Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy

Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy qualifies for Nature Reserve status

The biodiversity value of the Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy was recently  assessed by the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Stewardship Programme Review Panel  and it was determined that the Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy qualifies for Nature Reserve status, as outlined by the Biodiversity Stewardship framework and contemplated in Section 23 of the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (Act 57 of 2003).

In reaching its decision, the Review Panel was of the opinion that the Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy is of considerable biodiversity value with unique characteristics and landscape features that is critical for the conservation of threatened vegetation types, as well as a variety of threatened and endemic plant and animal species.  Conservancy received a high evaluation score for a Nature Reserve, which was largely a result of its importance for maintaining ecological connectivity in the landscape through the preservation of the riparian corridor along the Kromme river and Geelhoutboom river; the presence of threatened species and vegetation types on the site; and its importance for maintaining the ecological integrity of the Kromme river and Geelhoutboom river systems. All of these factors make it an important site for biodiversity stewardship in the province.

The following conditions were agreed to by the Review Panel in conferring Nature Reserve status on the site:

  •  Enough of the Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy members should be willing to have their land included in the Nature Reserve, so that a fairly contiguous Nature Reserve of a reasonable size can be formed.
  • The development of additional residential areas should be limited to those areas that were originally set aside for development purposes and for which provision will be made in the Management Plan. Note that the Management Plan will be developed with landowners’ input and can be tailored to their needs.

Involvement in biodiversity stewardship is completely voluntary and the next stage in the completion of the biodiversity stewardship process will involve the development of appropriate management objectives and a Management Plan for the Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy, as well as the legal agreements that are related to it. The Management Plan and legal agreements will be developed with the landowners’ input and can be tailored to their needs. Please note that this process will be facilitated by Conservation Outcomes through the Greater Kromme Stewardship initiative.

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Kromme-Geelhout Conservancy

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Bidding for penguins

SANCCOB Eastern Cape Benefit Auction

SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) is hosting its annual benefit auction on 22 October 2016 at the St Francis Links to raise funds for its seabird centre in Cape St Francis (Eastern Cape). SANCCOB’s centre in Cape St. Francis offers a 24-hour, 365-day rescue service for seabirds and admits approximately 300-400 seabirds for rehabilitation every year. Recently, the importance of SANCCOB’s work was highlighted when 92 oiled African penguins and 51 chicks were admitted to
the centre following an oil spill in Algoa Bay.

Since 2013, the annual SANCCOB Eastern Cape Benefit Auction has been a vital fundraising event in aid of SANCCOB’s year-round seabird conservation work. It is a premiere calendar event for supporters – including celebrities and special guests – who get a chance to bid on prized items and unique getaway experiences.

SANCCOB proudly welcomes the dazzling Shenay O’Brien, of Idols South Africa fame, as the special MC for the evening.SANCCOB

Eastern Cape Benefit Auction Event details

Date: 22 October 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: St Francis Links Golf Club, St Francis, Eastern Cape
Time: 17h30 for 18h00
Dress: Smart
Tickets: R275 per person (includes welcome
Bookings online at
Limited tickets available


Another enjoyable Prime Timers outing

Prime Timers visit Tsitsikamma

16 Prime Timers went on their away trip to the Village Inn Tsitsikamma for a 3 day adventure. A great time was had as they lunched at Marilyn’s diner, stayed at the Village Inn and did The Woodcutters Journey through the National Forest. Once in the forest, in a clearing, and in glorious sunshine a wonderful 2 course lunch was laid on.  The members enjoyed their excellent accommodation, their buffet dinners in the evening and the fun of simply being together.

Everyone loved the trip so much they have all requested another 3 night break in April. What was going to be an annual excursion has been enjoyed so much by Prime Timers (social club for retired people ) that another away trip is planned for end of April. At a very good discount the members had such a great time they want to do it more often. The Village Inn accommodation, the service, the food and the wonderful Woodcutters Journey through the National Forest which included a lovely lunch for 18 people in the forest clearing. The Prime Timers alighted the open truck to enjoy a warm, sunny walk, admiring the plants, trees and natural water springs
whilst their driver and guide laid the tables and spread a great 2 course lunch Al Fresco  !!!! Happy days, new memories and a wonderful, fun time was had by all.

