Elza van Lingen MP gets straight to the point

The DA must take control of Kouga in 2016

Democratic Alliance in St Francis

In a letter promoting the Kouga Alliance Fund Raising & Golf tournament (published yesterday), van Lingen appeals to the community. Here is a copy of that letter.

Let us get straight to the point: THE DA MUST TAKE CONTROL OF KOUGA IN 2016 and we appeal to the community to again support our fundraising efforts to achieve this. Kouga is recognized by our national DA leadership as the No 1 “winnable municipality” for the DA in the country.

It is well-known that under ANC management and control, the Kouga Municipality suffers from maladministration, corruption and poor service delivery. The floundering governing party MUST be ousted as there is no justification to further destroy Kouga, its economy and quaint towns.

In the National and Provincial elections in 2014 the DA performed extremely well, obtaining 2 461 more votes in total than the ANC in Kouga, but these positive results are history and we must now prepare for the very important 2016 Local Government elections.

The current “DA golf and fundraising team” has organised the last two events (2013 and 2014). On both occasions the community support and outcome were tremendous and enabled the Democratic Alliance in Kouga to perform superbly in by-elections and in the National/Provincial election held in 2014.  We assure donors that the funds raised are constructively applied to support the efforts of the DA and to promote and gain votes for the DA.

With the DA focus on freedom, fairness and opportunity in its endeavour to build a better future for all South Africans the DA in Kouga is focussing on:

  • The delivery of high quality basic services in Kouga; and
  • Growing the economy of Kouga to create jobs and equality of opportunity.

To enable the DA to achieve the above we need to raise more funds than in the past to properly canvas the sprawling 15 wards of Kouga stretching from the Van Stadens River, through the Gamtoos Valley up into the Baviaans, along the coast from Jeffreys Bay, Greater St Francis to Oyster Bay and inland the Greater Humansdorp area.

How can you support us financially to maximize the DA vote in Kouga?

We are grateful for your wonderful support in previous years. We did not hold a golf day in 2015, knowing that we needed to make an extra push in early 2016 for the 2016 elections, and we did not want to approach supporters twice in a short period. We are looking to raise more funds than ever before, due to the importance of the event before us. We therefore appeal to you to take up the challenge this year by considering an extra generous donation towards our bid to win Kouga in 2016 – by making a donation and/or sponsoring a golf hole, green or  tee and/or playing in our golf day on Saturday 26th March 2016 at the St Francis Bay Golf Club. The necessary forms are attached.

Thanking you in anticipation.

DA greetings

Elza van Lingen, MP

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Mick Fanning plans to return to scene of 2015 shark attack

Caption: Mick Fanning (AUS), 3X WSL Champion, has called 2016 a 'personal year' in which he will surf in select events. He will, however, return to the J-Bay Open at South Africa's Jeffreys Bay, the scene of his 2015 shark attack. Image: WSL / Cestari

Caption: Mick Fanning (AUS), 3X WSL Champion, has called 2016 a ‘personal year’ in which he will surf in select events. He will, however, return to the J-Bay Open at South Africa’s Jeffreys Bay, the scene of his 2015 shark attack.
Image: WSL / Cestari

Mick Fanning (AUS), 3x WSL Champion and 2015 World Runner-Up, today announced that he is viewing 2016 as a ‘personal year’ in which he will take time off from full-time competition.

The Australian sporting icon endured an intense 2015 in which he was thrust into the international spotlight following an on-air battle with a Great White Shark during July’s J-Bay Open. Despite the incident, Fanning rallied to battle for the WSL Title throughout the back half of the season, pushing the race to the final event of the year. Suffering the tragic and unexpected loss of older brother Peter during the event window, Fanning’s performance at Pipeline was emotionally charged, but ultimately short of the world surfing crown.

“Last year was definitely intense – what happened at J-Bay, being in a title race and the unfortunate passing of my brother,” Fanning said. “There was so much build up with everything happening. I got to a point at the end of the year where I felt empty. I didn’t feel like I had much to give back.”

