Dane Reynolds To Surf In Durban

Dane Reynolds Accepts Invite To Surf In The Cell C Goodwave Surf Tournament In Durban

International surfing superstar and arguably the most exciting and dynamic surfer in the world, Dane Reynolds from California, is an invited surfer for the 2018 edition of the Cell C Goodwave surfing tournament at New Pier in Durban.

“It’s very exciting to be invited to surf in the Cell C Goodwave event in Durban,” said Reynolds. “I love coming to South Africa, and New Pier is such a world-class wave. To score it firing for a contest is going to be an amazing experience.”

Photo © Van Gysen

To see Dane’s latest video clip go here – https://stabmag.com/stabcinema/watch-dane-reynolds-in-copacetic/

The event has 24 invited surfers, and Reynolds joins surfers like New Pier standouts Brandon Jackson, Josh and Dan Redman, Jason Ribbink, and Chad Du Toit, as well as WQS competitors Matt McGillivray, Davey Van Zyl, and Dylan Lightfoot, free surfers Brendan Gibbens and Damien Fahrenfort, big wave surfer Matt Bromley and former two times big wave world champion Grant Baker.

A slot became available when Mikey February was awarded a position on the World Surf League’s Championship Tour as a result of Mick Fanning retiring, and as a CT surfer, February became ineligible to surf the Cell C Goodwave and had to be withdrawn. The tournament is a WSL Specialty Event.

“We’re incredibly stoked to have Dane onboard for this event,” said Cell C Goodwave event organiser Jason Ribbink. “Dane is recognised globaly as one of the most innovative and popular surfers of our time, and his addition breaks new ground for the event. Dane’s influence can be seen everywhere in modern day surfing, and it’s going to be amazing to have him around and competing in the tournament.”

Dane taking notes on the waves at New Pier on his recent trip to Durban © Van Gysen

The contest is a one-day event, with four-man heats and a sudden death format of high performance surfing. It has a one-year waiting period and will be run on the best surfing day of the year at New Pier, with the call being made on the advice of surf forecasting guru Spike from Wavescape.

The Cell C Goodwave enjoys support from Sun International, as well as Oakley, and the event will be hosted by California Dreaming.

The list of 24 invited surfers, in no particular order:

Brandon Jackson, Matt McGillivray, Dale Staples, Shane Sykes, Dane Reynolds, Josh Redman, Jason Ribbink, Dan Redman, Ricky Basnett, Beyrick De Vries, Dylan Lightfoot, Chad Du Toit, Damien Fahrenfort, Brendon Gibbens, Sean Holmes, Davey Van Zyl, Greg Emslie, Matt Bromley, Eli Beukes, Chris Leppan, Twiggy Baker, Casey Grant, Paul Canning, Slade Prestwich.

Alternates, in no particular order:

Shaun Joubert, Richard Kidd, Shaun Payne, Frankie Oberholzer, Simon Fish, Jordy Maree, Steven Sawyer, Davey Weare, Chris Frolich, Blaine Wood, Allan Johns, Benji Brand, Gary Van Weirengen, Mike Frew, Simon Nicholson, Ford Van Jaarsveldt, Brendan O’Connor, Warwick Wright, Robbie Schofield, Gavin Roberts.

For these lists of surfers there was a panel of 7 people who were involved in the selection process, including active pro surfers, former pro surfers, as well as representatives from the surf industry and media. The selection criteria and process is at the discretion of the event organisers, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The event organiser will accept walk-ups on the day, should there be openings.

The event has a R1 entry fee, and this must be paid before surfing. No exceptions.

Prize money breakdown:

  • 1st place R120k
  • 2nd place R40k3rd place R20k
  • 4th place R10k

Lee Wolins Memorial Prize for Surfer Of The Event – R10k

Total prize pool – R200k

The 2018 Cell C Goodwave is officially listed as a World Surf League Specialty Event.
The Cell C Goodwave is presented by South African Surfing Legend
Cell C Goodwave website – http://www.thegoodwave.co.za/
Cell C Goodwave Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GoodwaveNewPier/
Cell C Goodwave Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/goodwavesurf/
The Cell C Goodwave is supported by Sun International
The Cell C Goodwave is supported by Oakley
The Cell C Goodwave is powered by California Dreaming.
The event is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa.

