Is Crime on the Increase in St Francis???

It appears there has been sudden increase in crime in and around St Francis over the past few days. Possibly because the editor was a victim on Wednesday morning makes one more aware but Sarah Swanepoel reports a  camera bag, bag of shoes and bag of clothes were removed from a guest’s vehicle. Wednesday and the Policing Forum Facebook page “Crime Spotter” reports  that at a sector meeting, W/O Hardus van Heerden advised that the following additional arrests were made on Tuesday night by St Francis Crime Prevention Unit:

2 x housebreakin and theft
1 suspect linked to Atkinsons Store theft
2 x theft of boat engines
1 x possession of mandrax

And the following stolen property valued at more than R100 000 was recovered :
Lenovo Tab black in colour
Kindle Amazon notebook
Black backpack
Pair Asics Running shoes size 8
Red mountain bike Nuovo SX
Wisiki without paddles
Black Suzuki boat engine 9.9 horsepower
Mercury 65 HP Big foot boat

Crime Spotter also reports that the following arrests were by SAPS in June

5 x Possession of dagga
1 x Possession of Mandrax
1 x Assault GBH
1 x Murder
8 x Warrant of Arrest
6 x Housebreakin and theft
3 x Theft
1 x Driving under the influence
1 x House Breakin with intent unknown
3 x drunk & disorderly

Detectives visiting this scribe yesterday advised they had also arrested the guys who decided to remove my binoculars from my UNLOCKED car (be warned) which Shaun Tessendorf thankfully found my binoculars in the bush, obviously discarded in the thieves’ haste to escape Shaun and  his and the Cape St Francis Resort’s security team. Thanks Shaun.

The police also advised they had arrested a well-known criminal with 2 accomplishes for the break ins at the Cape St Francis Resort and if anyone is missing the items below please contact SAPS in St Francis Bay

We in St Francis are very fortunate to have an extremely proactive police contingent well supported by an Calibre and SMHART.

With this increase there is nothing more to say other than to be diligent and make sure you don’t make these thieving B@5T@*% efforts any easier by being lax on your security.

Stolen items

Sea Vista Soup Kitchen Opens For Business

Talhado Children’s Haven

Sea Vista children eagerly queuing outside Talhado Children’s Haven to receive a hot meal – Photo: Lyn Aiten

The Sea Vista Clinic Committee and volunteers have re-opened the soup kitchen which used to be run by the late Aggie Louw. They are appealing to all of those generous folk and organisations who so kindly supported Aggie’s soup kitchen in the past to consider supporting the new project. This soup kitchen is intended to feed the needy children in Sea Vista as well as the elderly and infirm.

“There are many people in Sea Vista suffering from HIV and TB who are not well enough to work. These people must eat properly in order to take their medication. Our volunteers will be ensuring that these people’s needs are taken care of,” said Sea Vista Clinic committee members Hilda Fredericks.

The soup kitchen premises in Steenbras Street is in need of some refurbishments and re-stocking. Some paint has been donated and work on sprucing up the house will commence this week with the committee ladies and volunteers overseeing the project.

While the kitchen is being restored, the volunteers have re-opened the soup kitchen service using the kitchen facilities at Talhado Children’s Haven. They will be providing hot lunches from the Haven for the duration of the school holidays by which time the new soup kitchen will be ready to start operating. The kitchen at the Haven recently received a full face lift and improvements courtesy of Kouga Wind Farm so they are well equipped to host the soup kitchen during the holidays.

The committee have put together a “wish list” for the soup kitchen and are appealing for donations to help them get up and running. They are looking for :

  • 100 x soup bowls
  • 100 plates
  • 50 spoons
  • Pots – large, medium, small
  • Dishing up spoons and cooking utensils
  • 3 x Plastic bowls
  • 1 x kettle
  • Trays
  • 4 x buckets
  • Dish cloths,
  • Sunlight soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Black bags
  • Steel wool
  • Sponges
  • Handy Andy
  • Towels
  • 1 x yard broom
  • 2 x jugs
  • Insect spray
  • Light bulbs
  • Non-perishable foods

Anyone who has any of these items to donate can drop them off at St Francis Liquor Store in St Francis Drive.

