Improving service delivery in Kouga

Call centre and app to improve service delivery at Kouga

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen and the municipality’s team of dispatchers, (from the back) Mvuyisi Nthsota, Martha Nodaka, Florence Mjako, Vuyokazi Batyi and Lesley van Staden, at the launch of the new Kouga Call Centre in Humansdorp yeterday morning.

Kouga Municipality is making it easier for residents to report and track service delivery problems in their wards.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the municipality had integrated its systems with an app called “Link” to form mobile communities for all 15 wards and improve service delivery.

The app and the municipality’s new call centre were officially unveiled at a media launch in Humansdorp this morning (23/10).

The Mayor said the municipality was very excited to partner with Link to improve communication with communities.

“Kouga has never before had a centralised point at which service delivery problems could be reported. This made it very frustrating for residents as they would often struggle to get hold of the relevant department and then receive little to no feedback once a problem had been reported.

“The Link app and call centre will give residents a direct line to the municipality to report issues and monitor what progress has been made towards resolving grievances,” she said.

Link director Charles Murray said the app was designed to encourage active citizenry and provide residents with local information.

“We are living in an age where communities are much more actively engaged than before. The Link app provides a foundation for better communication between the public and municipalities,” he said.


The free Link app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded at, from the Google Play or App Store.

Upon registration the app will request permission to access your location – this is important, be sure to accept.

To Link to your Ward, click on “+ and Add Channels”. Select the blue Municipal Ward icon, allow the app to geo-locate you and Link to your Ward as displayed.

If you download the app while away from home, please be sure to enter your address in the search bar after clicking on the blue Municipal Ward icon.

Further information about Link is available at

Kouga’s new call centre can be contacted on 042 200 2200..

How to Download the APP

Kouga App


Power Outage

Power OutageA Reminder that the power supply to St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis will be interrupted this coming Thursday, 26 October.
Eskom had originally advertised the outage for 7 September but postponed the work to the alternative date, 26 October.
The power outage is scheduled for 9:00am to 4:30pm for both St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.
The good news is that the power will not be off for the entire duration to all areas.
Residents and business are, however, advised to have contingency plans in place as it is difficult to predict which areas will be affected and for how long
Please treat all plugs / connections as live at all times.

Fire safety for Sea Vista

Fire Safety for Sea Vista residents

Keith Donaldson, well known in these parts for his contribution to fire and safety, now resident in Port Elizabeth where he runs Bay Fire Safety Solutions, recently facilitated a Fire Safety Awareness course to the children of Sea Vista Primary School in St Francis Bay. This included a Safety pamphlet that was handed out to over 60 school children and a slide show presentation highlighting the dangers of fire in the home as well as safety procedures on what to do in case of a fire and what to do if they or a friend were to catch on fire – a procedure known as “Stop, Drop and Roll”.

A video with a song playing “Stop, Drop and Roll” was played to the kids which was well received and the kids left the hall, singing the song to themselves, which is a good sign that they were paying attention and will hopefully remember what to do in case of future fires. The pupils and teachers were very happy with the presentation and asked if we would return in future for more safety awareness courses.

The following day, a presentation was held at the Sea Vista Community Hall where between and 60-80 residents gathered to listen to a more detailed Fire Safety Presentation and slide show and were also given a demonstration on how to extinguish a small fire using a fire blanket. They were all given a fire blanket to take home with them.

The presentation was well received with many residents asking safety related questions and with most of the attendees extinguishing a fire themselves. A demonstration using fire extinguishers was also shown as a group of residents who are part of a local safety group who patrol the streets 24/7 were present and they are currently looking for sponsors for Extinguishers.

Commenting on the initiative Donaldson. “We plan to hold one more presentation in Sea Vista mid-November with the same slide show and fire blanket demonstration where another 100 fire blankets will be handed out to local residents.

This was all possible due to a generous donation from Kouga Wind Farm through the DVG – The St Francis Disaster Volunteer group.



NSRI called to help learner

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were alerted by a concerned parent from Knysna whose son was on a matric valedictory in St Francis Bay that a learner female was suspected to have ingested a contaminated beverage and was showing signs of suspected poisoning.

NSRI St Francis Bay medics responded to investigate and Private Care ambulance services were activated.

On arrival on the scene the female learner was found to be in a stable condition and after being assessed by paramedics she was released requiring no medical intervention but both NSRI and Private Care ambulance services remained on alert and checked in with the learners during the day and the learner recovered and no further assistance was required.

NSRI commend the learners and the Knysna parent for alerting a response to be certain of the learners wellbeing.

Thief gets 20 years

Thief gets 20 years

In what has to be the Facebook post of the day if not the month is the news SA Police Detective Captain Johan du Toit’s success in finally having a habitual criminal put away for 20 years. Sadly he will will probably be out to continue his thieving ways in five years or so years but hopefully other magistrates will start to follow suit with harsh sentences that will support police efforts in keeping criminals off our streets.

Here is the post by Lyn Edwards on the StFrancisAlert profile yesterday

St Francis Bay CAS 37/07/2014
On the 16 July 2014 an elderly woman of 90 years was robbed in her house in St Francis Bay of Jewellery and a Plasma TV to the value of R500 000.00. Three accused were sentenced today in the Hankey Regional Court.

Accused No 1 Gideon Cuthber,t 44 years old was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Accused No 2 Vuyolwethu Nkqasi,  30 years of age sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Accused No 3 Vuyolwethu Mdayi, 32 years of age was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

Investigating Officer Det / Captain Johan Du Toit.

Congrats to Capt du Toit and his team of detectives – St Francis Bay SAPS