“This year, I’m going to take some time off and have a bit of a personal year,” Fanning continued. “Just to regroup and re-stoke the fire. At this stage, I’m going to compete at Snapper and I’m going to compete at Bells and then I’m going to take some time off from there. They (Snapper and Bells) are two events that I love and I’d go crazy if I were sitting at home and couldn’t go surf Snapper. Bells is like a second home as well. From then on, I feel like I have to take some time away from the tour to get out of that sort of zone to see where my head is at.”

The decision to surf in select events in 2016 came after lengthy discussion with family, friends, sponsors and the WSL.

“When I first came to this decision, I rang up Kieren (Perrow) and Paul Speaker and gave them an idea of what I was thinking and seeing if it was okay with them,” Fanning said. “Between those two and the whole WSL being supportive, it’s been really incredible. Even last year, with all the things happening, they were the first people that would reach out to support and make sure everything was okay. I’m really thankful that they’re giving me this opportunity to be selective with events and see where I’m at.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of accomplished people across a variety of mediums and Mick Fanning is certainly one of the most inspiring,” Paul Speaker, WSL CEO, said. “His class and character, even in the face of multiple scenarios that would undo most people, are tremendous. He is a truly special person and we’re here to support him in whatever way we can.”

The shark incident at Jeffreys Bay in July became a top international news story, vaulting Fanning into a level of public recognition never before seen in the sport. While his 2016 season remains in flux, Fanning has indicated plans to return to Jeffreys Bay this year.

“I want to go back to J-Bay,” Fanning said. “I feel like there’s something there that I want to go and face. I want to make sure that I scratch that off the list. I think the main thing will be that first surf. I probably won’t be getting up at dark and getting out there before the sun gets up anymore. I think it’s more about jumping in and surfing once or twice and then I’ll be fine. It’s the same thing as when I came back and surfed Snapper for the first time. You’re a little bit wary and it’s in the back of your mind, but you get to a point where you start to feel comfortable again. If I go and do that event, there are going to be a lot of eyes on me. A lot of people will be seeing what reaction I’ll have. I don’t think I’ll be paddling out early for heats, but I think after a surf or two, I’ll feel fine.”

A 15-year veteran of the elite WSL Championship Tour, Fanning has amassed an impressive 21 event wins and three world titles.

“Mick Fanning is one of the most committed and inspiring figures our sport has been fortunate enough to have,” Kieren Perrow, WSL Commissioner, said. “He’s been up front and open about his feelings following the 2015 season and the Commissioner’s Office wholeheartedly supports him taking time for himself this year. We look forward to seeing him at the opening event on the Gold Coast and at select events throughout the year.”

The 2016 Samsung Galaxy WSL Championship Tour will commence with the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast from March 10 – 21, 2016.

Press release from Dave Prodan, VP of Communications. World Surf League
For more information, log onto WorldSurfLeague.com

Spreading the love

Valentins at St Francis College – Spreading The Love!

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Valentines at St Francis College

Valentines-Day Market-Nadine,Duncan,Lexera-Castle and Layla Reynolds

Mathematics is fun! And what better way to learn about the value of money than to sell your wares at a Valentine’s Day Market?

After being back at school for just over a month, the Grade 2 class was ready to put into practice what they’d learned about numbers. All school pupils were encouraged to wear red, white or pink in celebration of the annual Grade 2 market day, which has become a much-loved event.

The young hosts had spent hours preparing delightful stalls packed with love-inspired goodies and treats. More importantly, they were learning, on the job, how to run a business, handle money – and keep their customers satisfied!

‘Our annual Valentine’s Day Market, after deducting all overheads and counting up their profit, was a record-breaker in rands earned for the Grade 2 class. I was astounded by their professionalism and ability to show what they have learned during class. I am proud to call each one of them, a great entrepreneur!’ said Grade 2 teacher Nadine Duncan.

Valenties at St Francis College

Valentines Day Team: Ethan Hurley, Layla De Bruyn, Jac Duval and Mikhulu Nkwalase

St Francis College Grade-0 Valentine's Day

Grade-0 Valentine’s Day

PHOTOGRAPHS: Janet Duval, Daniela Reynolds and Elizabeth Carpenter