For those who may prefer to make a financial contribution to the Sea Vista soup kitchen, the Rotary Satellite Club St Francis will accept donations on behalf of the soup kitchen and ensure that these are paid over.

Banking details:
Rotary Satellite Club St Francis
Standard Bank Humansdorp
Code 051001
Acc No 186525753
Reference : Soup + surname (i.e. soup smith)

A Wake up Call

A Wake up Call –  Figuratively and Literally


One can never relax when it comes to personal security no matter how safe you feel in your personal environment.

Shortly before my alarm was set to go off at 4:00am this morning to publish today’s newsletter, 3:51am in fact, I was awoken by loud shouting outside my abode. Rising to see what all the commotion was about I ventured out into the cold morning air but the shouting and running footsteps had abated so turning on the kettle for my first cup of coffee I settled down at my PC to start this newsletter.

Moments later a knock at my door heralded the arrival of Cape St Francis Resort manager, Shaun Tessendorf at my door to tell me that my car had been broken into. Now I am pretty good about locking my car at night but for some reason didn’t last night and so my unlocked car was an perfect prey for the early morning prowlers who had entered the resort to do mischief.

A month or so ago John Hammond presented an initiative to install CCTV camera’s around known hotspots in St Francis Bay with a view to extending into the residential areas. At the time I considered it a good idea but because of costs wondered if it would ever become a reality. Well this morning convinced me it truly is an extremely effective way of controlling crime or at least giving a heads up of potential suspicious activity.

Cape St Francis Resort installed an extensive CCTV network some time ago and it demonstrated its effectiveness to me when I watched the video playback of a robbery that had taken place a few minutes earlier when the thieves decided to help themselves to the contents of my car. The CCTV monitors in the security office at the resort picked up two prowlers at 3:46am and immediately called Shaun. Now Shaun must sleep fully clothed for it was his shouting that I heard just four minutes after he had been alerted by security.

From the CCTV coverage one can see the robbers as clear as daylight walking to where my car is parked, one to do the deed and the other to keep watch. Within minutes Shaun and security arrive from opposite directions but sadly the robbers took flight, hence the shouting that awoke me as Shaun and his security gave chase. Sadly they managed to evade capture but the CCTV images are so clear Shaun immediately recognised the one so clear was the video.

If I wasn’t positive about CCTV surveillance before, I certainly am now. The footage is crystal clear and there is little doubt this type of footage can only assist the police when bringing robbery cases to court. And talking of the police, two of SAPS members who were patrolling Cape St Francis, arrived within ten minutes to take a statement from me. I must at this point praise the manner in which they dealt with the case and the professionalism they dealt with the matter during the hour or so that it took them to fill in reams of paperwork. It certainly gives one confidence that they dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s.

Well done to Shaun and his team for their alertness in the early hours of the morning. We may not be immune to crime but at least we at the resort, know we are being protected for had the thieves had more time, who knows, they may have escaped with more than just a pair of binoculars.

A ‘Wake-Up Call’ both figuratively and literally and I will certainly pay attention to my personal security in future as we can never anticipate when we will be victims of crime.

The Oakley X Over is heading for J-Bay

Oakley X Over presented by Seartec Countdown Starts


The Oakley X Over event, a celebrity crossover tournament, is heading for JBay. Taking place during the JBay Winterfest, this massively popular event is going to be bigger and better this year, with a select new crew joining the tournament.

First time starters this year include Jean De Villiers, Schalk Burger, Seabelo Senatla, Nick De Witt, Giniel De Villers and Kerim Fitzgerald. Former Springbok winger and one of the fastest men to have played on the wing, Tonderai Chavhanga, has also been given a wildcard into this year’s event.

The event takes place on 13 – 14 July and it consists of a 9-hole golf tournament, a 15 km mountain bike race and a surfing contest, a challenging combination of disciplines for the invited athletes.

Endurance trail runner Ryan Sandes might have incredible fitness and stamina, but his biggest challenge is playing a round of golf. MMA fighter Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan, the two-time EFCAfrica champion and EFC worldwide champion, might be one of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world, but it is a whole new world for him to get on a board and go surfing.

