Causes for the St Francis Flooding in 2011

St Francis Flooding 2011 –  Full Report

St Francis 2011 Flood

Above Photo extracted from report

St Francis Today has received the attached document (PDF format) from Spangenberg Attorneys compiled by Professor Ellery detailing the causes for the 2011 floods, which eventually washed away the bridge crossing the Sand River and deposited large volumes of sand forming the delta where the Sand and Krom Rivers meet.

Many St. Francis locals are under the mistaken impression that the floods were as a result of the St. Francis Links development, which is evidently untrue. These misconceptions were the result of a report compiled by a certain Mr. Theo Geldenhuys in 2012, which relied solely on the views of local residents and contained no form of scientific or quantitative observations or measurements.

The report sent herewith is informative and serves to enlighten those who seek to blame all but nature itself.

We suggest you download and read the report at your leisure for it is quite detailed

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Latest developments: St Francis Property Owners

St Francis Bay Property Owners LogoGreetings to all St Francis Property Owners and Residents from our lovely seaside village. We are very pleased that the DEDEAT issued their authorisation for the repairs to the Beach revetments and the Spit on the 1st of June. There was a period of 20 days allowed for appeals. We have requested some amendments that allow us a little more flexibility in doing emergency repairs to the Spit. We are working with the Kouga Municipality to finalise an agreement in which the Municipality will authorise the NPC (Not For Profit  Company) to manage the Beach and Spit repairs. The SFPO set up this company to do all the restoration work we plan to do on St Francis’ infrastructure i.e. the River, Beach, Spit, Roads, Stormwater Drains and Sewerage. This is the same company that we are asking all property owners to make their donations to.

We are pleased to announce that the NPC has hired Greg Miller as a full-time Manager to manage all infrastructure projects we undertake. Greg will start work with the NPC mid-July. Many of you will know Greg from the 3 years he spent as the Canal Manager with the Riparians Association, and following that as a member of the Riparians Committee.

We have organised meetings in:-

  • Johannesburg (Thursday 21 July at the Inanda Country Club in Sandton – 18:00),
  • St Francis Bay (Monday 25 July at The Links – 17:30 for 18:00),
  • Port Elizabeth (Tuesday 26 July at the Old Grey Club – 17:30 for 18:00).

The purpose of these meetings are to update you on:-

  • the Beach and Spit authorisation (Phase 1)
  • what is required to complete the EIA for Phase 2 in which we restore the River, Beach and Spit
  • present the Master Plans and Estimated Costs for the work we propose doing on restoring our Roads, Stormwater Drains and Sewerage.

This will give us a good understanding of how much money we need to raise to repair and restore our infrastructure.

For those of you in other areas but will be either in Johannesburg; St Francis Bay or Port Elizabeth over the dates mentioned above please feel free to attend the meetings.

Best wishes
SFPO Committee