Emergency number update

Kouga Municipality’s 24/7 emergency number update

The lines that were knocked out by lightning over the weekend have been repaired and are operational again. Residents can contact any of the following numbers to reach the control room:

042 291 0250

042 2910283

042 2910295


Recycling to re-open

Rotary Recycle Swap Shop Project

Having been closed since before Christmas the Rotary Recycle Swap Shop Project is due to re-open on the Thursday 6th April at the site at God’s Care on Tarragona Road, Sea Vista.

Although aimed primarily at the kids of Sea Vista, local St Francis residents are encouraged to bring their recycling material to the project between 9:00 am and 12 noon. Not only will your recyclable matter make the project a whole lot more viable in terms of raising money but it truly is the responsibility of every being to recycle, particularly plastics that are suffocating our oceans.

The Swap Shop operates in the afternoon after school allowing kids opportunity to bring the recycling matter they have collected during the month to swap their for points that buys them items from the shop. It is so heartening to witness these kids dragging overloaded bags full of paper, plastic or glass to earn a tube of toothpaste, a box of biscuits or even a bicycle as one youngster did a year or so ago.

But the point is that if these youngsters can make such an effort, surely we too by saving up our recycling matter and taking them to God’s Acre once a month.

And who knows ….  maybe one of the construction companies will one day see an opportunity of allocating a truck to collect, street by street, recycling from residents once a week. For a small charge to households this could prove to be not only a great PR exercise but could lead to a whole new local industry creating much needed employment.


Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch - St Francis BayNeighbourhood Watch RECRUITATHON

Neighbourhood Watch will have a large purpose built display at the Saturday Market this weekend  and supporters will be on parade in the Neighbourhood Watch livery to help people with questions about Neighbourhood Watch and to encourage and recruit new members as well as seek donations from those who for one reason or another cannot patrol.

The few stalwart volunteers who do Neighbourhood Watch duties need your support in sharing the load of patrolling.


Leaproach – new specie discovered

Leaproach – New specie discovered in Irma Booysen Nature Reserve, Cape St Francis!

Entomologist Jonathan Colville from the South African National Biodiversity Institute at Kirstenbosch Cape Town, collected a brand new species of jumping cockroach ( Leaproach) in the Irma Booysen Nature Reserve in Cape St Francis. The genus name is Saltoblattella (a cockroach that jumps). This highly unusual insect genus was first described in 2011 and is only found in the Cape Floristic Region. This find represents the eastern most record of a Leaproach and is very significant in that respect.

Leaping Cockroach - leaproach discovered in Cape St Francis


Leaproaches are only found in the Cape Floristic Region in South Africa.  The discovery of the first species of Leaproach in the CFR made it into the International Institute for Species Exploration’s top ten species discoveries in 2011. Several new species have recently been discovered in the CFR, including this specimen from the Cape St Francis coastal fynbos. This specie represents the most eastern discovery of a Leaproach

Leap Roach Facts

Leaproaches can jump 48 times their body length. Their jumping mechanisms and hind leg structures show remarkable similarity to those of grasshoppers with whom they share their habitat. Leaproaches  rival and even outperform grasshoppers  in jumping performance. They are unique species, as all of the approximately 4000 known cockroach species in the world locomote by scuttling. The Leaproach is arguably the most attractive species with beautiful silvery white and black striping. It is approximately 10 mm in length, jumps from stem-to-stem among plants and restios – much like a grasshopper. It can also scuttle short distances like normal cockroaches do. The Leaproach achieves its remarkable jumping feats by using its long and muscular hind legs, it has an elastic protein in its knee-joint that aids in jumping and storing energy. Unlike other cockroaches it has lost the ability to fly and has no functional wings. The natural diet of the Leaproach is largely unknown, but in captivity it feeds on a range of plant-based foods, it has also been observed to feed on grasshopper droppings!

Importance of discovery

Discovering new species, Leapraoch or otherwise, extends humanity’s collective knowledge of global biodiversity, it provides us with greater perspective of our place on earth and corresponding influence on the natural environment. A discovery of this nature, with approximately 80% of earth’s species being unknown to us, highlights the need for the preservation and conservation of your local ecosystem via the FOSTER reserve network. This discovery vindicates our collective conservation efforts thus far. Your support of FOSTER has directly aided the local conservation effort and we thank you wholeheartedly.

The Leaproach is your discovery, and yours to protect.

FOSTER is a non-profit organisation, our goal is to provide the public with organised access to a first class reserve system. If you would like to donate or join our volunteer team, please get in touch via our website foster.org.za or search for us on Facebook.

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Funds for Hospice

Food & Wine benefits Hospice

One of the highlights of the St Francis Christmas calendar is the annual St Francis Food and Wine Festival hosted by St Francis Links. Last year’s event was no exception with over 300 enthusiastic tasters  and buyers attending the festival, a partnership with the Links, NLR Wines and Tops Village Square. The event featured 18 suppliers and wine estates and even a craft beer producer from the Western Cape.

The event held this past December raised some R44000 and the money was recently donated to St Francis Hospice (Kouga). Seen in the photo below with Ingrid Williams who accepted it on their behalf, is Jeff Clause (St Francis Links) and Richard Moolman (Tops Village Square).

Food & Wine Festival at St Francis Links for Hospice