Letters Come to Life

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Reading and writing is fun! And what better way to learn about the alphabet than to dress as a royal Kicking King or sparkly Water Witch?
Two terms of exploring the 26 letters of the alphabet were celebrated in style by St Francis College Grade 0 and 00 pupils when they spent a day in costume – each choosing their favourite Letterland character and wearing an outfit to match.

The playground was a swirl of colour, giggles and happy faces as Quarrelsome Queens marched about with zippy Zig Zag Zebras, while curious Clever Cats chased Robber Reds.

‘Our annual Letterland dress-up day is all about bringing letters to life – literally!’ said Grade 0 Teacher Eva Skelton.

Letterland at St Francis College

Teachers Eva Skelton, Elizabeth Carpenter and Grade 0

St Francis College

Teachers Michelle Miller, Esther Booysen and Grade 00.


Baviaanskloof Wilderness Camp

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

St Francis College pupils had a wild time at their annual school camp in the breathtaking Baviaanskloof recently.

Learning around the camp fire and hiking into the Baviaanskloof

Learning around the camp fire

The Grade 4 and 5 classes headed off into the Baviaans, hoping that the river would not be too high for them to cross. They were in luck – the weather cleared for a memorable two-night camp with loads of action.

Pupils set up their own tents, participated in an Ice Breaker challenge, sang team songs and ended their first day around the campfire with jokes and stories.

The camp was education-focused, with pupils learning the valuable skill of orienteering, which comprised finding clues and deciphering codes for a grand prize.

Cooking challenges, bird watching, hiking and swimming filled the hours spent in nature.

“This is always a wonderful experience for the kids…. they find themselves able to do things they never thought they could. They bond in their groups and work hard together. Saskia Boonzaier and Gail Brooker’s efforts for this camp pay off in a smooth-running, thoroughly enjoyable camp for all.” said Grade 4 Teacher Louise Ackerman.


Hiking into the Baviaanskloof

Hiking into the Baviaanskloof

PHOTOGRAPHS: Louise Ackerman

Fun at Inter-House Athletics

Fun at Inter-House Athletics and Mini-Olympics

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Sprinting, sack races, potatoes on spoons and a wildly enthusiastic Moms’ and Dads’ race were the usual sporty crowd-pleasers at St Francis College’s annual Inter-House Athletics and Mini-Olympics Day last month.

Pupils ran for their lives and clocked up fantastic wins – no matter who came first.

Young athletes competed in various events, including long-distance racing, sprinting, relays, shot put, long jump, cricket ball and javelin.

A fun start to the festivities was the Grade 0, 00 and Nursery, Mini-Olympics morning. Parents cheered from the sidelines as their tots enjoyed taking part in many fun-filled and colourful races.


Athletics Teams: Mussel Cracker, Red Roman and Yellow Tail!

Mini Olympics

Teacher Eva Skelton preparing Grade 0 and 00 pupils for their Mini-Olympics grand entrance

PHOTOGRAPHS: Zoe Henn and Roxanne Litherland