Prime Timers visit Tsikamma

Prime Timers enjoying dinner pn Tsitsikamma excursion

Another 3 day away trip is planned for the end of April.
For membership details phone Paulene 084 7897801    042 2940301.

St Francis College News

St Francis College caring for the community, enjoying spring and in the spotlight with budding dancers

soup kitchen

Hilda Frederick of Sea Vista Soup Kitchen receiving this week’s Vegetable Collection from St. Francis College – Photograph: Joha Moolman

Caring for the community

St Francis College cares for its community – and what better way to put thoughts into action than ‘Thoughtful Thursday’, an ongoing community initiative aimed at feeding the poor. Each Thursday, pupils big and small bring a vegetable or two to school. These are collected for donation to the Sea Vista Soup Kitchen, which currently feeds 130 children and 20 senior citizens daily. Both the college and soup kitchen are grateful for everyone’s ongoing support – let’s make a difference!

Budding Dancers

We’re in the spotlight! Budding dancers, singers, artists, acrobats and photographers wowed the audience at St Francis College’s recent junior talent show. Organisers Louise Ackerman, Natasha Brown and Sacha Park were super-impressed by the skills and enthusiasm on display – and judge Shona Marais had a tough time picking winners!

Talent Show Judge Shona Marais congratulating all the winners of the junior performance - Photographs: Roxanne Litherland

Talent Show Judge Shona Marais congratulating all the winners of the junior performance – Photographs: Roxanne Litherland


‘Spring is ‘Bloomin’

SPRING at St Francis College is bloomin’ marvellous! Our teachers celebrated the start of a new term – and warm, summery days – with style and creativity. Grade 3 pupils went to space with teacher Chane De Jager, the Grade 2 class held a High Tea on the lawns, darling, the Grade 0 girls and boys decorated (and devoured) colourful cupcakes and our tiny tots, the nursery school brigade, welcomed newborn baby bunnies into their campus garden. What a happy start to Term Three!

Grade 3 went to space with teacher Chane De Jager. Photograph: Annelita Carpenter

Grade 3 went to space with teacher Chane De Jager. Photograph: Annelita Carpenter

Grade 2 had a High Tea picnic. Photographs: Caroline Anderson

Grade 2 had a High Tea picnic. Photographs: Caroline Anderson

Grade 0 decorated colourful cupcakes. Photographs: Elizabeth Carpenter

Grade 0 decorated colourful cupcakes. Photographs: Elizabeth Carpenter

The Nursery Campus welcomed spring, baby bunnies. Photographs: Jane Lonsdale

The Nursery Campus welcomed spring, baby bunnies. Photographs: Jane Lonsdale

Articles by Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell


Jordy Smith ‘drops in’ at Cape St Francis

Jordy Smith in Cape St Francis

Jordy Smith at Liquid Lines

Jordy Smith with St Francis College kids outside Liquid Lines in Cape St Francis – Photo by Lorrin Jarvis

South Africa surfing hero, Jordy Smith, snuck quietly into Cape St Francis yesterday just days after winning the last WSL contest at Trestles in California, a win that could see him win the title race if his European and Hawaiian legs are successful. He is presently lying in 4th position in the current world rankings

Jordy was totally under the radar on a photo shoot for an American Magazine and after surfing Seal Point, he had lunch at Liquid Lines where he met some St Francis College kids. Says Lorrin Jarvis whose son Rylan was one of the lucky kids to meet their hero, “ Jordy is a great chap. He had a chat to my son Rylan on the phone after his Trestles win so you can imagine how stoked Rylan was to meet him today!

Watch Jordy in the final at Trestles