Property Owners Association trigger SRA Vote

St Francis Property Owners launch SRA Vote

Following the successful meeting held to introduce property owners to the renewed details of the Special Rates Area the association has released the following press release . Full details of the proposal are available on the SFPO website and if you are not fully aware of what the SRA entails it makes for some good reading this weekend. All the details along with a voting form are avaiable on the website

St Francis property owners within the demarcated area (Village and Canal areas) are being asked to re-vote on the revised SRA Proposal which the St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) presented at two Public Meetings at The Links on 20th December and January 3rd. The votes cast in 2017 are not applicable as the

Kouga Municipality revised its SRA By-Law and Policy (gazetted on 29th December) and the SFPO revised its SRA proposal.

New SRA proposal:

  1. SRA levy of 25% of property owners’ monthly/annual rates (reduced from the original 50%).
  2. The shortfall in revenue will be contributed from alternative sources ie Riparians, Kromme Joint River Committee, the Port, Kouga Municipality and donations
  3. The Demarcated area for the levy will include the Village and Canal areas. Santareme, St Francis on Sea, Port, Otters Landing, Industrial Sites and The Links could be included at a later stage if the property owners in these areas choose to participate
  4. The scope of projects and services include:
    • The restoration of the beach, spit and river (priority 1)
    • The repair and maintenance of sections of the arterial roads and parking areas to be limited to the Village centre and main intersections along with pedestrian and cycle tracks along main arterial roads (priority 2)
    • The installation of CCTV camera surveillance in the demarcated area (priority 3)
    • Rebuild of the arterial roads (priority 4)

VOTING – there are several methods available for voting. Vote via:

  1. SMS: We will send all property owners, for whom we have cell phone numbers, an SMS inviting you to vote. You can reply by entering your Id number and your vote (YES or No). If you haven’t received an SMS request by 12 January  and would like to take advantage of this simple voting method, please send your cell phone number and erf to
  2. SFPO Website Voting system at :
  3. Manual voting form:
  • Available on the SFPO website or at the SFPO office at 115 St Francis Drive, and a copy
  • It is also included below.for your convenience
  • You can scan or photograph (with your cell phone) the completed voting form and send it to the SFPO via WhatSapp or SMS on 0827775624, or via email to
  • Alternatively you can drop it off at our office.

The re-voting process must be completed by February 24th 2018 and we urge all property owners to give this proposal their urgent attention and submit their vote as soon as possible.

A third public meeting is planned for January 11th 2018 (17h30 at The Links) for those St Francis property owners and members of the business community who may not have had an opportunity to attend the earlier meetings.


Bathers Saved off Ann Avenue

Bathers Saved off Ann Avenue but one man missing

The  NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated shortly after midday yesterday afternoon following reports of multiple people in difficulty in the surf off Anne Avenue Beach.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and NSRI rescue swimmers raced to the beach to join four  Kouga Municipal lifeguards, three of the volunteer  lifeguards and two local surfers who were in the surf attempting to rescue nine bathers who had been swept out to sea by rip currents.

The NSRI rescue swimmers swam out to the lifeguards who confirmed that they had eight of bathers in a group and along with one of the surfers were assisting casualties to the the beach. The NSRI rescue swimmers then swam to a surfer who was helping one casualty and the surfer was able to get that casualty to the shore.

Once all nine bathers were safely brought to the beach where the were checked by paramedics from Private Care ambulance services and required no further medical care.

It was then confirmed that one person remained unaccounted for, a local 28 year old man, and the NSRI sea rescue craft, a Private fixed wing aircraft, a Police helicopter and a K-9 Search and Rescue team and a Police Dive Unit joined in the ongoing search operation but despite an extensive search no sign of the missing man has been found.

Police will continue an ongoing search and recovery operation and Police have opened an investigation.

NSRI commend the lifeguards and the two surfers who rescued the bather from the water and NSRI thank the private plane that assisted in the ongoing search for the missing man.

NOTE: Bathers should be cautious when swimming off Ann Avenue as it is not patrolled by lifeguards

NSRI St Francis Bay

Dining at Dune Ridge St Francis Bay