St Francis Wind

Another intersting post on Facebook yesterday this time by Richard Arderne.

As you can see, St Francis has good conditions for surfing … the prevailing wind is offshore (westerly), with much less easterly, and even less the other directions

And from Talhado


Dear Cathryn

On Thursday 2 November, we conducted a Visual screening at your school.

We (Mr Anthony Yoell and Essilor PE) screened about 60 children.
All of the teachers were very helpful in assisting us to conduct certain tests and without them the screening would not have been possible.

Test that was done includes the following:
Visual Acquity Screening: Testing how well the child is able to see at a 6m distance, by means of identifying pictures on a chart
Stereopsis: Assessing Depth perception
Near Point of Convergence: Assessing whether or not the child’s eyes are able to turn in, which is crucial for reading and doing near tasks
Ocular Motilities: Assessing the ocular Muscles to determine if the eyes are able to moves as needed.
Retinoscopy: Checking for the presence of a prescription that is out side of the norm for the relevant age of each child. (we do not expect to find a 0 prescription in children under the age of 6, certain small prescriptions in young children are perfectly normal)
Ophthalmoscopy: Assessing the health of the internal part of the eyes, to rule out ocular disease.
The results will be assessed and the Children that presented with possible visual problems will be advised to visit Mr Joell at the eye clinic for further tests and spectacles if needed.Kind Regards

Elana Senekal
Essilor PE Lens Consultant

College Choir performs at Resort

The Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3) had their choir evening at the Cape St Francis Resort on October 26th and their theme was Vintage Songs. All the children dressed up to play a certain part during the concert. The many popular favourites performed by the choir included songs like Candy Man, On the Good Ship Lollipop, Spooky, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The finale, the “Hallelujah” song, was sung by Layla Reynolds, and said music teacher Natasha Brown, “she sang like an angel!!”