Cape St Francis athlete brings home Gold

Cape St Francis athlete brings home Gold!

Heilie Uys from Cape St. Francis participated in her 7th World Transplant Games last month in Malaga, Spain and returned home with gold medals in golf, discus, shot put and javelin as well as a silver medal in ball throw.

According to Heilie this year’s Games were very competitive due to many more athletes competing in the same age group. “It is a privilege to still be able to compete and to be blessed with good health after transplantation. I thank my donor who made all this possible”.

Fifty one athletes amassed a total of 76 medals of which 35 were gold, 23 silver and 18 bronze placing South Africa third on the medal table behind the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and the USA.

Amongst these SA athletes were five Eastern Cape transplantees who participated with great success. They have all received lifesaving kidney transplants. Robyn Emslie from East London and Susan Burri, Dean Arnolds and Mpumi Damane all from Port Elizabeth.

South African Team Manager to the World Transplant Games (WTG) Hermann Steyn wrote:

“It is with a great sense of pride and deep appreciation that we want to acknowledge the sterling performances of all our South African athletes at the XXI World Transplant Games (WTG) held in Malaga, Spain from 25 June to 2 July 2017. Our athletes have yet again proved their mettle against the best in the Transplant sporting fraternity

The World Transplant Games is a great opportunity for our transplant athletes to compete at an international level, to share their stories and inspire people to sign up as organ donors. The South African National Games and the World Transplant Games would not be possible without the generosity of the organ donors who ensure that these athletes can demonstrate the benefits of lifesaving transplantation.

Appropriately an article in IOL today highlights reluctance of people to donate organ’s whilst being happy to receive. READ MORE

World Transplant Games

Mpumi Damane, Dean Arnolds, Susan Burri, Heilie Uys, Robyn Emslie

Article from Heile Uys – edited


Breaching Seekoei mouth

Breaching the Seekoei mouth could lead to bigger problems

Kouga Municipality would like to appeal to residents of Paradise Beach not to breach the mouth of the Seekoei estuary unlawfully. The appeal comes in the wake of concerns that the causeway connecting Paradise Beach to Aston Bay could flood due to heavy rains.

Mayor Elza van Lingen said Council had great sympathy for the plight of Paradise Beach residents but cautioned that breaching the mouth could lead to bigger problems for residents in the long-term. “The estuary is no longer healthy and working as it should. That’s why fish were dying in great numbers only a few months ago,” she said.

“At this stage breaching the mouth simply disturbs the eco-system more and increases the risk of the embankments actually flooding and properties being damaged.”

She said the municipality had submitted an urgent request to the East Cape Department of Roads and Public Works that the alternative gravel road to Paradise Beach from the R102 be graded so as to improve the safety of motorists should the causeway have to be closed.

The gravel road, that exits onto the R102 between Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp, falls under the jurisdiction of the Department.

She assured residents that the municipality was working on both short and long-term solutions to the causeway dilemma in partnership with the EC Department of Environmental Affairs.

“Wave deflectors are being considered for the short-term. While this won’t necessarily prevent flooding, it will reduce the amount of salty spray vehicles are exposed to,” she said.

“In order to identify a permanent solution we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nelson Mandela University.

“Specialists from the university are putting together an Estuarine Management Plan specifically for the Seekoei estuary.

“The plan will enable Council to make an informed decision about the causeway, as well as the possible development of an alternative crossing in the long-term.”

Press Release – Laura-Leigh Randall,
Kouga Municipality
Media Liaison Officer
084 2055 388

Concern over children’s creche in residential zone

Concern over children’s creche in residential zone

An open letter from local residents Neil & Les Brent regarding a proposed childrens creche off Lyme Road.  How do you feel about a children’s creche in a residential area?

Open letter to all St Francis Bay Residents

A notice has appeared in the Kouga Express newspaper of the 3 August 2017 re the APPLICATION FOR  DEPARTURE FROM THE ZONING SCHEME TO OPERATE A CRECHE ON ERF 455 SEA VISTA ( 69 LYME ROAD NORTH)

 As per Government regulations, this area is registered Single Residential Zone 1.,  Land Use Planning Ordinance provides for single-family houses.  The regulations further state –  Limited employment and additional opportunities are possible as primary or consent uses, provided that the impacts of such do not aversely effect the surrounding residential environment.

We, as the closest and most immediately impacted by the proposed crèche, for 35 children from 08.00 to 17.00, 5 days per week, object vehemently to the application.  The outdoor play area directly abuts our property and according to the planned programme for the children, 4 hours per day are allowed for this activity.

Furthermore, our investment in St Francis will devalue.  We moved here 28 years ago to enjoy a quiet environment  – not to be uniquely impacted by the noise of 35 children playing 4m from our study and bedroom .

The applicant is not the homeowner (lives in Cape St Francis), is renting the property and not residing on the premises.  I am disappointed and annoyed with the registered owner of erf 455, who has failed to recognise our concerns and rights, for the sake of income.

The applicant has ignored the change this will have on the character and essence of St Francis Bay. It will set a precedent in St Francis and open the door to “anything goes – free for all”. 

The proposed crèche is situated in a particularly dangerous position.  The applicant has not done a formal study to address the serious and dangerous traffic issues already existing.  The reality of 35 additional cars driving this section of road at peak traffic times, is not conducive to dropping off and collecting children.

A further safety issue is that of wayward golf balls.  Living on the perimeter of a golf course one accepts that this WILL happen.  Any injury / death of a child will have major repercussions and be bad publicity for the golf course and St Francis Bay.  This is a serious problem and it is surprising the golf club committee have given their consent without consulting with their members.

The applicant states in her application that “there is a dire need for infant and after care” in the area.  It should be noted that there is already a crèche  associated with St Francis College (situated near the municipal offices) and Talhado, with all the necessary requirements in place AND NEITHER OF THESE ARE NOT RUNNING AT FULL CAPACITY

Neil and Les Brent 042 2940176.   71 Lyme Road North, erf 1350 sea vista

How do you feel about a children’s creche in a residential area?