PLASTIC WATCH: Sky News drawing attention to plastic pollution

Watching Sky News yesterday was a real eye opener as to just how serious the plastic pollution of our oceans has become. The shocking statement that by the year 2050 the weight of plastic in the oceans will exceed the total weight of all the fish in the sea may sound impossible but even if this figure were to be only half of that prediction; it is time for us all to start taking the threat seriously.

At the bottom of this post we have included some Sky News Ocean Rescue links to various articles, all certainly make interesting reading as to the serious threat not only to the fish and other seafood we consume but also to our health and something even more important, something we cannot live without, Oxygen.

And we have to start now! Today!

Possibly a good place to start is to stop supporting the government’s plastic bag fund which after all is probably lining a few cadre’s pockets instead of being used for what it is intended. This could spawn an whole new industry with the local production of cloth  / cotton shopping bags. How many sewing machines are lying idle in people’s cupboards that could be donated or loaned to a group of Sea Vista ladies to produce these bags? Spar and other outlets could purchase these and sell them on to customers and in the long run there is little doubt that saving the 50c one pays for each plastic bag would soon pay for the linen bags.

Take-away food containers should be next on the list. All pizza’s are sold in cardboard boxes but virtually all other take-away produce is supplied in polystyrene containers. Balobi’s Seafood Market and Deli, whether by design or accident are already setting a good example by supplying all their take-aways in cardboard containers and others should follow their lead.

And so we come to St Francis Today’s hobby horse – RECYCLING!

We simply have to motivate the municipality to create a drop off zone, or better still, strategically located zones, even if only for plastic waste initially. Glass and paper do in a relatively short period, certainly if compared with plastic, recycle themselves although in the longer term disposal of all recyclable waste products should also be addressed. But at least let us start with plastic.

We must start today. A simple exercise of putting all your plastic waste in a separate bag to your normal garbage will soon illustrate just how much more plastic waste you generate in a week compared to ‘’wet’ garbage. If you don’t already set you plastic waste aside try it for a week or two. It will shock you how much plastic you dispose of every month.

Start today and in two weeks you will have formed a habit that will significantly reduce the the tons of plastic waste that is generated in St Francis alone.

You can take your plastic waste to the Rotary sponsored recycling depot at God’s Acre on Tarragona Road, Sea Vista on the first Thursday of each month.

Sky Ocean Rescue

Sir Richard Branson backs Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign

The ocean plastic problem: 10 key statistics


Sea Vista Marimba band off to China

Local Children’s Band To Perform In China

Sea Vista Steel and Marimba Band off to China

Back : Abulele Silolo, Dean Kalo (bandleader and teacher), Bafana Santi, Ayanda Hlela , Grant-Login Harris and Banele Speelman Front : Sagin Rala (crouching) and Jo-Andre Swarts

At the invitation of the Yangcheng Municipal People’s Government, Jincheng city northern China, the Solid Rock Steel & Marimba Band will leave South Africa on 25th January to fly to Jincheng to participate in that city’s annual Chinese New Year festivities.

“This opportunity came about after a Chinese delegation, who were visiting the Sarah Baartman Municipal District, attended one of our shows at the Cape St Francis Resort,” said band leader Dean Kalo. “We often do shows for groups of tourists at the Resort and we always get a good response. But this invitation came as such a wonderful surprise! We have never been on a plane and most of the boys have never travelled beyond the Eastern Cape!”

The trip will include a 20 day stay in Jincheng with the band playing each morning in the grounds of the Prime Minister’s castle and then enjoying various cultural experiences and shows in and around Jincheng. The boys aged between 14 and 17 will travel with their band leader and teacher, Dean Kalo and other delegates from the Sarah Baartman Municipality who are sponsoring the band’s trip abroad.

Lesley Moore who founded the band in 2001 at the Talhado Children’s Haven is brimming with pride. “We have had our work cut out for us getting the boys equipped for this trip with passports, vaccinations and everything that goes into planning an overseas trip for the group and their equipment. The Sarah Baartman Municipality have been wonderful in assisting us and we are certain once the boys arrive in China, the Chinese people will receive them with open arms and make sure they are very well looked after. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for these youngsters.”

The boys who are travelling with the band are 25 year old Dean Kalo (bandleader and teacher), Ayanda Hlela (14), Sagin Rala (17), Abulele Silolo (14), Bafana Santi (15), Banele Speelman (15), Jo-Andre Swarts (15), and Grant-Login Harris (16).
Make us proud boys!

How Can You Help?

The band is often asked to play at weddings and other functions, and are regulars at the Cape St Francis Resort and St Francis morning markets. The biggest hurdle they face in fulfilling their engagements is transportation. The Haven are looking for a good Samaritan or Samaritans who would like to take on the responsibility of collecting and returning the boys and their equipment trailer from Sea Vista. If you can help call Lesley Moore on 0825561050

Article and Photograph by Lynn Aitken

More on SRA

Who is eligible to vote and when will SRA voting close?

Last Friday St Francis Today (SFT) published a letter from reader Rod Suter that partially supported the work being done by St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) committee but raised several uncertainties. SFT approached SFPO and received a very comprehensive reply to the queries which may set some hearts at rest.