 The Cell C Goodwave – in loving memory of Lee Wolins.

For more information contact media liaison Craig Jarvis

  1. 082 376 4443
  2. info@craigjarvis.co.za

About Cell C

In spite of penetration of over 140% of mobile services in South Africa – particularly in the prepaid market – Cell C’s growth continues apace. Cell C currently has more than 16 million subscribers. The momentum and success of Cell C’s innovative and value added products and services over the past few years, with its core consumer values of honesty, simplicity and transparency, has resulted in a positive consumer response.
Cell C has extensively invested in expanding and upgrading its network coverage and capacity over the last few years. Its network provides coverage to over 98% of the country’s population. Cell C offers 2G, 3G, LTE (4G) and LTE-Advanced services and continuously invests in expanding and upgrading its network to offer customers the latest technologies.



Door-to-door water campaign at Hankey and Patensie

Door-to-door water campaign at Hankey and Patensie

Kouga Municipality has launched a door-to-door campaign in the Gamtoos Valley area to complement its drought-mitigation efforts.

Twenty temporary staffers have been visiting households at Hankey and Patensie this week, with the focus on identifying leaks for repair and raising awareness of water-saving methods.

The campaign follows on the introduction of water rationing to the towns earlier this month after the level of the area’s only supply dam, the Kouga Dam, dropped to below 7%. The level stood at 6,76% on Monday (27 August).

Hankey, in particular, has been identified as an area of concern as the water usage has remained above the allotted quota despite restrictions and water-saving campaigns.

Speaking during the training of the group in Humansdorp on Friday, Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman said although the municipality was implementing watershedding, more needed to be done to mitigate the situation.

“We would like to get to the bottom of the high water usage and ask homeowners to work with us by allowing our teams access to their properties. They will be wearing Kouga-branded T-shirts and name tag and will be carrying their IDs as well,” he said.

Bornman said the team had been recruited from the same communities where they will be working and that most will be known in those areas.

Each member will be carrying a questionnaire which will be used to note water leaks at each household. They will also be armed with educational material about leak identification, water-saving tips and rainwater harvesting ideas.

The collected data will be collated by the municipality and will form the basis of the next course of action.

The teams already hit the ground running on Monday.

“The water shortages in Hankey and Patensie remain a matter of grave concern as no good rains have been predicted for the catchment area in the near future,” said Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

The unicipality has also been collecting bottled water to help augment the water supply to the communities of Hankey and Patensie.

Training Day: Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman (front right), with the municipality’s Gamtoos Valley drought mitigation team, at their training on Friday.

13000 service requests to KM

Kouga Municipality - logo

Over 13 000 service requests processed in seven months

More than 13 000 service requests were logged at Kouga Municipality’s call centre during the first seven months of the year.

According to the latest statistics, 13 431 service requests and faults were reported to the call centre from January to July 2018. Of these 12 735 were resolved during the same period.

The emptying of sewerage tanks made up the bulk of the service requests, with an average of 759 requests being processed per month.

Blocked sewer pipes were the most reported service fault. Of the 1318 blocked pipes reported, 1300 were attended to by 31 July.

Burst or leaking water pipes were the second-most reported fault. Of the 1163 bursts that were reported, 1130 were resolved by end July while the remainder were being actioned.

In third place were breaks in the electricity supply, with 801 problems reported and 785 resolved during the same period.

Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the municipality was busy putting additional measures in place to boost the operation of the centre.

“The call centre has already improved how the municipality responds to complaints, but there are still challenges that must be addressed for the centre to operate optimally,” he said.

“A supervisor and extra staff have been appointed so that the centre can operate seven days a week, from 7am to 7pm.

“The centre will also be moving to new premises with better technical support so as to minimise downtime.

“Our response teams have further been furnished with cell phones so that they can submit photo evidence of completed jobs. This means call centre staff will no longer need to rely solely on verbal reports, which can at times be misleading.”

