Positive meeting on SRA

St Francis Bay residents respond positively to proposed SRA

St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) chairman Wayne Furphy addressed a far larger crowd yesterday afternoon at the second public meeting on the proposed St Francis Bay Special Rates Ares (SRA) and what a positive crowd in proved to be. Question from the floor were mainly very positive with some attendees almost suggesting they would not be averse to a higher rate than the suggested 25% should it be necessary later. To avoid confusion, the rate has been set at 25% for ten years and cannot be increased..

Furphy again stressed that residents in the area south of Harbour road (Santareme et al) were not being excluded from the new SRA as a form of punishment but rather because of the urgency of the beach and spit and that a decision had to be made to get the ball rolling. He once again explained the problem of securing votes, yes or no, in this area because of the large number of vacant plots, many of which seemed to have been abandoned by owners as rates hadn’t been paid on some for years.

The door is certainly not shut for those residents presently excluded from the SRA joining this proposed SRA at a later stage or indeed setting up their own. Obviously infrastructure and services that have become priorities in these areas differ from those on the canals and village.

On the subject of CCTV Furphy also left the window open explaining that excluding the Santareme area only saved around 25% of the cost of installing a CCTV system in the area. If a solution could be found to have these residents included a comprehensive CCTV system would be infinitely more effective (he suggested it would cost the excluded region around R80 a month per home to install a system covering the entire region.

In closing Furphy explained the extremely tight timeline required to have the SRA approved and he appealed to all present to get their vote, yes or no, in as soon a possible to ensure all deadlines were met to process the SRA.

For those who may have missed both these public meetings a third meeting will be held at The Links on Thursday 11th January at 5:30 pm. All residents who haven’t yet attended one of these meetings really should make every effort to hear what is being planned.

CCTV for St Francis Bay

Green icons indicates camera placements with those in shaded area excluded from initial proposal unless funding from greater Santareme area can be secured

Youngsters steal lifesaving buoy

Youngsters steal lifesaving buoy in Jeffreys Bay

CCTV footage captured footage of a group of youngsters who appear to have made off with an NSRI Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy.  NSRI is appealing to those who appear to have taken the buoy to return it to NSRI or return it to its pole on the beach at Jeffreys Bay.

The buoy was taken from Point, at Jeffreys Bay, a popular surfing spot.

The footage shows what appears to be 3 young males taking the buoy to their car. Bystanders have come forward saying that they had confronted the group in a heated exchange but despite being advised to return the buoy to the pole they continued to load the buoy into a a small hatchback red car with Eastern Cape registration plates and drove off.

If anyone recognises the persons in the CCTV footage please contact NSRI.

These Pink Buoys are a joint NSRI and public effort in one of many campaigns launched this year to prevent drowning around our coast.

A pink buoy in Wilderness has already contributed to saving the life of a teenager.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO, has urged anyone finding a pink buoy that is in anyones possession and is not on a pole on a beach it belongs to NSRI and to the public in the interests of public safety.