On the question of whether residents of private estates (e.g. Links, Homestead, Airpark, Royal Wharf, River Glades, etc.) would be liable, SFPO responded that it is in consultation with these estate body corporates rather than individual property owners within the estates. As there are overlaps in levies charged, it becomes a complex but not insurmountable situation. Certainly improvement to St Francis as a whole is beneficial to all residents and thus the ideal is for all 3500 property owners to take ownership of the region rather than 2150 property owners who fall outside of these estates. Equitable solutions are being investigated with each estate body corporate and this obviously is taking time but no doubt most estates appreciate the importance of improving the overall infrastructure of St Francis.

On the subject that business (industrial / commercial) erven within St Francis, these Mr Suter feels should be contributing significantly more in terms of the rates they presently pay. There are only 70 such erven out of the 3500 plus properties in St Francis and SFPO suggests that to escalate these rates more in line with other industrial / commercial hubs would make little difference to the income generated for the SRA. There is little enthusiasm to develop St Francis into an industrial hub as the St Francis 2030 vision clearly indicated and even by escalating the industrial rates, the estimated income the proposed 50% levy would still under recover what is required. Considering the huge numbers of unemployed in Sea Vista, keeping business rates relatively low would ensure minimal job losses.

Mr Suter continues that “The process appears to exclude anyone other than individual ratepayers/property owners; this is clearly not in accordance with the requirements of the Act to include also residents, civic organisations, NGO’s, visitors and disadvantaged communities”. SFPO’s reply begs to differ in that in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act, Act 6 of 2004, the municipality is obliged to consult the local community and to obtain the consent of the members of the local community who will be liable for paying the additional rate (Section 22 of the Act). The distinction is thus made between the public participation process where the broader community and all interest groups are consulted but with the voting itself restricted to ratepayers.”.

On the question of political interference in the future, the act (Section 22(3)(d)), clearly states that “a consultative committee of the special rating area, after its establishment, will advise the municipality in this regard and not the politicians. It was agreed with the municipality that an NPC will be registered (an NPC has already been formed) and the additional funds will be ring-fenced and controlled by the directors of the NPC consisting of representatives of the proposed special rating area.”

Several readers have questioned the security and validity of the vote. As per an earlier article in St Francis Today (“Consent or Vote”) the SRA is neither a national referendum, general nor municipal election and as such does not fall under the watchful eye of the IEC. Voting will close once the vote exceeds a 50% plus one vote either YES or NO and results will be both audited and available for scrutiny by the public. It is important to note it is not a percentage of those who vote as in an election but the total number of votes received and counted against the maximum number of votes, That is if all property owners the number is 3500 potential votes thus the 50% plus one would be in the region of 1750 plus 0ne. If private estates are excluded the vote count would be 1075 plus one either for or against.  A daily record of those who have voted is published on the SPFO website and whilst the website does not display whether it is a YES or NO vote, voters are quite within their rights to check and view their vote to ensure is has not been altered at any time before or after the count.

In essence what SFPO is working towards is to first restore St Francis’ infrastructure to a first class environment with decent roads, effective security (CCTV camera infrastructure) throughout the residential and commercial areas, water borne sewage replacing the honey suckers, beautiful Blue Flag beaches and an easily navigable river. First class infrastructure will attract first class investment by way of new home buyers developing vacant land thereby generating more income to make St Francis one of the best, if not best,  holiday destination and residential towns on the South African coast. Better infrastructure equals more investment.



St Francis Today is soliciting neither a YES or NO vote but rather putting information out into the public domain. To date, over a month since our first article on the subject, a few readers have made it quite clear they will not support the SRA but no one has suggested even a hint of an alternative of how our deteriorating infrastructure can be reversed. Certainly there have been criticisms but little by way of constructive suggestions. Ignoring a problem won’t make it disappear so if your vote is NO, what is your suggestion to reverse the decay of our beautiful town. We would love to hear from you and so would other readers, we are sure!.

Business helping community

Thank you St Francis business

Following on from Vincent Lyons of Lyons Construction kindly donating the labour and materials to convert the space in the fire station for what will soon be the nerve centre of operations for the management of any future disaster in the greater St Francis, another business has heeded the call for help.

Micky Apps of Bay Painters has now kindly supplied the paint and labour to paint the curved wall in front of what is soon to be the St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group Command Centre. This is another great example of how businesses can assist the community.

With new signage that will shortly be installed for both the Fire Station and SFDVG maybe there is a garden service out there who would like to tidy and pretty up the little garden in front of the wall. So many pass this landmark every day and having it look spic and span would mean a lot to how seriously we as a community take fire control and disaster management.

If you can assist give Liezl Clause a call on 042 200 0045

St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group frontage

Support Kromme Enviro-Trust

Kromme Enviro-Trust AGM

The Kromme Enviro-Trust AGM will be held this Wednesday 25th January at 15h30 at the Heritage Centre.

Come and hear what we have done and will be doing for our local environment.
Snacks and drinks will be served after the meeting. All are welcome.

Please RSVP for catering purposes: Bev Howard or on 0832601966

In the interests of saving forests, there will be no print outs, please refer to the financials prior to arrival on the link below

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  • We are totally dependent on membership fees and donations to enable us to fund the projects we are involved with.
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  • We are extremely grateful for all the support we receive from our members and the community.
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