A Final Performance

Andrew Young in his final St Francis performance.

After 3 appearances in St Francis Bay, we are delighted to present his final show of this Tour. A never seen before music extravaganza “Diamonds”

After completing his Saxophone and Clarinet studies in London, Andrew moved to Germany to pursue a desire for a broader and more eclectic involvement in all genres of music.

He had the honour of performing as soloist with various Symphony Orchestras and engaged in session work and concerts alongside Pop/Jazz/Funk luminaries such as Matt Bianco and Precious Wilson Band.

The invitation to perform in South Africa whirled an engulfing wave of success with the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and newly formed 5 piece Jazz/Funk/Fusion Band “Let It Flow.”

Andrew soon became involved in the crosscurrents of South African and International music, meeting and being invited to perform with artists such as Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Jonathan Butler, Shakatak, Shirley Bassey, James Galway as well as American R+B artist Keith Washington and a Tour of Austria with Dionne Warwick.

A Furry Friend Foto

Bring your favourite pet for a photo at Market.

St Francis Animal Rescue is doing something a little different and rather exciting at the Market this weekend. Well known Port Elizabeth artist and photographer Sharon Welman will be visiting St Francis this weekend and will be photographing owners and their pets or the pets on their own.

The cost will be R200 per sitting for a frameable photograph with half of the proceeds from this rather unique fund raiser going to SFAR so they can continue their work of decreasing the number of puppies being born with much needed funding for their Open Your Eyse – Sterilize Fund.  So bring your pet, dog cat, rabbit, lion cub, (just kidding) and create a memory with you furry friend.

SFAR is setting up a marquee at the market from where Sharon will work her magic and from where the SFAR team will also be selling doggie snacks and treats, leads and collars and all sorts of pet paraphernalia.


Also at the Market tomorrow

The much awaited re-print of the St Francis Bay cookbook, A Taste of ST Francis, originally created by Yvonne Bosman has hit the shelves and will be available at the market tomorrow. Yvonne will be on the Write On Publishing stand where the book will be on sale between 10:00 and 11:00 to sign your copy. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Kromme Enviro-Trust so not only will you be getting a book with some great, tried and tested recipes but you will also be supporting Kromme Enviro-Trust. Two for the price of one!


Wind Farm MTB Classic

Firmly established as one of the top events on the Eastern Cape off-road calendar, the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic promises to once again be a highlight of the JBay Winterfest.
Over the past five years, organisers of the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic have worked each year to innovate and improve both the routes and rider experience, with the 2017 event featuring an almost entirely new route that included large sections of singletrack.

Big names are bound to be back in 2018 gunning for the top spot and equal men’s and women’s ultra marathon purse, however the main focus of the event is not on the racing snakes, but rather all levels of mountain biker.  The 2018 event will offer something for riders of a range of fitness and skill levels. With the start (and finish) at the ‘Kabeljous Hub’ there will be three routes, 25km, 50km and 85km.
All three route will of course traverse the spectacular JBay Wind Farm, from which the race derives its name. Riders will have the chance to ride along roads interspersed by 80m tall wind turbines towers, spread more than 500m apart.

Kids will be entertained with Sandart & facepainting as well as a jumping castle / JBay’s famous #InFoodDeli and #TampaBaySpur will provide refreshments / Lucky Draw Prizes as only JBay can provide / Awesome Goodie Bags to the first 300 entrants / Amazing routes

WHAT YOU’RE WAITING FOR – ENTER HERE:  http://www.jbaywinterfest.com/…/j-bay-wind-farm-mtb-classic/

The Road (subject) is Closed

A resounding NO!

We did say it was a controversial subject and whilst there are a few local Cape St Francis residents who appear to support the concept of an interlinking road between the Port and da Gama Road, Cape St Francis, others were vehemently opposed. Comments from those not living in CSF appear that they would enjoy easier access to the fabulous sands of Cape St Francis’ beach but in general the locals will have none of it. One can certainly understand and respect the naysayer’s reasons and brave would be any group who try and take such a proposal further.

Human life takes precedence over everything and thus if the Air Park ‘escape route’ is sufficient to ensure easy and guaranteed access to and from Cape St Francis in times of disaster, so be it.  Sadly however we all know money speaks and one day the pure economics of it will probably see a near highway quality road join the Port with CSF, hopefully not in most of our lifetimes.

Staying with roads and Cape St Francis, most of those who live in Cape St Francis respect the 40 kilometre speed limit in force throughout the village. Unfortunately there are a few who don’t!  Two ladies in particular have been mentioned as being particularly guilty for they, amongst others, show total disregard for the limit and speed down the ‘main drag’ and into da Gama as ii competing in a grand prix. One can only imagine what the long straight that da Gama would offer them if it is ever extended to join St Francis Drive.

They are not alone though and there are several others including ‘out of village’ contractors who rush in and out of the village. Kids are on holiday at the moment so to all readers who care, we really should show our disdain to speedsters and pull up them up to point it out to them that we have a 40 KPH limit. Whilst 50 maybe OK at a push, 100 is not!

Your comments on the Road …  and speeding are welcomed!

A Road to Cape St Francis

Access Road between Port &  Cape St Francis

Is it not time that a road should be built to join St Francis Bay Drive near the port and  da Gama Road, Cape St Francis rather than having the only access via the R330?

We realise this is an extremely controversial subject but in light of the recent Cape St Francis house fire, possibly it is an appropriate time for it to be broached. The fire department took over half an hour to respond to the call last week,not because they were all fast asleep but rather because of the distance they had to travel to attend to the emergency. The fire, at the northern end of Cape St Francis, meant that the fire tender was required to travel almost a full circle, virtually doubling back on itself owing to the fact that there is no direct access from St Francis Bay to Cape St Francis other than the R330.

During the 2016 fires Cape St Francis’ only access was via the Air Park for a couple of days and had the Air Park also been ablaze, Cape St Francis would have effectively been isolated with no way in or out. Had there been a medical emergency which, considering the fire, it was highly possible that there could have been a serious injury or medical condition.

Then too consider! Townships around the country have been the scene of violent demonstrations and road blockages in recent weeks and what would the situation be if Sea Vista were to follow suit.  Again Cape St Francis would be isolated for it seems the police are reluctant to intervene as they have shown in other areas

Of course in emergencies the Air Park could open their access road but this narrow, steep access point is certainly not suitable for fully laden fire tenders or other heavy equipment that may need to access the area. Also this would compromise their privacy.

Last but certainly not least is the economic consideration. Certainly the least important consideration to some but not maybe to those struggling financially. One could say it is “the cost of living in a remote area”but consider for those struggling to survive with ever increasing cost of living, school fees and of course petrol cost that seem quite likely to reach R18 per litre in the not too distant future. To probably half of those who live in Cape St Francis, those who live south of the resort it would still pay them to use the R330 but those north of the resort, the saving in fuel costs could be significant. If an access road were built it certainly wouldn’t increase traffic along da Gama Road and would probably reduce traffic..

Now the suggestion that has reached St Francis Today is that no one is looking for a highway but rather a basic dirt access road. Possibly it could closed with booms and only opened if required. Another suggestion is that it could be opened out of season but closed in season.

This certainly is a subject that needs to be discussed by Cape St Francis Civics association, the Cape St Francis residents, St Francis Property Owners and the Kouga municipality.

Please don’t shoot the messenger but please do have your say in the COMMENTS section below. Should there be an access road or not?