The Cell© Goodwave Surf Contest Confirmed For 2017

Cell© Goodwave Surf Contest Confirmed For 2017

The Cell© Goodwave

New Pier, Durban – In exciting news, the South African Surfing Legends is proud to present the Cell© Goodwave, set to take place at New Pier in Durban in 2017.

Cell© Goodwave will once again present an alternate take on the way traditional surfing events are held, and will once again become the most popular and talked-about contest on the South African surfing calendar. The Cell© Goodwave tournament has many unique aspects and components that make it a thrilling yet unconventional surfing competition.

  • It is an invite-only event. There is no other way to surf the event than by an invitation. The best 32 surfers in the country will be invited to compete, and 32 alternates will be invited as well.
  • The event is a one-day event, with 4 man heats and a sudden death format. The event thus comprises fifteen heats of insane high performance surfing. It has a 1-year waiting period, with the call being made on the advice of surf forecasting guru Spike from
  • There is a 48-hour heads-up call, and a 24-hour green light call. When the contest is called on, invited surfers from all over the country have to start flying in or driving in to get to the New Pier in Durban by 6am on the day. It’s a fairly short window, and should they not get there in time they will forfeit their spot to one of the alternates.
  • The contest has jetski assist for all and guaranteed excellent surf conditions – usually the day of the year at new Pier, Durban, arguably one of the best beachbreaks in the world.
  • The entry into the Cell© Goodwave is one Rand per surfer, and the prize for first place is R100,000. This is the biggest first prize on the domestic surfing circuit.
  • The competition will be hosted at California Dreaming overlooking New Pier on the Durban beachfront, with perfect viewing access for judges, commentators, attending media upstairs, and a safe place for the surfers downstairs.
  • The South African Surfing Legends will present the event, and Jason Ribbink will be the contest director.

The Cell© Goodwave - Jason Ribbink

Barry Wolins from South African Surfing Legends has been hard at work at getting this event back on it’s feet, and is confident that it will be a resounding success. “I’m really proud of the fact that we managed to resurrect this contest,” said Wolins. “It’s the most exciting event on the domestic surfing calendar. With the South African Surfing Legends behind it we have a good team to run a world-class tournament. Big thanks to Cell© for coming on board and sponsoring the competition.”

“We’re very pleased to be involved with such an event,” said Wayne Merris from Cell©. “It is very unique in the world of surfing, and we’re confident that Cell©’s involvement with the contest will be long and fruitful.”

If you feel you should be considerd as a competitor for the Cell© Goodwave, send your entry request along with an image, a video clip or some words as to why you should be considered to . All entries will be posted on the Goodwave Facebook page, so please ensure that you have the necessary permissions for accompanying imagery and video.

The selection criteria and process is at the discretion of the event organisers, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Cell© is the Goodwave 2017 headline sponsor

The Cell© Goodwave is presented by the South African Surfing Legends.
The Cell© Goodwave is powered by California Dreaming.
The event is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa.
The Cell© Goodwave – in loving memory of Lee Wolins.
For more information contact –

Squatters living in Lovemore Cres?

Squatters in Lovemore? Letter from concerned reader

Dear Sir/Madam,

2 Lovemore Cres, St Francis BayI write this letter with grave concern about 5 Lovemore Crescent, St Francis Bay. This house has stood as an unfinished shell for years and years. The property is completely overgrown and is an absolute eyesore. I believe the property belongs to Dr French a Paediatrician from Pretoria.

How is it that this has been allowed? Surely there is a building committee that ensures that houses are brought to completion?

I believe the house is providing refuge for vagrants and certainly when working in our children’s garden at 2 Lovemore Crescent I am aware of human traffic in and out of 5 Lovemore Crescent. I therefore feel extremely vulnerable.

Is it perhaps from those squatting at 5 Lovemore Crescent that there has been a surge of crime in the area?

2 Lovemore Crescent has just been completely stripped of all copper piping, shower heads, taps etc and I believe the house adjoining 5 Lovemore Crescent belonging to the Baker family has suffered the same fate. In the case of the latter despite security fencing.

We have reported the theft at 2 Lovemore Crescent to St Francis Bay Police and the case number is CAS39/09/2016.

I would ask that this matter be given urgent attention.

Yours faithfully,

(Mrs) S.J. Hardie