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St Francis Animal RescueSome would have noticed posters around the village appealing to employers to encourage their staff to take their puppies, and other pets, to the St Francis Animal Rescue outreach that is held in Sea Vista on a Thursday afternoon. The reason for this appeal is that it appears there has been an outbreak of Distemper and Parvo in the township and it is imperative that as many puppies are inoculated to try and kerb the spread. Dr Nerine Botha of Aloe veterinary clinic will be present to administer the inoculations.

The vast majority of those dogs that are brought to the weekly outreaches are in excellent condition with many pet owners becoming regular visitors. Education is very much part of the programme and it is not unusual to attend anything up to sixty dogs of an afternoon. The importance of proper feeding and care of dogs is uppermost and several local shops have become outlets for the sale of discounted dog and cat food where some 100 bags of dog food and 30 bags of cat food are now being sold weekly.

But sadly this is only a drop in the ocean of what needs to be done and after the recent shack fires in the informal settlement areas (China Town). Two St Francis Animal Rescue volunteers accompanied by a local community member recently ventured deep into shack land after reports of several extremely undernourished and injured dogs. This has given rise to a new initiative where volunteers, accompanied by a local Sea Vista community member, are making regular visits to these previously neglected areas of the township educating owners and feeding dogs. Part of the programme is also to encourage owners in these destitute areas to allow their dogs to be sterilised and to allow the many puppies that are being born weekly to be given up for adoption. To this end no animals or puppies are removed or taken to be sterilized or even treated without the owner’s written consent and only in cases of extreme neglect are the SPCA asked to assist or intervene.

Presently the St Francis Animal Rescue volunteers work from the boot of their cars and a long term desire is to eventually develop a permanent animal shelter from where the rescue team could better assist in the care of Sea Vista pets. A start to making this dream come true has recently been kick started through the generosity of Fasie and Fiona Malherbe of Cape St Francis Resort who have put together a Rock ‘n Roll evening to be held at the resort on Saturday 19th November. A truly fun evening of music from the 60’s and 70’s is promised with two bands playing some of those golden oldies from possibly the greatest music era ever. In keeping with the rock ‘n roll theme a 60’s dinner of hamburgers and ice cream, reminiscent of the “Fonz – Happy Days” era, will be served with a choice of beef, chicken and salad burgers being served.

The resort is fully sponsoring the evening and all proceeds are going towards the shelter. Fasie has already approached local Ward 12 DA Councillor Ben Rheeder to find a suitable area within Sea Vista where the shelter could be built and has approached Humansdorp architect Chris Milne who has drawn up concept drawings of the facility.

All local St Francis residents are invited no matter you age and Baby Boomers are especially welcome, to join in what promises to be a truly fun and memorable evening. Tickets to the evening are available both from the resort and from Kouga Print in the village. Come and join in the fun and re-live those “HAPPY DAYS”!

Tables of ten can be booked and as St Francis Animal Rescue is a registered Non-Profit Organisation you contribution can be claimed back from your tax so come and join the party! Table bookings can be made with Riekie Minnie at the Resort on 042 298 0054

Watch some fun from those good old days!

Rock 'n Roll at Cape St Francis Resort

Kromme Joint River Committee announcement

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Kouga Municipality

Finally, the KJRC has in place a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Kouga Municipality to assume the delegated responsibility for the management of the Kromme and Geelhout Rivers as of 1 July, 2016.

The arrangement sees the passing of river fees collected, less a small handling fee and VAT, back to the KJRC in order to perform the required controls to assist with safe boating on our rivers.

As we have only just seen the first of the funds for the July and August permits sold flow into the bank account of the KJRC, it has left the committee with very little time to implement what is considered critical to the safety of all river users, particularly over the peak Xmas season.

Of very serious concern is the decreasing depth and width of safe navigable channels, certainly from the mouth of the Kromme River to above the River Tides Estate which is situated on the North bank above the bridge over the Kromme on the R330 to Humansdorp. Unfortunately NO dredging can take place until an EIA is done to the satisfaction of the DEDEAT which is being worked on presently by the St Francis Bay Property Owners Association (SFBPOA) as part of Phase 2 of the beach restoration initiative – it is intended to dredge and pump sand from the Kromme River onto the beach in the vicinity of Main Beach together with other initiatives to retain the sand.

What is intended in the short term however is to :-

  • Mark the navigable channels, to the best of our ability with navigation buoys (red, port and green, starboard)  – NB navigation regulations for right of passage are: when entering an estuary i.e. going upstream the red buoys are kept to your left and when exiting i.e. coming downstream the reversal applies, green are kept to your left.
  • A map illustrating ski/no ski zones, proceed with caution areas, etc. is supplied with each river  permit sold, (copy attached hereto) and boat owners are requested to please acquaint themselves as well as anyone else who may make use of their craft of the extreme dangers that exist resultant of the very shallow and narrow navigable channels.


New warning signs are to be erected on the banks of the river as and where appropriate in particular with regard to NO SKIING until above River Tides.

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Eskom explain weekend power outages

New Eskom gear leaves Kouga powerless

The Eskom power outages that left Kouga without electricity for several hours over the weekend have been attributed to teething problems with new equipment.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the Council was expecting a report from Eskom about the cause of the outages.

“The information that we have at the moment suggests that there were problems with new switchgear that Eskom had installed. We are, however, awaiting an official report from them as to what went wrong and what measures they have put in place to prevent a re occurrence,” she said.

She said the unexpected outages were bad for residents and bad for business.

“It is critical that outages are minimised and communicated properly,” she added.

The power supply to the whole of the Kouga region was interrupted for about four hours on Saturday morning and again for an hour on Sunday. It is believed that both outages were the result of operational problems with the new switchgear.