Billy’s Beach giving back to the community

Thank you Billy’s Beach

At a presentation at Billy’s Beach late yesterday afternoon, Nigel Aitken, outgoing chairman of St Francis Bay Residents Association, thanked the organisers of Billy’s Beach for their support of the local community charities over a number of years.

Addressing the gathered crown from the stage soon to be occupied by the ever popular Parlotones, Aitken said “Every year Billy’s Beach puts on a great show and it gets better and better each year. I would like to thank them for being extremely professional in the way they go about the event each year. This time of the year is a time of giving and every year Billy’s Beach donates substantially to worthy charities within the greater St Francis region. Last year they donated significantly to St Francis Bay Rotary for the recycling project in our township which assisted in construction of a building to house the project at God’s Acre”.

Aitken continued, “Billy’s Beach is probably the only enterprise that does something something over the Christmas period that puts something back. I would like to thank them and you should as well! This year there are three worthy causes that Billy’s Beach are donating to, the first going to St Francis Hospice Kouga and I am sure you all know the marvellous work that Hospice does throughout this region and they will be receiving a cheque for R15000 and I ask Marian Coetzen to join me on stage to accept the cheque”.

Bill's Beach donation to St Francis Hospice Kouga

Marian Coetzen of St Francis Hospice Kouga receiving cheque for R15000 from Shaun ‘Billy’ Payne and Nigel Aitken

Following this presentation to Hospice, Aitken then called on Lesley Moore of Talhado Children’s Haven who do such wonderful work for the children of Sea Vista to receive a cheque for R5000.

The final donation for an amount of R10000 was presented to Greg Dark and Caroline Anderson from St Francis College for a bursary fund that is going to a child fro Sea Vista. “The person to receive the bursary will be chosen by the St Francis College board who will look specifically at two criteria. one, the scholastic side of education and secondly sporting potential as we, South Africa are a sporting nation”.

In closing Aitken again thanked the Billy’s Beach organisers and “we look forward to seeing you next year” as we are sure do most who call St Francis home.

Congratulations to the organisers of Billy’s Beach, not only for their generous support of local charity but also for providing a wonderful facility that entertains not only us locals, but also the some of the many thousands of visitors who descend on to our town over the Christmas holidays.

On a somewhat negative note, the presentation was delayed for 30-minutes awaiting the arrival of the Kouga Municipality Mayor. Whether there was a misunderstanding that the mayor was to be present or if she simply did not arrive is a uncertain but considering that the donations made by Billy’s Beach are a benefit to the community at large, one would have thought some effort could have been made for the mayor to attend or at least have a representative present.

Some useful links to the above organisations:

St Francis Hospice
Talhado Children’s Haven 

St Francis College
Billy’s Bach St Francis

Had enough pizza to last you through summer ?

Picazzo’s Pizza & Take-Away

Picazzo's Pizza and Take Away St Francis BayIf one’s choice of take-away is a pizza there certainly is plenty of choice in St Francis Bay and now even at Mauro’s @ Stix in Cape St Francis. But if you have had enough pizza to last you through summer and are looking for a wider choice, the recently re-opened Picazzo’s Pizza & Take-Away is a good place to start. Certainly they do serve a range of pizza’s but it is their selection of other take-away meals that will appeal to the non-pizza lover.

Ficazzo;s DeliWith a choice of conventional Burgers or Rump Burgers, a half or whole chicken,  half or a full rack of ribs (apparently one of their most popular offerings) or a Chourico Roll, all served with or without chips, the menu will satisfy most take-away preferences. And the prices are really good! Starting at just R30 for a burger to the most expensive dish, a full rack of ribs at just R150, Picazzo’s is sure to be not only a popular choice over the holiday season but a much welcomed take-away for us locals when our visitors leave. Another feature of Picazzo’s is a small but appealing ‘DELI’ counter with a small but quality choice of meats and cheeses.

