Salubri Food

There’s A New Food Truck In Town

Salubri By The Sea  is a healthy and environmentally-conscious food truck operating at Cape St Francis, by the Seal Point Boulevard Car Park writes guest writer, Craig Jarvis.

Salubri Food TruckOwned and operated by Cody Futeran and Alexandra Singer, their offering is a healthy and organic menu of home-made meals and snacks, including green salads, grilled chicken and pesto wraps or ciabatta sandwiches, and grilled sirloin chimichurri wraps or ciabatta sandwiches. They also have daily specials.

They have healthy and delicious snacks on the side such as fruit kebabs, banana bread, granola yoghurt and fruit breakfast snacks as well as their delicious strawberry smoothies.

Fresh produce with all their packaging entirely compostable and bio-degradable, from their straws to their cups, Salubri has opted for the healthy and sustainable route for their enterprise, and it has already taken off.

A few good days of trading under the belt and they have a steady stream of customers, lining up for their early morning coffee, post surf meals or healthy snacks for the kids. It seems that the healthy option is paying dividends.

Alex prepares home-made iced tea for the hot days, and this has proven to be popular, and they have benches and tables set up for the customers to relax on while enjoying their food and watching the guys surf.

Situated alongside Surf Camp South Africa, on the beach, there is a natural spill-over of hungry surfers and would-be  surfers, burning up their energy in the sometimes chilly waters of the Seal Point beach break.

Before receiving Craigs article I dropped in a t Salbri’s for a chat with Cody and Ally and I must say if you bottle enthusiasm, I would bottle Cody’s enthusiasm and make a fortune. But food is all in the taste and presentation and whhilst enthusiasm my sell it it the test is in the taste and all I can say is WOW. I sample the Angus Beef Sirloin Chimichurri and the Free Range Chicken breast with atantalising pesto and yes WOW! The beef all but melted in my mouth and the chicken, well anyone who can mass cater chicken breasts and keep them moist and succulent, knows what they are doing.  To wash it all down I had an apple and cinnamon iced tea served in a plastic cup that is FULLY BIO-DEGRADABLE.
In the words of the Arnold – I will be back!
All details including menus and phone numbers can be found on their facebook page –
More about Cody and Ally and their backgrounds here –
Definition of salubrious. : favorable to or promoting health or well-being. 

Cody and Ally ready to serve their delicious, healthy fare

Jill’s Groovy Scoops

Jill’s Groovy Scoops – 100% natural ice cream in town

Jill’s Groovy Scoops – the best, and only 100% natural ice cream in town are still available if you haven’t seen them on sale outside Spar as in years gone by.

Since moving permanently to St Francis Bay six months ago, I’ve been hearing about Jill’s famous ice cream. Made locally by Jill personally, it’s on offer at The St Francis Brewing Company, and Jill has had a regular spot, just outside our local Spar, during season, for the last few years.

Not this season, however. In a move I personally found not only greedy but equally unkind, the Spar decided to start selling its own ice cream this year, about a metre away from Jill’s old spot, and Jill was relegated to a spot under the stairwell by the entrance.

So armed with indignation, a sweet tooth, and an empty stomach, I headed down to Jill’s this morning to see what all the fuss was about, and I was amazed.

The flavours! Each and every one danced on my tongue. The Himalayan Salted Caramel – a perfect marriage of sweet and salt; her Strawberry Ripple, tart and delicious, with none of that nasty ‘pink’ after taste that commercial ice cream tries to pass off as strawberry. The Belgian Chocolate – wow – I thought Häagen-Dazs had this one covered, but Jill’s is better.

Her mint is also out of this world, speckled with Belgian chocolate and naturally flavoured, it boasts a soft green colour instead of the unlikely ‘mint’ green found in so many other varieties. The roasted banana – I don’t even like banana, but loved this one. Her Oreo flavour – no specks of Oreo dust that need a microscope to identify, generous chunks of the cookie, combined with a creamy vanilla ice cream. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve had better ice cream anywhere, or ever.

The best thing about Jill’s ice cream is that it is 100% natural. There is nothing synthetic or artificial about this product. All flavours and colourings are made by Jill herself, naturally. A lot of love, time and energy has gone into perfecting this product, and it shows.

I think I’ve waxed lyrical enough. Don’t take my word for it, do yourself a favour and give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed. You can choose between a sugar cone, small or medium tub, and larger quantities can be made to order.

This year’s holiday flavour to order in advance, is ‘Christmas Pudding’, a mix of crunchy almonds, cherries, cranberries and subtle Christmas spices, I didn’t taste this one, but if the others are anything to go by, I’m sure it’s sublime. It is available in 5l tubs only.

Artice by

Kirsten Doyle

Kirsten Doyle

Beach Kitchen turns 20

Pop in for the best beach burgers, dogs and boerries in town.

Run by long standing Cape St Francis resident Graham Tugwell, The Beach Kitchen is celebrating its 20th year of feeding hungry locals and holiday makers over season.

A qualified naval chef with 40 years experience in the kitchen, Graham makes a delicious range of burgers, boerrie rolls, hot dogs and salad rolls, and has coffee, and a range of cool drinks on offer too.

