Science is Cool

Science in Action:

College Parent Tal Leshem a maths and science teacher wowed Grade 1 pupils with purple cabbage juice, bicarb pop ups and easy-to-make ice cream experiments in class. The kids had no idea science could be so COOL!

Science at St Francis College

Science demonstration at St Francis College


Article: Roxanne Litherland
Photographs: Lynn Webb

A Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland

St. Francis College Nursery School pupils broke in their brand new bridge during a fun winter walk day held on their campus last term. Excited kiddies hopped, skipped and jumped their way around a fun obstacle course.

kids on bridge


Article: Roxanne Litherland
Photographs: Jane Lonsdale

Learning Fractions From Pizza

Learning Fractions From Pizza:

St Francis College’s Grade 2 Class spent the morning at the home of their teacher, Caroline Anderson, where they combined the usual schoolwork routine with some hands-on experience making ‘fractions’! The Pizza De La Rossco outing was a clever way to learn all about fractions…while making pizza! Clever Mrs Anderson and a very chuffed class.

Making Pizza

Toasting Marshmallows

Grade 2 Class

Article: Roxanne Litherland
Photographs: Caroline Anderson and Chane De Jager