Enjoy a meal at Picazzo's St Francis BayAlthough primarily a take-away, Picazzo’s does have a few tables where diners can sit and enjoy a meal and as it is a licensed venue, diners can sit and enjoy a meal with a beer or glass of wine.

Oh! They also serve a good cappuccino in either a small or large cup to enjoy whilst waiting for your order.

Certainly worth a visit on those nights when you don’t feel like cooking or, for a bite to eat after a morning on the beach.

Picazzo’s is in the village situated behind the Quiksilver shop and next door to Gently Worn.

You can also phone in your order on 042 294 0908 it you don’t want to wait

The Beatles – Forever Fab Tribute at Cape St Francus Resort

The Beatles tribute at Cape St Francis ResortHere is another great show for the ‘Baby Boomers’ and younger generation to boot. No group either before or since has influenced music quite the way The Beatles did and if you are a Beatles fan this is one not to be missed.

Centrestage reprises its very first band show as ‘Forever Fab’ brings the ever popular music of the Beatles to the Cape St Francis Resort for one night only on 3 January 2016. The show features Port Elizabeth’s very own popular fabulous foursome – Alan Kozak as John Lennon, Wayne Kallis as Paul McCartney, Andrew Warneke as George Harrison and the inimitable Gino Fabbri as Ringo Starr – with Fenlin Pitie on keyboards.

The first half of the show features the raw energy of the early Beatles club performances, which are majestically replicated by the superb group of Centrestage entertainers/musicians in such a way that the frenetic live performance authenticity which drove the late 1950’s / early 1960’s fans into a frenzy, is recreated. Songs such as Mr Postman, Twist and Shout, I Want to Hold Your Hand, From Me to You, I Saw Her Standing There, Help, Love Me Do, Paperback Writer, 8 Days a Week and Can’t Buy Me Love amongst others are faithfully reproduced and imbued with the trademark early-day naive Beatles personalities and wry humour.

As the Beatles matured, their music changed to incorporate ground-breaking new sounds and experimental, often drug inspired, influences of the time. Trippy songs like Eleanor Rigby, All You Need is Love, Come Together, Get Back, Back in the USSR, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Magical Mystery Tour will demonstrate the strong psychedelic feel in this segment.

Much loved sing-along Beatles classics such as Yellow Submarine, Obla Di Obla Da, Revolution and Hey Jude are guaranteed to get the audience participating at the top of their voices!

The big Beatles ballads such as Let It Be and The Long and Yesterday are also included in the line-up which features no less than 38 Beatles classics.

“The simplicity of the Beatles music really allows the performers to show their individual strengths”, says Gary Hemmings. “Since the first incarnation of the show, Wayne Kallis has blossomed as an incredibly confident front-man, whilst Alan Kozak has become a firm crowd favourite with his textured vocals and crisp acoustic guitar playing. Gino, who drummed on the original show, provides the rhythm and the predictable, unpredictable fun.

Forever Fab features the ultimate feel-good festive season song-book and promises a roller-coaster evening of face-paced entertainment in what has become known as ‘the Centrestage tradition’.

The show starts at 20:00 and tickets costing R140 per person can be booked at Computicket or by calling Riekie on 042 298 0054 or Wendy on 082 661 6921.

Dogs are off the course

St Francis Today recently received the following letter from a reader in response to a recently published letter from St Francis Bay Golf Club regarding walking dogs on the golf course (read).

Chairman and Committee – St Francis Bay Golf Club.

A Joyous season to you all and  a Happy New year. The tills are tinkling and the rounds are over the top. The course is pristine and the weather is good.  Our holiday visitors are flooding in and we welcome them with smiles and patience.

The dogs are off the course (until January 20 we were told). Quite understandable at this time of the year. We want to be proud of our old village course.

But then in creeps the bleak winter and the tills are quiet, the rounds are down and the course is soggy.  Slowly, emerging, shaking themselves off are the permanent residents, the backbone of the village. Many elderly and on fixed incomes but their loyalty sees the village through these wintery months.

