Road Sign vandalism

Road sign vandalism | Jet Skiers not playing ball

It’s that time of year again when road sign vandalism is the sport of the day, or at least that of the early morning revelers on their way home after a night out on the town. The St Francis Property Owners association appeals to all those who find it necessary to destroy, deface and or steal signage to desist as it is a criminal offence.

It has been brought to our attention that some vandalism has taken place, especially in St Francis Drive, where speed sign poles have been removed and street curb signs pushed over.  This is a criminal offence and we urgently request everyone to refrain from doing such things.  The police are aware of the situation and will monitor it.

Jet Ski A further problem is that some jetskiers are encroaching within 200 metres of the beach and on some occasions have actually circled bathers.  Not only is this illegal but it is extremely dangerous.  Jetski owners are requested not to play in the waves anywhere near bathing beaches.

We all want to have a happy and safe Christmas holiday.

More on Water Restrictions

Save Water

Readers are encouraged to pay attention to the following information on water restrictions.

Full list of water restrictions, including exemptions and special conditions. Those using boreholes should take note of the signage requirement

In terms of Section 4 of the Water Services Act 108 (No 108 of 1997)and Clause 31 of the Water & Sanitation Services By Law the following will be prohibited from immediate effect:

  1. The use of water obtained from the Municipality’s water supply system for:

(a) watering gardens, lawns, grassed areas, flower beds, racecourses, sports fields, bowling greens, golf greens and fairways, croquet lawns, turf wickets, ploughing fields and the like;
(b) topping up or filling fountains, ornamental ponds and the like;
(c) filling swimming and paddling pools;
(d) washing paved areas, walls, roofs, buildings and similar structures.

  1. The use or operation of:

(a) hosepipes;
(b) sprinklers, sprinkler and drip systems;
(c) automatic swimming pool fillers;
(d) automatic urinal flushing systems;
(e) the connection of a hosepipe or any form of irrigation system to a tap supplying water from the Municipality’s water supply system unless for the purposes permitted in terms of this notice.


  1. The use of reclaimed water or water obtained from sources other than the Municipality’s water supply system.
  2. Watering gardens, lawns, grassed areas and flower beds by means of a hand held container.
  3. The use or operation of a hose pipe or sprinkler system for fire fighting.
  4. The filling of a new pool on completion of initial construction.
  5. Commercial vehicle washing business where at least 70 % of the water is recycled. (Vehicle washing by means of a hand held container is permitted)
  6. Watering of plants, trees and shrubs in commercial, state and municipal nurseries.
  7. The filling of municipal swimming pools and swimming pools at hotels, fitness centres, medical care centres, schools, educational institutions and institutions of higher education.
  8. The prohibitions contained in this notice shall not apply in any case specifically exempted, in writing, by the Director: Infrastructure, Planning and Development.


  • Notice boards must be prominently displayed where water from sources other than the Municipality’s water supply system is used for irrigation.
  • Land owners must notify the Infrastructure, Planning and Development Directorate in writing of the existence of boreholes on their property.
  • Land owners must apply to the Department of Water & Sanitation for the intention to sink boreholes and also notify Kouga Local Municipality.
  • All consumption must be reduced by at least 15% and failure to achieve this will result in Kouga Local Municipality being forced to impose stricter measures.
  • The contravention of this prohibition constitutes a criminal offence.

The Infrastructure, Planning and Development Director, Mr V. Felton, can be contacted at tel 042 200 2200 or email or

Press release from Kouga Municipality – edited

St Francis Bay Canals

Riparian committee chairman’s feedback on the St Francis Bay Canals

Below is and edited report of an address by Riparian chairman Simon Picton-Turbervill on the St Francis Bay canals presented to the Riparian Home Owners association AGM last week. The full, unedited report can be read on the Riparian website.

Mid way through the year Norman Dyer of the Kromme River committee negotiated an agreement with Kouga to manage the river using funds from the sale of river licences. Through Louis Fouche we continue to work closely with the river committee and wherever possible pool our resources.

The agreement now opens up the possibility of future dredging in the river to clear channels for safer boating.

The river committee together with the assistance from John Robson and James Jooste have realigned many of the buoys in the river and added additional buoys to assist with navigation, however caution must be exercised when on the river as it is very silted up particularly along the lower reaches.

I would also like to point out that there is no skiing or towing allowed on the river between the river mouth and the start of the ski zone above River Tides as shown on the map which was issued with each boat licence.

Jet skis are also not permitted on the river and must be used responsibly when going out through the river mouth.

Our boat fleet consisting of 4 utility boats and a law enforcement boat was upgraded during the year to give a uniform identity.

The Fire boat which is based at the Canal harbour has also been upgraded and will be operated by a volunteer fire crew if and when required.

Under special projects we have

  • upgraded the harbour car park and improved the landscaping around the harbour
  • we have improved the area around the cove and had the ablution block upgraded including a new conservancy tank to prevent spillages
  • we have extended the canal harbour office to provide space for the ever increasing administration functions and, for the convenience of our clients,
  • we now accept credit and debit card payments for licences and moorings.
  • For the improved cleanliness of our beaches and public open spaces we have installed three bag dispensers for collection of dog faeces, so please encourage all dog owners to use them.

At the beginning of the year we embarked on the implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental policies in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and I am pleased to report that we were fully compliant by the middle of the year with no incidents reported year to date.

Building on the safety aspect we have improved signage around the canals and you will notice that all bridges have signs requesting people not the jump from the bridges as this is an accident waiting to happen.

From a health aspect we have used the University of Port Elizabeth to test the canal water on a regular basis for harmful ecoli and have found that the canals are well within the target water quality range.

In the one or two areas that were out of specification due to spillages we found that the water was clean again after the second high tides.

Unfortunately we have only been allocated one Law enforcement officer this season by Kouga Municipality so to provide adequate coverage we will be using one of our employees to assist with law enforcement.

During the season our other employees will be used around the canals for maintaining the gardens, cleaning the ablutions and control of the harbour boom and car park etc.

Boating Statistics

Some boating statistics and general information

In the 2016 financial year we issued 1,201 canal licences which was 4% up on the previous year and made up from

  • 78% for boats with outboard board motors
  • 7% for jet boats
  • 14% for jet skis

As of the 14th December this year Canal licence issues were 3% up on the same time last year.It is also encouraging to note that annual mooring bookings are up by 13% which means that we are getting a better yield from the harbours.The harbour office is open 7 days a week during the season and any general or law enforcement queries should be routed to the harbour office from where they will be redirected to the relevant authority. The number is 0636964906 or

You will also notice that the Ski canal jetties now have one bay reserved for the drop off and pick up of visitors to the beach by water taxi or cruise boat.

Finally the management of the canals is not just handled in 10 committee meetings a year but by daily hands on involvement from all the directors.

In addition each Monday at 3pm William Lotter is available at the canal harbour office to discuss work in progress with any of the committee members and to resolve issues that may arise.

If anyone is interested or has an issue they would like attended to you are encouraged to attend one of the Monday meetings.

To read the full report go the