Paddle out and memorial for Dave Fish

A fitting tribute to Dave Fish

The 2016 SA Masters surfing championship was put on hold on Saturday afternoon for a massive paddle out as a tribute to the late Dave Fish who passed suddenly last Saturday. At 2:00pm the contest was out on hold as some 200 surfers launched into the sea at Cape St Francis beach to form a giant circle for the traditional floating memorial referred to as paddle out ceremony to celebrate the life of one of their own.

Some say the paddle out is an ancient Hawaiian tradition but it seems likely that it began in the early 1900’s. Some of the more renowned paddle outs include those of Andy Irons in 2010 when thousands turned out to honour the three times world champion at Huntington Beach. Another was for Duke Kahanamoku, considered the father of modern surfing and one of the most famous Beachboys of Waikiki, in 1968. At Kahanamoku’s paddle out ceremony, the Reverend Akaka presiding over the ceremony remarked, “God gave him to us as a gift from the sea, and now we give him back from whence he came.” Dave deserved no less a tribute as there can be no doubt that those who knew Dave will say much the same.

Hundreds of local residents of Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay and from farther afield lined the coastline from the beach to Seal Point to watch as the paddlers formed the giant circle before the traditional splashing.

Following the paddle out ceremony family, close friends and those who knew Dave gathered at Cape St Francis Resort for a more formal ceremony. Mickey Lindsay, a close friend dating back to his days as a young surfer in East London acting as MC again related as he did on Wednesday evening at the 2016 SA Masters Surfing Champs welcoming ceremony , wonderfully humorous anecdotes of Dave’s life before welcoming others to say a few words.

First up was John Elliot who praised Dave for the work done with FOSTER followed by Mark Maingard who enlightened many of Dave’s wish to play the harmonica causing Mark to present him with one along with tips of how to learn to play by starting with simple nursery time songs.

Of those who paid moving tributes to Dave was long-time friend of the family, Rebecca Tilders. Recounting how Dave and Judy had helped her through husband Helmie’s illness and eventual passing had more than one of those gathered with a tear. Rebecca also told of Dave’s love of roast beef and how he could smell out a roast beef dinner often phoning Rebecca on his way to Cape St Francis from East London to ask Rebecca what was for dinner. And it seemed he was spot on nine time out of ten times for indeed Rebecca was preparing roast beef.

Dave’s wife Judy speaking from the podium told of her wonderful life with Dave in spite of having to share him with his other wife, the sea. She spoke of their visiting Hawaii in the early days of their marriage and the other wonderful experiences of being with Dave.  Thanking all those who had been so supportive in the past days she made special mention of Rebecca amongst so many who had been supportive in calling, bringing food and flowers.

Last at the podium was son Simon who recounted life growing up with his dad, of his firmness yet fairness and of the many surfing experiences they had enjoyed together. Adding a little humour he too thanked all those who had offered so much support over the past week and for all the food and flowers adding that of all the food so generously given became a ‘bit of a completion with the chocolate chip cookies certainly the winner. In closing Simon spoke his wonderful 89 year old grandmother and of the tragic accident of his sister Amber and wonderful work his mom and dad were doing in her progress since her accident. Simon also thanked Fasie Malherbe and Cape St Francis Resort for making the facility available for the memorial ceremony and for the food and refreshments the resort had so generously provided for those attending the ceremony.

A moving memorial ceremony even for those who had only the briefest of encounters with a true sportsman, mentor, husband, father and gentleman.

RIP Dave.

Brilliant talk on the benefits of Hypnotherapy

Jenny Rayment, Hypnotherapist, gave a very informative talk at Dune Ridge Country House on Thursday morning explaining firstly the difference between a hypnotist and what most have experienced either at stage shows or on television and that of hypnotherapy. Interesting was her confirming that when under hypnosis one could not be made to do anything one did not want to do and that even if one reached the deepest state of hypnosis where the hypnotist couldn’t bring you back, you would simply sleep for a few hours and awake normally from a refreshing sleep.

Jenny went on to explain the many benefits of hypnotherapy and gave several case studies where delving into the sub-conscious had uncovered experiences, many from childhood, assisting patients overcome fears or habits. Certainly Jenny set at rest the many myths of hypnosis as a mystical, magical process and no doubt many in the audience would have recognised habits or fears of their own that could benefit from hypnotherapy.

An excellent and certainly interesting hour’s minute talk delivered with hardly any reference to notes and with an obvious passion for the work she does in helping. Her talk was absolutely fascinating – and she held the entire audience captivated for the full 60 minutes followed by a short Q&A were the inevitable question regarding giving up smoking was asked. And the answer? No it won’t unless you have made up your own mind to stop smoking then it may assist.

Kicking of the event before Jenny took to the stage there were several fabulous prizes on offer both a lucky draw and two raffle prizes a beautiful bread bin donated by Greta from In-House and a scrumptious cheesecake baked by Viking and has been christened the ‘Stephanie Cheesecake’ in honour of Stephanie Ernsten – the St Francis Bay Animal Rescue animal guardian.

Susan Rae Fox thanked Jenny for giving of her precious time to help the Open Your Eyes and Sterilize campaign to collect funds to sterilize the dogs and cats of Sea Vista. She also thanked Sarah-Jane from Dune Ridge Country House for the use of your beautiful venue and for the wonderful hospitality as well the 80 guests who had attended the event and helped raise much needed funds for the St Francis Animal Rescue to continue their work.

Sue further praised the work being done by Stephanie Ernsten who so far this year has had 79 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens sterilized. “We couldn’t have our regular fund-raising talks or achieved this remarkable success without your help so thanks to all our friends for your generous and kind support!”

Stephanie runs a clinic at Sea Vista every week where she treats wounded and sick animals, inoculates puppies and kittens, provides deworming medicine and dips dogs against ticks and fleas. She also uses the clinic to persuade dog and cat owners to sterilize their pets.

For those who may not have read an earlier post on Jenny here is a brief bio

I was a super fit, 40 year old Vegan.  I ran marathons, was working towards a black belt in Karate and was game for any extreme exercise.  I ran our businesses and had two small children.  Surprise, surprise when I collapsed in a heap and had to spend 20 out of every 24 hours on a bed.  Doctors were at a loss and after many invasive procedures came to the conclusion that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  They shrugged their shoulders and sent me home.  I was so delighted that I wasn’t dying but had no idea that I was facing the biggest challenge of my life.

I turned to alternate therapies and tried them all.  Eventually five years down the line I discovered Hypnotherapy and it was the beginning of my healing. It is a misunderstood form of therapy.  It is a way to access the unconscious mind where our patterns, habits, belief systems and conditioning are stored.  By creating an awareness of these patterns we can change the way we deal with situations, react to people and be more realistic about our expectations.  We can transform habits and patterns that are keeping us stuck.

I was convinced from the start that I could help other people in the same way that I had been helped.  I studied and qualified with the South African Institute of Hypnosis.  It has opened the doors to many different forms of therapy. 

Jenny Rayment can be contacted on 083 278 9104 or by e-mail on

Photo’s from the event

Jenny Rayment

Jenny Rayment – Hypnotherapist

Carmen Stevens

Carmen Stevens winner of the lucky draw at Open your eyes Sterilize event

Audience at Jenny Rayment talk on Hypnotherapy

Audience at Jenny Rayment talk on Hypnotherapy

Cheesecake donated by Viking Bakery for Open Your Eyes Sterilize fundraiser