SAPS St Francis mourns

Tragic death of W/O Fanie de Ridder, SAPS, St Francis

The St Francis Bay SA Police are in mourning this week with the tragic death of one of their own, Warrant Officer Jan Stephanus Hermanus de Ridder on Monday 25th July.

Popularly known as Fanie by his comrades in arms, Fanie headed up the Crime Prevention unit and was well known and liked by all those who worked, or reacted with him within the Francis Bay community. Acting Station Commander Capt Johan du Toit had this to say of Fanie.

“Fanie was a dedicated, hardworking and courageous member of our St Francis team who worked diligently at his task of making St Francis a better place to live. We at SAPS St Francis Bay will miss his commitment and friendship as will, we are sure, the community of St Francis Bay”

Divorced, Fanie is survived by a son 19 and daughter 15.

RIP Fanie, you will be fondly remembered by your colleagues at St Francis Bay SA Police Service and those in the community who knew you.

Fanie’s funeral will be held today at 12 noon at NG Kerk Oos in Humandorp.


St Francis Bay Canal improvements by Riparian HOA

Canal Improvements and latest prices for canal and river licences

The last 12 months have seen a continuation of the maintenance and upgrading of the canal network by the St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association (SFBRHOA).

Improvements have been made in various areas including the small boat harbour landscaping and resurfaced parking area, renovations to the aging boat fleet, additional marker buoys for the Kromme River, additional dredging capacity with the construction of a new dredger and installation of dog faeces bag dispensers in key areas to prevent contamination of the beaches and public open spaces.

St Francis Bay Canal improvements

Improvements have also been introduced to our administration with the upgrading of our Health & Safety compliance, the introduction of credit and debit card payment facilities for boat licences and mooring rentals, the introduction of a new and improved web site, regular monitoring of canal water quality and improved monitoring of planning applications to ensure compliance with canal regulations.

Going forward from now until the December holiday season dredging will be a priority together with the continued maintenance of the Spit particularly with the storm season approaching.

Our objective is to ensure that the canals live up to being one of the prime attractions of the Eastern Cape.

Kouga Municipality have published the new tariffs for boat licences and mooring rentals and these can be purchased at the Canal Harbour Office from Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm. Payment is preferred by MasterCard, Visa or EFT.

St Francis Bay Riparian HOA launches new website

St Francis Riparian launched their new website this morning with a website domain name change. The new site can be viewed at

The new  website is made up of two portals, a public site and a members site. The public site carries general information on the canals with the member site containing information pertinent to members. Paid up Members can access the members portal by registering on the home page of the public site. There will be a short delay in allowing access as membership will need to be verified before a members access code is activated

The new Canal Licences, River Licences & Moorings prices are available on the new website

Please note that some of the Canal Harbour Office contact details have changed

Phone 0636964906
Web site
Located off La Digue Place