Consider us all – new hips, new knee shoulders  or just plain old. Don’t lose the caring spirit of the village we need you.

We have tried so hard to live up to your expectations. Doggy poo notices on the poles, nagged the owners to bag it and take it home, patrolled and picked up unknown heaps, stayed off  the greens and out of the bunkers, avoided Wednesday and Saturday competitions and Company days. If there are still some wayward owners we apologise. If you can’t identify them describe their dog. After all they are distinctive as most come from the SPCA and Rebecca.

But now some facts that are there for all to see.

The boundaries are porous – open to stray village dogs and people, illegal golfers stealing a round, children and grandchildren playing in bunkers, household pets from the residents next door. A nightmare to control.

Ban walking on the old nine where mostly the Plovers and the Thick Knees nest, the Yellow bill ducks and Herons fish. There are no dams on the new nine and one pair of Plovers on 15th are easily avoided.

The nine next to the sea in years past was a Public Open Space, the only green lung in the village. Our beach can only be walked at very low tide and the sandbank at the mouth has hundreds of Swifts, Gulls, White-fronted Plovers, Whimbrels, Sandpipers  and the odd speciality that pays us a visit and draws birders from far and wide. These species are as vulnerable as those on the golf course.

Enough said but first a Thank You for the letter recently sent congratulating the doggy group on the cleanliness of the new nine. We try,try……..

Sincere greetings, a Merry Xmas from an old past member.

Read letter from Golf Club published on December 17th

Quite legal for SF businesses to trade ’til 3:00am

Party time in St Francis only last for 30 days

Information submitted by John Hammond edited by St Francis Today

Whilst not always good news for some residents, visitors looking to party and generally have a good time, do from time to time create a noise nuisance factor around pubs, clubs, restaurants and take-away establishment in the early hours of the morning. Liquor trading hours in the Kouga district have been extended allowing bars and restaurants to operate up until 3:00am and these trading hours will remain in place up until 15th January but are regularly monitored by SAP and establishments do adhere to the rule of law. If it appears to some that they are in fact staying open past the legitimate trading hours, it should be appreciated that once they close their doors at 3:00am, staff are required to remain to cash up, clean up and restock for the next day thus appearing to be open until much later than the prescribed 3:00am. “This is no way means liquor is being sold till 5:00am”! Say John Hammond

Unfortunately much of the noise attributed to the pubs and clubs emanates from the many young revellers, and quite a few of the not so young, who seek out something to eat after a hard night of partying and the noise around take-aways that stay open until the early hours to cater for their needs. At any gathering of after-party goers there is bound to be music, talking / shouting and the sound of motor vehicles but we have to accept that St Francis is a holiday destination and thus attracts thousands of visitors looking to party and generally have a good time. The positives that these holiday makers bring to the economy of our region cannot be ignored and certainly some residents living close to ‘the action’ do suffer a little sleep deprivation, and whilst it may be hard to accept, it is one of the negatives of living in a holiday paradise. Certainly we may have to grin and bear it but it is amde easier if we consider that for 335 days of the year we live a lifestyle that many can only aspire to.

Establishments in greater St Francis adhere to the rules and restaurants, pubs and clubs have regular meetings with Liquor inspectors. We invited SAPS to visit liquor establishments on a daily basis to assist in checking for underage drinking and compliance to code, specially at peak trading. A big thank you to the business who supply such catering in the early morning as I believe it reduces vandalism. This is better than in past years where every venue was closed and small groups of our youth would wander around town and often get up to mischief. My understanding is that after food these groups of friends either head to the beach to watch the sunrise or go quietly home to bed” says Hammond.

Hammond continues “Again we invited and have support from SAPS in patrolling the area to minimise disruption. At this busy period sometimes things do go wrong but when it does, corrective action is implemented and all establishments support the don’t drink and drive ethos with many offering a service to get patrons home safely. Should you have a specific concern then please feel free to contact me at any time on 072 770 7788