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Greetings to you all from St Francis. We launched of our donation appeal to a pilot group of 100 property owners, and plan to spread this appeal to the broader group of property owners over the next few months.

We were referred by the Kouga Municipality to a group of Consulting Engineers who had recently completed a survey of all roads in the Kouga area on behalf of the Provincial Roads department. Following discussions with the Consulting Engineers, they submitted a proposal to complete a more detailed survey of the first section of road we wish to re-surface, including road levelling and stormwater drains. This section of road carries the highest traffic and includes Lyme Roads North and South, and the section of St Francis Drive linking these two roads and abutting the shopping centres of St Francis Bay.

We are still waiting for DEDEAT to issue their ROD (Record of Decision) for our FBAR submission for the Spit and Beach emergency repairs.

We have made good progress with developing a Disaster Management Plan for the greater St Francis area. Our plan has focussed on the Volunteer force that we would mobilise in the event of a disaster, be it fire, flood, sea surges, etc. The initial planning meetings included representatives from SFPO, Cape St Francis, NSRI, The Links, The Air Park, FOSTER, Kouga Wind Farm and Eskom. This group has also coordinated its plan with that of the Kouga Municipality who will provide the Emergency Services to any disaster event.

We have a follow up meeting the Kouga Municipality’s CFO in early June with respect to the possible establishment of the of an SRA for St Francis, and the emergency repairs to the Spit and Beach.

We need all property owners to join the SFPO so please encourage all your fellow property owners to join our association. We need to communicate with all property owners and we also need their support to “save St Francis”. This month Jacky has been updating the Association’s database, if you do not receive our monthly emailed newsletter or you have changed your telephone/cell number please contact Jacky on 042-200-1404 or email her on

Best wishes,
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Mixed Drawn Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club

Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club

The Mixed Drawn Trips Competition at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club was well supported but besieged by bad weather. The competition was supposed to be played on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June 2016 and everyone was geared up for this popular competition.

Keen rivalry was the order of the day on Thursday 9th with twenty four bowlers keen to follow on the next day and pit their skills against the other mixed drawn trips on Friday. That was not to be as heavy rain put paid to any thought of playing at all on Friday. The possibility of continuing the competition on Saturday was considered but rain again had the last word and all bowls was cancelled on Saturday as well.

The only possibility was to play on the normal “Club Day” so the final day of the competition was eventually held on Wednesday, 15 June.

Even on this last day of the Mixed Drawn Trips rain interrupted play but the bowlers persisted and played on regardless to complete the event.

The winners were Toby Haring, Gerald Rugheimer and Margie Young. Runners up were John Poole, Viki Hilligan and Pam Stark.

In spite of the inclement weather, the participants enjoyed the competition and were undeterred by the persistent rain.

Winners of the Mixed Drawn Trips

Winners of the Mixed Drawn Trips Competition (back row l to r) Toby Haring, Margie Young and Gerald Rugheimer. Runners up (front row) were Viki Hilligan, John Poole and Pam Stark. – Photo & article Yvonne Bosman