The food is simple, unpretentious and yummy. The portions are generous and reasonably priced, and customers are allowed to customise their choices by adding

onions, salad, cheese, bacon and suchlike, as they prefer. Everything is made to order, and nothing is too much trouble for Graham.

The food is exactly what I would fancy after a day spent surfing or lazying around on the beach. Delicious, comfort, holiday food – but by no means fast food, it is still healthy and wholesome.

One of the things I like best about The Beach Kitchen, is that it is 100% local, and all ingredients are locally sourced too. Graham has chosen to support vendors and suppliers in our community, instead of benefiting from the economies of scale by ordering out of town.

The Beach Kitchen is also environmentally conscious. No straws are on offer, and all tins are recycled, and plastic bottles collected and sent to Port Elizabeth to be made into eco bricks.

So, the next time you’re chilling on Cape St Francis beach, do yourself a favour and pop in to The Beach Kitchen, you’ll not be disappointed.

Article by

Kirsten Doyle

Kirsten Doyle

Kromme River users

Calling all boaters and others who will be on the Kromme during the holidays

“The holiday season has arrived and the Kromme Joint River Committee wishes to welcome all visitors and particularly those who will be boating and skiing on the Kromme River over this period. In the interest of safety for all river users, the Committee wishes to remind everyone of the following:

A map indicating the various zones on the Kromme River is handed out with every application for a river permit and it is important to stick to the guidelines as indicated on the map in addition to the bylaws recorded on the back of the application form.

The navigable channel on the Kromme River is marked by red and green buoys. In terms of international maritime law, the green buoys will be on the right when going up river from the mouth. Coming down river towards the mouth, the red buoys will be on the right. It is important for craft to stay between the buoys as this is generally the safest way to proceed.

There are places where the navigable channel is very narrow and speed must be reduced and caution exercised when reaching these places. Additional signs have been erected to indicate the narrow sections and skippers of craft must please slow down and stop if necessary should there be craft approaching from the opposite side. The sand banks tend to move from time to time at these narrow channels and caution must be exercised at all times. In the interest of safety, skippers are requested to please take note of and adhere to all signs erected on the Kromme River.

The buoys on the Kromme River is the property of the Kromme Joint River Committee and care must be taken not to damage or wilfully disturb any of the buoys and nor may any buoy be removed.

It is important to note that there is a time difference of one to two hours between the high and low tides in the upper areas of the Kromme River compared to that at the river mouth or the canals. Skippers of craft should therefore be aware of and take this into account when proceeding up the Kromme River.

Jet Skis are not allowed on the Kromme River or in the basin past the river mouth. Jet Skis are to exit the canals only from Ski Canal directly to the sea.

The “NO SKI ZONE” stretches all the way from the river mouth to past River Tides where a sign indicates the start of the Ski Zone. No skiing, tubing or any similar activity is allowed in the “NO SKI ZONE” as the navigable channel is very shallow and narrow and failure to observe this restriction may result in injury to skiers and people on tubes etc.

A copy of the skipper’s ticket must be carried on the craft at all times and be produced for verification when requested.

River patrols will be in operation to monitor and control craft on the river. A fine that may be issued for a transgression will be an official summons with a date to appear in court in the event that the fine is not paid by the due date.

The Kromme Joint River Committee wishes everyone a safe and happy festive season and a prosperous New Year.”


Santa to visit canals

Don’t miss Santa’s visit to the St Francis Bay Canals

Santa on the Canals is an annual fundraising event held by NSRI Station 21 – St Francis Bay. On Christmas eve, each year, Santa delivers gifts in person with the help of the NSRI Station 21 crew and their boat – Spirit of St. Francis II.

Here are some facts to assist you in making your kids part of Santa on the Canals

  • When and where – do we (the parents/ grandparents/ aunts & uncles) drop off the presents?
    Parents can drop off presents at the NSRI Lecture Room in Port St Francis on Saturday 23rd December between 11am – 4pm. Hard working Elves sort and pack presents into color coded piles ready for Santa’s delivery. All presents must be wrapped and clearly marked with the receiver’s name and erf number (if you can).
  • Is there a limit on the value of present I may purchase?
    No, we do however ask parents to get practical gifts considering they will be delivered via boat.
  • When does, Santa visit the houses on the canals?
    Santa & his elves deliver the presents on the 24th December 2017. – CHRISTMAS EVE from 9am.
  • What time will Santa be at my house?
    When parents drop off the presents at the NSRI Lecture Room on the 23rd December 2016, the Elves will be able to provide all parents & grandparents with approximates on times for the delivery.
  • What if I don’t live on the canals?
    No Problem, Santa’s first stop on the 24th December 2016 is The Cove (Shore Road) at 9am where he gets off the boat and hands out presents to children (and sometimes grownups too!)
  • How much does it cost?
    A donation of R60.00 per present – it’s for a good cause!
  • What if I have more questions?
    You are welcome to contact Sky on 081 734 9720 or Sara on 082 895 5579.
  • What can I do to build on this great tradition?
    Please spread the word. Santa and the Elves get very sad when someone feels left out.