainly is not adhered to by many parents and is clearly not enforced by our law enforcement.

Our aim is to educate the South African public who may be unaware of the dangers of travelling in their vehicle with their children only secured by a seatbelt. Seatbelt’s are manufactured to protect people who are 150cm or taller in height. If a seatbelt is used by anyone under this specific height, it can actually cause even more harm. Major vascular damage and internal organ damage could occur if one was involved in an accident as the belt does not sit correctly on their shoulder or hips. Parents should consider their car seat as one of the most important purchases prior to having their child and should know that they need to invest in car seats from birth up until the 150cm milestone.

If parents do strap their children into a car seat, they also need to ensure that the seat they are using has had sufficient and stringent crash testing performed. It is preferable they consider car seats that have undergone independent crash testing and should query the crash testing results upon their purchase. If a parent drives a vehicle with airbags and considers their safety as utmost importance, surely their child’s life should also be protected sufficiently?

For more on keeping children safe in moving vehicles give Lorrin a call on 082 388 6213 or read the attached document on Child Passenger Safety Week 2019

Great Inaugural Half Marathon

And a wonderful Calamari Weekend

The winner – Guft Chigomarawa with Richard Arderne

Whilst the golfers were driving their balls down the fairways of St Francis Bay Golf Club, others were more sedately rolling theirs down the manicured lawns of the St Francis Bay Bowling Club in the annual Calamari Classic Bowls tournament. An annual event Bowls has been part of the Calamari Classic calendar for nigh on 18 years. As reader Christine Chapman says “Great food, booze cruises, and music and dancing and all superbly organised.” Unfortunately we do not have the results for the event but as soon as they are to hand we shall publish them.

Finally and bringing a highly successful, new look Calamari Classic 2018 to a close was the inaugural running of the St Francis Nautical Half Marathon. One does so hope that the name of this outstanding addition to the Classic weekend is changed to Calamari Classic Half Marathon next year as it is essential that St Francis builds a brand around the Calamari name. Building a strong brand can only improve marketing this spring festival in the future to rival the best in the country.

Setting off bright and early Sunday morning from Quaysyde Restaurant on Sea Glades drive on the canals, 170 plus runners started the arduous 21.1 kilometres or for those of us who were schooled in miles, yards and inches before going metric, 13 miles, 192 and one half yard. Quaysyde truly has become St Francis’ sporting hub with several sport bodies now making it their home base.

2nd Placed Lubabalo Jusayi- Photo – St Francis Runners Facebook

The leaders started off at a hectic pace and one wondered as they rounded the corner into St Francis Drive a few hundred metres from the start how they could possibly keep up the pace. Deciding to take up station just after the 10 kilometre mark we set off for Cape St Francis but stopped off to view the huge waves breaking on the Wildside whilst awaiting the runners. Estimating at very best the winner would take at least an hour and ten minutes we planned our route to take in Cape St Francis Resort and beach and then hot tail it back to the finish. We were slightly delayed and sadly arrived at the finish at one hour 12 and so missed the winner Gift Chigomawara who had beaten us by a minute.!

Considering the layout of the course this is indeed a brilliant time as part of the race was through the reserve’s uneven trail and the rest on rather uneven St Francis roads complete with many repaired potholes to throw runners off their stride. Hardly the same smooth level road conditions found at international marathons and half marathons.

To all who competed, well done no matter what time it took you.

But a couple of disappointments.

Sadly very few locals took to the streets to support the runners. When one looks at how the crowds gather in their thousands at races such as Comrades it would be so nice to see the crowds come out in their hundreds next year. After all this is our ‘Comrades’

And last were those rude, inconsiderate idiot drivers who took no heed that there was a race in progress. Surely arriving a minute or two late at your destination would not have made any difference for if you had hit a runner or spectator, a night or two in Humansdorp Jail would have made you a lot later. It takes so little effort to be cautious when passing a runner or for that matter a cyclist. And just by the way, there is a 50 kilometre speed limit on St Francis Bay roads and 40 kilometre limit on Cape St Francis.

With the weather playing fair as it has with so many of our major sporting events this year it was indeed a wonderful Calamari Classic Festival Weekend.

All the Results

Fresh and ready to run