Thornhill residents receive title deeds

Jubilation as Thornhill residents receive title deeds   

Celebrating with Patronella Stuurman (front right) were (front) Clr Brenton Williams, Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen, (back) Ward Councillor Chico Februarie and Stuurman’s son-in-law Chezlyn Coetzee.

Almost 260 residents from Thornhill received the title deeds of their RDP houses on Human Rights Day last week after a wait of more than a decade.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen first visited three of the older beneficiaries at their homes to deliver the title deeds to them in person before distributing the remainder at a ceremony at the community hall.

Van Lingen said the handing-over of the title deeds was long overdue as the beneficiaries had already moved into their houses in 2001 and 2005 respectively.

“The ANC-led Council failed to uphold this community’s rights by withholding their title deeds for more than a decade.

“We are very pleased that we were able to rectify this on a day as significant as Human Rights Day,” she said.

Seventy-three-year-old Patronella Stuurman was the first to receive her title deed when the Mayor and Ward Councillor Chico Februarie stopped off at her home.

“My only regret is that my husband isn’t here to receive the title deed with me. He passed away in April last year without ever having the certainty that this house belonged to us,” Stuurman said.

Seventy-seven-year-old Shadrack Nyoka, who was also visited at his home, was equally excited.

“I have put a lot of work into the house and I am glad to have proof that this is my place,” he said.

The mood at the community hall was jubilant as families and friends gathered to watch the beneficiaries take rightful ownership of their houses.

“This is such a proud day for all of us,” said Minah Jones. “Many of us didn’t think this day would ever come. The municipality could not have given us a better present on Human Rights Day.”

Those who were not at the community hall on Wednesday were asked to collect their title deeds from the community hall the following day.

Mayor Van Lingen said a total of 257 titles were ready to be handed over.

“Another 45 beneficiaries have already passed on, therefore, we have asked their families to visit our housing office so that the necessary arrangements can be made for the house to be transferred to the correct heir.”

Shadrack Nyoka (centre) signs for receipt of his title deed while Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen and municipal official Sadrick Grootboom look on.

Gladys Scholtz (right) receives the title deed to her home from Mayor Elza van Lingen


Kouga’s new phone system

Voice prompts to connect callers to the right municipal department 

The installation of Kouga’s new phone system has just about been finalised.

Corporate Services Portfolio Councillor Hattingh Bornman said the municipality’s new PABX system featured a voice prompt system which would help connect callers to the department they are looking for.

“Residents will no longer be able to reach departments on their direct extension numbers, however, there will be a voice prompt that callers can follow to connect to the relevant department when they phone our switchboard on 042 200 2200 or they can hold for the operator to be transferred,” he said.

He said the municipality would be monitoring the incoming calls to determine which departments were most often called and that the voice prompts would be programmed accordingly.

At present callers who phone the switchboard number will be transferred to the Kouga Fire Department when they press “1” and the municipal call centre when they press “2”. If you press “3”, you will be transferred to the Traffic department for queries and appointments while pressing “4” will connect you to the Finance department for account queries.

The after-hours numbers for emergencies and the call centre remain unchanged at 042 291 0250 or 042 200 8330.

Bornman said residents were also encouraged to download the Link app to log service requests and faults.

The free Link app can be downloaded at, from the Google Play or App Store.

To Link to your Ward, click on “+ “ and “Add Channels”. Click on “Municipal Wards” and follow the process.

You can follow up to three wards but you can report service delivery issues whilst travelling or away from home – Link will automatically place the report in the correct municipal ward.

Further information about Link is available at

Kouga’s call centre can be contacted on 042 200 2200 (o/h) or 042 291 0250 and 042 200 8330 (a/h).


Fish on the Menu

It seems somewhat ludicrous that although we live in a ‘fishing’ village, access to fresh fish either means going out and catching it yourself, having a friend who is happy to share his catch or travelling to PE. Surely there must be a market for small portions fresh yellowtail, geelbek, cob or Steenbras or a dozen oysters or fresh mussels?

