Holiday season – Letter from Chairman

This year seems to have shot by and the holiday season is nearly upon us.  Due to the excessive amount of rain that we have experienced over the winter months the state of our roads have obviously deteriorated further, this inclement weather has also delayed repair work taking place.  Your Residents Association is doing its utmost to ensure that the damage caused is repaired prior to the holiday season.  We have requested the municipality to employ additional people to speed up this process.  Due to our pressures the municipality has appointed an outside contractor to conduct the repair work and the slurrying in the Kouga municipal region.  As we are not the only town that has problems with their roads, hopefully, they will spend a reasonable amount of time in St Francis Bay.

The Basic Assessment for the Beach and Spit is still in the hands of the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Joint Beach Committee will be meeting with DEDEAT for site visits on the 22nd and 23rd October, commencing with a meeting in our office.  Prior to the holiday season some repair work must take place especially at Ann Avenue and in front of those beach front properties where the revetments were damaged during the winter storms.  Unfortunately, even though the department promised to fast track their approval there are no guarantees that this will take place.

The straying of livestock, especially pigs, from Sea Vista into St Francis Bay has become totally unacceptable and many property owners have complained about damages to their gardens.  Tony Moore, the Vice Chairman of the Residents Association, has set up a committee of all affected parties to address this issue and a letter of warning has been issued by the Chief Safety and Security Officer for the Kouga Local Municipality advising the owners of these animals that if they do not comply with municipal regulations action will be taken.  One of the issues being considered is the darting (tranquilizing) of these pigs before removing them to the pound in Loerie.  These pigs are also a danger to traffic on the main R330 road past Sea Vista going to Cape St Francis and recently a vehicle was badly damaged when it hit a pig.  The problem has been further compounded by the erection of a high security fence on the other side of the road adjacent to Sea Vista which restricts the movement of the pigs from foraging in the bushes on the other side of the road.  This fence has been erected by Eskom who owns the land.

Both Tony Moore and I, as well as some other members of the committee, will be standing down at the end of this year and a number of people have indicated their willingness to take over the running of the St Francis Bay Residents Association.  From my side I will make sure that there is a handover period to ensure that the new committee is fully briefed.

It seems more and more apparent that the future of this town is very much in our hands.  We cannot rely on our municipality to properly repair our roads even though it is their duty to do so.  Because of this we are going to have to look to residents participating in funding the repairing of our roads.  A retired Road Engineer has compiled a report, at our request, which highlights the lack of storm water drainage as well as those really bad areas where the surface of the road has deteriorated to the extent that pothole filling is no longer an option.  Once he has received road plans from the municipality he will then be able to advise exactly what needs to be done and how much it is going to cost.  The success last year of the residents in Aldabara Run purchasing tarring and having their roads repaired is a clear indication of what can be done.  Obviously this is a project which will have to be addressed in 2016 and will be presented at our AGM.

The Thyspunt feedback meeting on Tuesday 20th October at The Links by Eskom and Gibbs was fairly well attended and the content of their reports and presentation was a lot better.    It was felt that many of the questions raised did not receive satisfactory answers.  One of the biggest problems raised was, if the nuclear power station does go ahead, how would our municipality manage the social impact on this community of job seekers deciding to move into this area.  It was pointed out that the planned building of 2000 houses in Sea Vista can no longer go ahead as there is only land available to build 500 as the Department of Public Works has indicated the rest of the land is not suitable as it is wetland.  The question quite simply is where these people would live if this were to happen.  The issue of pumping sand into the sea from the Thyspunt site which could seriously affect the Chokka industry was raised and your Chairman suggested that Eskom should consider taking this sand and depositing it on our beach, this suggested was well accepted by the delegates and they promised it would be considered.

The AGM will take place at 17h00 on Thursday 17th December at the St Francis Bay Bowls Club and we would earnestly request all property owners to attend.  As discussed at the last AGM we have changed our Financial Year End to the end of September so that our Treasurer can report back on a full set of annual figures.

As previously mentioned the annual St Francis Bay Residents Association subscriptions for 2016 will increase to R450 and R300 for pensioners.  We have not increased these subscriptions for many years and need to do so to cover rising expenses.

Best regards

Nigel Aitken
Chairman St Francis Residents Association

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Call back the past

The Heritage Maxwell Nine at St Francis Bay Golf Club

The Heritage Maxwell Nine at St Francis Bay Golf Club

St Francis Bay Golf Club is celebrating its 40th year and to start celebrating they are putting together a truly fun event for the not only golfers, but the entire family to enjoy. For the occasion they are returning the course, just for the day, to the original course as it was way back in 1975 when Leighton Hulett, the developer of the area then known as Sea Vista, opened the 9-hole private golf course.

Designed by Robert Grimsdell who was also responsible for designing such great courses as Mowbray, Durban Country Club and Hans Merensky Country Club, the club was initially known as The Cape St Francis Golf Club with the late Buller Pagden as the first chairman. In the early eighties the name of the club was changed to its present name St Francis Bay Golf Club.

During the eighties the fairways were upgraded and Poa Annua greens laid with the course earning the status of not only the finest 9-hole layout in the Eastern Cape but also one of golf’s best kept secrets. During the mid-nineties a decision was taken to extend the course to 18-holes, undergoing several changes since to the great layout that it is today.

Unique in South Africa, St Francis Bay Golf Club, like “the old course” of St Andrews, the home of golf, is situated in the middle of a town and thus St Francis Bay Golf Club is affectionately referred to as the “old course’ by locals.

The Heritage Golf day is and event for the entire family and readers should cross off the 13th November in their calendars and join in the fun. Dress in your best seventies garb and golfing gear for there are prizes for the best dressed. Come and join in the celebration and try your luck at some of the fun events that will be held on the day one of which is a shot at the longest drive with an old style club.

After the golf there will be themed party with live music and the day’s prizes will be handed out to the lucky winners of the various events.

Format : Scramble Drive
Price R30 per player
Bookings : St Francis Bay Golf Club – 042 2940 467

Anyone interested in sponsoring a hole / prize can contact Barry on 0826022604

Three Little Pigs and The Big BAD Wolf

show-posterA delightful show “Three Little Pigs and The Big BAD Wolf” was staged at The Studio, in the Rhapsody Centre last Saturday. The Studio, run by well known St Francis Bay local, Sacha Park, is also home to a small gym, yoga classes and a photographic studio and makes for an ideal venue for small intimate productions.

The show, produced by Jenny Mills and was a hit with kids and adults alike well done to all the kids who made the set. For those who missed the show, a DVD is available for just R80. Well done to Jenny and to all the singers, dancer and actors for a great show.

It would be great if a similar shows could be staged over the holiday season, possibly in  a bigger venue for our visitors to see what a what a vibrant little community St Francis. Also wonderful to see kids being active in theater productions.

Here are some great photos of the the vibrant and colourful show.