Name and shame water abusers

A reader submitted a comment yesterday that whilst walking past a St Francis Bay property yesterday afternoon he noticed that a front lawn was being watered using pop up sprinklers so to check whether it was municipal water or not, he turned the water off.

“I turned the water off at the municipal water meter and lone (sic) behold the sprinklers stopped. Perhaps this is the only way to deal with non-resident abusive water consumers. I will leave it up to you to decide if I turned the water back on or not ????”

Considering the crisis we find ourselves in, some say our situation is more critical that Cape Town,, those who continue to ignore the call to save every drop need to be tarred & feathered, hanged, drawn & quartered or at the very least named and shamed and SFT is more than happy to oblige in naming them. Well, maybe not hanged.

Reading the article published in JBay news it is indeed a wakeup call. The economy of Kouga is largely reliant on agriculture to a far larger extent than tourism and to read how this entire industry is facing a catastrophe should the dams run dry.

Watering one’s lawn may not seem a big deal in the greater scheme for what difference could a few hundred litres make. Well to those who cannot afford bottled water it will make a huge difference when the crunch comes.

Cape Town is now on 50 litres per person per day so maybe it is time that we in St Francis set an example to the entire NMB water district and restrict ourselves to 50 litres per person per day. Sure it is not an easy task but before you touch that tap, take a second or two to think how you can save every drop.

A week or so we asked for ideas on how to save water but had only one comment

  1. Use a cup to brush your teeth and rinse.
    2. Use a tub in the shower to collect the water. Shower yourself wet, switch off, lather up, shower off, stop. You can use this water to keep your car windows clean or on your veggie patch. Better still do a bucket bath and just use a sponge…
    3. Electric razors or use a coffee mug to shave. You can water your plans with it when done.
    4. Use your dishwasher only when full or if by hand wash up once a day to optimise water usage
    5. Connect up your grey water to flow into your garden or buckets.
    6. Put a brick or stone in your toilet cistern.
    7. Pee outside…. Well, men anyway.

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Propaganda or a Life or Death situation?

Propaganda or a Life or Death situation – You Decide!

There  is no doubt that some SRA detractors will claim the following to be more SRA propaganda but if there is only small chance that this comment on the yesterday’s post “Body of Youngster Recovered” is remotely accurate, this alone is reason enough to support the SFPO efforts to raise funds to fix the beach. .

The comment made by Craig Kilfoil

“As a local surfer with 5 years NSRI behind me, I have been warning anyone that would listen, that what remains of main beach, is no longer safe on a high tide. Late last year, after a few instances where I was less than comfortable myself landing at main beach after surfing;  After personally rescuing more than one local young surfer from the water trying to exit at main beach, I predicted that there would be a drowning in December. Unfortunately there was.

Now another.

Beware – Main beach on a high tide is dangerous. The risk needs to be addressed before we lose any more local or visitor lives.

Fixing our beach is now, literally, a life or death situation.”

There certainly were instances on St Francis Bay beaches over the holidays that need to be considered serious (Bathers Saved off Ann Avenue) and sadly now, two drownings.The question needs to be asked, should bathing be banned during high tides or should the Kouga municipality maybe allocate a permanent lifeguard to protect the beach?

The obvious answer would be to fix the beach for it has never been considered a dangerous beach in years gone by.

We pinned our flag to the SRA mast

Why we pinned our flag to the SRA mast

A few readers have taken umbrage to the fact that St Francis Today is openly supporting the proposed SRA. One reader is calling it “biased and condescending piece of journalism”.  First may I clarify as I have on previous posts that I have never made claim that I am a journalist. Certainly I was a columnist for a Sunday National some years ago but never claimed otherwise. By the very nature of columnist one has the right to express one’s opinion. This is exactly what I did in Friday’s post, I expressed an opinion. St Francis Today is primarily a Blog with a news slant as we disseminate news from the main South African News Media. We have no pretensions of being a news media house. St Francis has a news media publication for the purpose of news reporting . All St Francis Today does is as update what i happening in St Francis on a day to day basis.

Those who are outraged at our pinning our flag to the SRA mast, why did you not make similar comment when SFT came out strongly in support of those against Thyspunt and nuclear? Why no complaints that we were being biased when we openly promoted the DA in the Municipal elections. Some things are too important not to make a stand and we believe St Francis needs a helping hand to survive.

But let me explain why I support the SRA even though I live in Cape St Francis and it certainly doesn’t really affect me. Having moved to St Francis some four years ago I have come to love what will be where I will probably live out my life. I don’t make much use of the canals nor the St Francis Bay beach but to lose them would be a catastrophe. I have a young niece and nephew who have spent most of their childhood and now adult holidays in St Francis Bay. They in turn have a little boy and girl who I would pray will also have the opportunity of spending their youth enjoying St Francis. For them and for thousands of others who have enjoyed and hopefully will continue to enjoy St Francis, I support the SRA.