When Balobi’s Seafood Market was still around they did offer fresh fish but one had to buy the whole fish which was crazy and all the other fish they offered was frozen and mainly brought in from the Western Cape (smoked snoek) or KZN or Mozambique (dorado, swordfish).  Imagine a fresh fish counter at SPAR or at The Butcher Shop where one could buy a couple of cutlets of fresh fish for dinner or some fresh hake, even a red roman or two. There must be a few fishermen who would be prepared to apply for the right licenses and supply the fish merchant or even open a fish shop of his own. The fish shop / counter could of course also stock frozen prawns and a range of the exotic fish available from the tropical waters of KZN and Mozambique.

Oh well I guess we can only dream and in the interim either make friends with a fisherman will to share part of his catch or go fishing one’s self. There is the alternative of eating out at one of our local restaurants and Chokka Block now under new management is fast building a great reputation for some creative fish dishes. Christy’s have opened a new ‘branch’ with the odd name of Lunar Blue where Balobi’s used to operate and before that Loligos and before that …….

But the best place to get a really great plate of fried or grilled hake and chips, rice or salad is at Joe Fish at the Cape St Francis Resort. And if you choose to dine at Joe Fish on a Friday this delightful offering will cost you just R69. And order a ‘Car Park John’ draught beer to accompany your fish and you have an ‘eat out treat’ for a little under R100. Great value.

Joe Fish really has become popular for Sunday lunch now offering a new menu along with live music and of course the kids have the pool to enjoy whilst mom & dad sip on their wine or Car Park John.

And talking of Sunday lunch!  Linky Whatsapped SFT with the news that they are offering their Sunday specialty of ROAST BEEF & YORKSHIRE PUDDING for lunch this Sunday. A really good deal at just R155 but you will need to make a booking.


Pam Golding Properties – KING OF THE KROMME 2018

St Francis Paddling Club’s 13th annual Pam Golding Properties KING OF THE KROMME will be held on Easter Saturday, 31 March 2018 at 4 pm at Quaysyde.

We are confident that shifting the event from the previous years’ Easter Sunday morning to Easter Saturday afternoon is going to attract an even bigger and better field, probably more than the nearly 100 paddlers last year. It’s clear that the quality and size of the field is ever increasing.

Full Moon high tide is at 4 pm, the start time, which will make for excellent racing conditions, with less sand-bank drama ….  and a good prize-giving party at Quaysyde afterward.

Let’s hope we can hand over the prestigious floating trophy to a local for the first time … at the lucky 13th holding of the race. It’s been dominated by PE paddlers: Scott Johnson, Calvin Zeelie, Jordan Zeelie, Luke McNish, and Greg Louw (twice). Other Kings of the Kromme were Juan Maree (Cradock), Dave Hamilton-Brown (Joburg) and Matt Bouman (Durban).

The route is from Quaysde restaurant, through the canals for 1km and then up the beautiful Kromme River for about 8km until the Geelhout tributary for a further 2km to the turn buoy. This is a particularly special stretch, with indigenous bush right up to the banks, and the river becoming ever narrower until it is only about 8m wide at the turn. Many St Francis residents have never been up the Geelhout, and paddlers cherish this once-a-year opportunity.

Then it is a race back the same way, with some assistance now from the tide, which will have started going out. And a sprint finish at Quaysyde in front of hundreds of spectators, enjoying their sunset refreshments.

It is a singles race, but doubles are very welcome (and there are also prizes for doubles). The main prizes are R2000 for the long course (20km) singles winner, R1000 for 2nd, R500 for third, and R500 for the first lady. There is also a 12km short course, also with plenty of prizes. There is the usual main lucky draw, a split-shaft Carbonology paddle valued at R2500, kindly sponsored by Carbonology. The entry fee includes a sumptuous meal from Quaysyde and a few St Francis Brewing Company Beach Blondes.

There is also a 1km under 12 and under 10 “guppy” race, entry fee R50, which includes a medal and a meal.

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