A 5-Year Strategy

A public meeting is to be held at St Francis Links on Wednesday 25th November at 6:00 pm where a 5-Year strategy  formulated by the St Francis Bay Residents Association ,will be presented to residents, business owners, property developers and others interested in the future of St Francis Bay.

There is little doubt the village infrastructure has been neglected for far too long and is now fast disintegrating.

The state of the crumbling roads where potholes now posing a serious risk to motorists  and surely will eventually result in a tragic accident or certainly significant vehicle damage. Certain roads have already reverted to their original gravel and almost beyond saving short of a total rebuild.

The storm water drainage has been so neglected that they no longer serve the purpose for which they were installed.

The sewerage collection service too, is failing due in part to the abandonment of the water borne sewerage project that was to be extended to all properties, and the unreliability of the sewerage vehicles that are frequently off the road due to breakdowns obviously caused by poor serving and maintenance.

The beach and spit have eroded badly and the longer the problem is ignored, the more many of the beachfront properties, some already have suffered damage, will be threatened.

The municipality seems not to have the will nor ability to deal the infrastructure problems cannot and will not, cope with these challenges in the time left before our infrastructure totally collapses.

The St Francis Bay Residents Association feels that residents, property investors and business owners we have three choices:-

  1. Make things happen.
  2. Watch what happens.
  3. Wonder what happened.

It certainly appears to be time to face the realities facing the village and to address how to meet the challenges ahead and all residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to hear what the St Francis Bay Residents Association proposes as possible solutions to what has become a dire situation.

VENUE: – St Francis Links
DATE: – Wednesday, 25 November 2015
TIME: – 18h00

For those homeowners that reside away form the village, the proposal will also be presented at the St Francis Bay Residents Association AGM on 17th December 2015 in the Bowls Club Hall at 17h00.

Press release from St Francis Bay Residents Association – edited

New Vodacom Towers

An update on the current status of the proposed erection of three new Vodacom masts in SFB :

Rod Suter updated us on the situation of the Vodacom Towers that were being installed in St Francis Bay. seemingly without or  necessary permissions environmental assessments . Thanks for the update Rod.

The temporary order to stop work issued by the municipality is in effect. Work at the proposed site at the we​stern end of Shore Road,​ for a mast adjacent to the parking area/​river entrance, ​has advanced as far as the installation underground of electricity cables and an electrical panel. At the proposed Esmaralda Road site, in the Green Belt parking area, some trenching has been completed and at the College Road site, which is assumed to be adjacent to the soccer field, no work appears to have commenced.

The St Francis Bay Residents Association and Kromme Trust are involved in the matter.

Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism compliance officials from PE have visited the sites and are investigating the situation and a meeting was held on site with the responsible Vodacom staff from PE to discuss the objections.

​​It was made clear to ​Vodacom that :

  • ​the objections are to the currently proposed location of the masts – not to ​an improved Vodacom ​service;
  • The current proposed ​locations​are considered inappropriate by the local affected residents;
  • ​Vodacom conducted no local public participation exercises prior to their site selection process, and this was considered unacceptable.
  • ​A strong reaction to the mast siting proposals from a number of the affected residents resulted in a co-operative and co-ordinated effort, and a considerable number of written objections have been submitted to date.
  • The objections received to date have been collated, ​and it is confirmed that they were submitted on Monday ​to the Municipal Manager and his Directors.
  • The Municipal Manager and his Directors are apparently not available this week and DA​ Ward Representative, Ben Rheeder, has undertaken to progress the matter with the Municipal Manager early next week.