Service reports and faults can be logged at the call centre by dialing the municipal switchboard at 042 200 2200 and choosing option 5 of the automated voice prompt.

Alternatively, they can be logged through the Link app. The free app can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store or go to https://download.linkapp.co.za/#dl.

Dam Levels as at 27th August

Dam Levels as at 27th August

While Churchill dam has risen oh so slightly, our biggest dam, Kouga, continues to fall, News today is that the Water and sanitation dept to implement 80% water restrictions in Eastern Cape. Surely the situation in the Eastern Cape is as serious as it ever was in Cape Town yet we get no real publicity on what dire straits we are in. No Western Cape was ever in the predicament that Hankey / Patensie find themselves yet the WC had national support for their predicament. Rather sad to be the poor cousin.


Dam Levels as at 13th August

In spite of the wonderful we enjoyed on Thursday / Friday last week it seems the catchment areas of our dams didn’t enjoy similar downfalls for aoverall levels have dropped further. Kouga Dam has dropped almost a 1% and is now at just 6.88% with Churchill remaining much the same as last week.

Dam Levels as at 6th August

In spite of wonderful rains over the weekend it seems very little of it actually fell within the catchment area and latest overall dam level reading show a further drop of 0.5% since we last reported two weeks back. Both Churchill and Impofu levels have fallen as have our largest, Kouga Dam which is now just 6.77% of capacity with  Hankey and Patensie now on water “shedding” with water only available early morning and a short period in the evenings with two “washing” days, Wednesday and Saturday where water will be available until 11:00 am.

Most concerning is than neither Nelson Mandela Bay nor Kouga municipality are saying anything to give us confidence that they do in fact have a plan if we do not start getting rain as we enter our rainy period. That Cape Town received good rains in the nick of time does not mean the Eastern Cape will. Maybe they know something we don’t but please Mr Mayor, (NMB & Kouga) let us in on your plan so we can feel a little more secure for our situation certainly appears worse than what Cape Town faced some months back when tons of bottled water was being donated to them from around SA..

Also Read –  ‘Disaster’ looms for farmers and workers as Eastern Cape dam could run dry in 3 months

Helping Body and Environment

Helping Body and Environment at St Francis Wellness

More and more we are coming to the realisation that we humans are slowly destroying or planet and some are making a determined effort to stop the rot. Stopping the rot requires changing habits, sometimes easier said than done, but as awareness grows so the systems in which we live, change to embrace and assist us.

An example of this is Spar’s efforts with plastic bags where they now offer a paper bag alternative. Sadly too many still choose the cheaper plastic solution but it is a start. Sadly still missing in St Francis is a plastic recycling solution and it doubtful many are making an effort to separate their garbage to make it easier for the Humansdorp dump to separate plastic from other waste which they apparently do. We hope!

But it is not only plastic that we should be paying attention  to for  it seems much of what we use every day is not being kind our environment.  Detergents and cleaning materials, make-up and even toothpaste are all on the list that we should be paying attention to. One of the biggest hindrances to changing people’s habits on these commodities is of course supply for it is unlikely supermarkets would give up valuable shelf space occupied by brand leaders to stock these enviro-friendlies until they were able to compete in market share. An unlikely change considering the huge advertising budgets needed to grow brand awareness.

But some good news for those who really do want to make a change by using products that are more enviro-friendly without necessarily depleting their bank balances. Two local health & wellness professionals, Dr Dani Nelson and Dr Lana Pepler, Chiropractor and Homeopath respectively, have recently introduced a range of natural products ranging from detergents to cosmetics, toothpaste and even baby wipes, all natural and free of harmful chemicals and additives.

St Francis Wellness opened recently above KC Properties in the village (entrance at the back of KC) not only serves as these two professionals consulting rooms but also as a small shopping facility for a range of enviro-friendly products ranging from cleaning products to kiddies toothpaste to baby wipes. Being enviro-aware they purchase certain products in bulk and encouraging shoppers to recycle containers.

Pop in to St Francis Wellness  if you would like more information on not only what products they have that will suit not only you but the environment  but also the services provided by Dr Dani and Dr Lana.

L to R- Samantha (Reception), Dr Lana and Dr Dani