I certainly do not have a problem with those who are against the SRA and respect them for their stand for it is everyone’s right to form their own opinion. Living in a democracy it is the final vote count that will decide the outcome and should it be against the SRA, one would hope those who have lobbied so actively against the SRA will step into the breach and at last make a suggestion or plan to ensure St Francis Bay doesn’t get gobbled up by the sea or that the crime doesn’t reach a level where people leave St Francis Bay for the same reason many moved here, to escape the crime in bigger cities..

One does not need to look far for towns that have slid into disrepair. KZN and the Eastern Cape both have more than their share. Lack of service delivery will have nothing on falling property prices and many a nest eggs may just be eaten up by the snakes of inactivity.

Body recovered

National Sea Rescue

Body of youngster recovered

NSRI confirmed that sadly on Saturday, 27th January afternoon, the body of a 12 year old male, missing in the surf since Friday, was located on the beach at Main Beach, and recovered by the SA Police Services and the body has been taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.

Condolences are conveyed to the family.

An inquest docket has been opened by Police.

See original NSR media statement below and the bathing alert for the Full (Blue) Moon on Wednesday

At 16h54, Friday, 26th January, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew responded to Main Beach following reports of a drowning in progress.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and NSRI rescue swimmers responded directly to the scene.

Private Care ambulance services and the SA Police services were activated.

On arrival on the scene an extensive search commenced for a 12 year old male, believed to be a local, reported by eye-witnesses to have last been seen floating face down in the water after reportedly being swept out to sea by rip currents approximately 20 minutes prior to NSRI arriving on the scene.

A shoreline search by NSRI crew and 7 NSRI crew and NSRI rescue swimmers deployed into the surf conducting a sweeping line free dive search in the surfline and a search conducted from the sea rescue craft in the breakers but despite the extensive search no sign of the boy has been found.

Police opened an investigation and a Police Dive Unit and K-9 Search and Rescue are continuing in an ongoing search operation.

Safety Alert:

NSRI are urging the public to be cautious around the coastline for the remainder of this weekend as the beginning phase of the 31st January Full Moon (Blue Moon) Spring Tide has begun to increase in intensity  as it builds towards the Spring Tide Peak on Wednesday 31st January.

The full moon Spring Tide will affect the coastline from today, peaking on Wednesday, 31st January, and lasting until after the first weekend of February.

Bathers, anglers, coastal hikers and beach strollers are urged to be cautious.

Bathers should only go to beaches where and when lifeguards are on duty and swim within the safe demarcated swimming zones that lifeguards post using their red and yellow flags.

Are we resting on our Laurels?


A rather small turnout at the DA AGM held at St Francis Bay Golf Club gives one an impression that now that Kouga is in the control of the DA all is well. But more concerning than the relatively small gathering was the age group of the assembled patrons. Certainly there were a few sub-60’s but not many. The youth are our future and they have to be encouraged and motivated to play a part in the DA’s and Kouga’s future.

Addressing the loyal supporters present, Exec Mayor Elza van Lingen again stressed the need for the council to “romance the townships” for without their support the DA would lose control of council at the next election. And to achieve what is needed they, the DA. Needs to retain Kouga at the next election.

There is little doubt that the DA has improved many aspects of governance but one aspect that still appears lacking is that of collecting outstanding debts. The greater St Francis area owes Kouga Municipality some R17 million in rates, electricity and other debts and the Mayor made it quite clear that this situation would no longer be tolerated.  So if you owe the municipality money and you don’t pay, maybe invest in a generator. And those owners of plots that haven’t paid rates in years prepare to lose your piece of St Francis.

More on the details of the meeting and the new office bearers on Monday.

Although no mention was made of the pending SRA proposal at the meeting it seems appropriate to bring up the crusade against implementing an SRA continues on social media.

It seems, well certainly in the view of one crusader, many of those who own property on the canals or village simply have no idea of what they are getting themselves into. One wonders why so many of these astute and successful businessmen are so supportive of the proposed SRA with some actually serving on the NPC committee. What are they not seeing that this one lone voice of dissent is seeing?

Surely these successful St Francis Property Owners have considered the negatives and the benefits of committing tens of thousands of Rands over the next ten years before putting a cross in the YES block. Considering the reputation of some of these business leaders it is unlikely that they have “more money than brains”.

Only time will tell but one would think the hundreds of property owners collectively have more intelligence than lemmings on a clifftop and have analysed the pros and cons and decided the cons win.