Apart from the new faces, this third edition of the event has many of the old regulars returning for their chance at snagging the X Over trophy. Jordy Smith, John Smit, 2014 winner Butch James, Dale Steyn and Ruan De Smidt will all be returning, along with the previously mentioned Ryan Sandes and Soldierboy McLellan.

Soldierboy is adamant that this is going to be his year.
“Three times the charm,” reckoned Soldierboy when contacted about his training regime for this year’s event. “We’re seeking a better performance this year, and let it be known, Soldierboy is winning something. I don’t know what it is but I am winning.”


Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

One of the competitors is usually a standout in the surfing leg of the event and that is Championship Tour surfer Jordy Smith. Returning for his 3rd year at the Oakley X Over, Smith has been working hard at his golf game in preparation for the tournament.

“The Oakley X Over is always such a great event to attend and I look forward to it every year,” said Smith. “I’m always in town for the JBay Open, and it’s great to hang with the Oakley X Over crew as it is such a fun contest with a really good vibe.”

Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith – healthy and uninjured. ©Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

The Oakley X Over presented by Seartec takes place on 13 and 14 July, and forms part of the JBay Winterfest.

The JBay Winterfest presented by Woodlands Dairy is set to take place from 6-17 July, and will comprise the Oakley X Over, the JBay Open WSL Championship Tour surfing event, The Quiksilver Junior surfing events, extreme trail running, mountain biking, fishing, music, a kite festival, open water swim events and much more. For more info go to
The Oakley X Over event hashtag is #XOVER16
The JBay Winterfest hashtag is #JBaywinterfest

Oakley X Over Powered by Seartec and Sharp
Major sponsors: Jeep, ID Construction, JBay Winterfest, Kalas Sportswear and Corona.
Partners: Red Bull, Digicape, GoPro, Skull Candy, Giant Bicycles, Swanlite and Red-e.
For more info contact: Seth Hulley – e. t. 021 4866100
For media enquiries contact: Craig Jarvis – e. t. 082 376 4443

More on our local farm animals & speeding

Several things came out of yesterday’s post on the farm animals wandering our town and the R330. That something has to be done is without question for certainly they are a danger to motorist, particularly on the R330 not only adjacent the informal settlement but all the way to the turn-off to the dump site. That they wander the village tearing up gardens too is unacceptable but as tated yesterday, nothing is likely to happen before the Municipal Elections in August for the Kouga Municipality certainly won’t want to upset potential voters. Suggestions from painting the animals with fluorescent paint to confiscating the animals and having them killed were among the suggestions. Another suggestion maybe  is that the council fence off the land on the R330 adjoining the informal settlement but whilst this may reduce on this dangerous stretch of road it would not stop the animals wandering into the town and onto the road at other points. A comment by Willie Uys really says it all “We live in South Africa where we have the best Laws and Constitution but there is no will to apply these”. And herein lies the problem. The council no doubt knows what they have to do but do not have the will to get it done. Willie goes on to suggest that the area from the bridge be declared a “No Tolerance Zone”. We have to, no matter how unacceptable, accept that the farm animals are going to be with us in the foreseeable future. Possibly the Municipality could consider monitoring the section of road where the greatest threat exist and fine the owners or confiscate animals wandering on the road. In addition they should, as suggested, alter the speed limit in the area and monitor this too. Those speeding in this high risk area would probably  raise sufficient funds to pay for the transporting of confiscated animals to the Patensie animal pound considering as to how many drivers totally ignore the speed limit. On the subject of speeding, is the road from the temporary bridge (wonder whatever happen to the new bridge they were going to build last year) to Sea Vista not a 60K zone, the whole way? Willy’s suggestion of “No Tolerance Zone” would of course apply to speedsters! Other comments wrote of the necessity of the intersection of the R330 and the entrance to St Francis College and possibly urgent consideration should be given to ensuring our children are not in danger. Possibly the speed limit should be reduced from the present 120kph to 80 for 300 meters either side of this junction. (Thanks for bringing this hugely important matter up Dagmar). St Francis Today would like to thank all those who made comment and ask you to continue for St Francis is not only about news but also about raising awareness of problems in thee greater St Francis. Should you have any matters you would like St Francis Today to cover in our daily let  us know by e-Mailing us Yesterday’s comments can be read at the bottom of yesterday’s article “Cows, Pigs and Goats Posing a Danger on the R330”.