“Bay of Pigs” St Francis Style

Doing what they do best - rummaging in the garbage

Doing what they do best – rummaging in the garbage

Those who were around in the 60’s will remember “The Bay of Pigs Invasion”. Those who have not heard of it, the Bay of Pigs was an attempt in 1961 to remove Fidel Castro from power in Cuba. The CIA trained Cuban exiles and these exiles launched an attack in a bay called the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The subject of the assault "Fidel Castro"

The subject of the assault “Fidel Castro”

So now it it is the turn of St Francis Bay to launch a “Bay of Pigs” assault and rid the town of these somewhat cute but nonetheless nuisance animals as well as other livestock that wander our streets.

Over recent years many gardens in St Francis Bay have been badly damaged by wandering pigs, goats and cattle.  After many complaints from residents both in St Francis Bay and Sea Vista, as well as trying to communicate with the owners of livestock in our township, a meeting was recently held with all stakeholders. At that meeting it was agreed that the owners of pigs will be given one more warning after which, with the approval of the municipality, a vet will conduct darting (tranquilizing) pigs and they will then be transferred to the pound in Loerie.  Depending upon the success of this operation, consideration will also be given to the controlling of stray goats and cattle.

It must be clearly understood that not only are these pigs a health hazard but can be aggressive in defending themselves and their young. Pig-induced injuries are thus not unusual in areas where pigs are raised or where they form part of the wild or feral fauna.

The law clearly states that no livestock can be kept in a residential area, which includes informal settlements.  We recently had an accident on the R330 (the main road to Cape St Francis) where a vehicle was badly damaged and the cost of repair amounted in excess of R40,000.  The recent erection by Eskom of a proper fence along the R330 opposite Sea Vista is now further compounding the movement of these pigs.

Edited from St Francis Bay Residents Association circular




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Call to Sponsor “St Francis Rocks 3”

st francis rocks 3

Business giving back to the community

Last year the business community again sponsored its very successful “St Francis Rocks 2” community concert – a great success based on feedback received with a very positive spin in the community. The 3nd Festival in the series takes place on Saturday the 12th  December and will build on the proven model of last year with a few improvements to further enhance the event.

The business community place a high reliance on trade generated over the festive season, we also base our core value on our ability to address the needs of our permanent residents and indeed weekenders throughout the year.

The St Francis Rocks concert is your opportunity to say thanks to our locals for their ongoing support and at the same time as having a family fun day while also raising funds for local charities.

St Francis Rocks is targeted at homeowners in St Francis prior to the holiday events program and is also aimed at getting families into town a bit earlier with the resulting uplift in business for all. We anticipate some 2000 plus people at the event with major marketing coverage via all types of media.


In order to participate in this exciting marketing opportunity we invite selected organisation or indeed their suppliers to become a sponsor.  Social media plus other communications channels will be utilised to promote the event including St Francis Tourism, sponsors web sites with one clear message – business giving back to the community.

Branding will be utilised as a key marketing tool and the imagery created will enable all sponsors to customize both print and indeed merchandise that directly links your company to the event. There will be no duplicate sponsorship of competing business for the main Gold sponsors but categories such as guest houses and hospitality will be open to all. Gold sponsors may use their own flags and signage around the main stage area.

The sponsor funds are to cover costs and any surplus will be kept for future events. No payment will be taken by the core organising team for organising the event. The organising team will expand as we entire the next stage of planning and all sponsors will be invited to participate in the project team.

Sponsor funds will be used for the following activities

  • Approvals process
  • Stage &Sound Equipment/ Lighting
  • Artists
  • Raffle & Spot Prizes
  • Clothing Merchandise etc
  • Marketing/ Advertising
  • Security

We would love to have you on board and if you were with us last year then it would be great to see you back again. As always we are pleased to hear your ideas and suggestions so please feel free to contact any of the organisors below to discuss participation and available options.



St Francis Rocks Team

Barry Tonkin – St Francis Fine Foods – 082 602 2604
Sarah Swanepoel – Dune Ridge – 082 500 4922
John Hammond – Legends – 072 770 7788




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The Heritage of St Francis Golf

Heritage-golfThe Heritage of St Francis is vital to one and all as we build our village of the future based on the success and ideas of generations past. While it is vital to look forward it’s also worth while remembering the foundation that helped create the St Francis of today. There is no better time to do this than at some anniversary and in this case we refer to the creation of the original small golf course some 40 years ago. The original 9 holes carved out of the virgin bush has become the highly acclaimed 18 hole Bay Golf Course of today and with the advent of our second golf course, Jack Nicholas designed St Francis Links, the bay now has a deserved nomenclature of being called “the old course” This is a great marketing handle as the only other place that uses this model is the home of golf in St Andrews Scotland.

The object of the Heritage event is also to introduce people from all walks of life to the golf club and to encourage the younger set to take up an interest in the game.

Promotional Opportunity
In order to celebrate this anniversary it is intended to create a special day of golf for all, from the serious golfer and those just getting started and those who simply want to participate in the anniversary party. We are calling this event The Heritage and the course will be reconfigured to the original 9 as designed by Maxwell Hullett and built by John Kettlewell. All surplus funds plus green fees will be for the benefit of the bay golf club.
This could become an annual event as this is also an opportunity for other businesses in St Francis to celebrate their Heritage. We need to check the facts but would it not be true that the following could also celebrate their anniversary at the same event.

  • First Estate Agency started 45 years by John Cooper snr – now Harcourts
  • First Port Fish Processing Plant started 35 years ago – Ballobi
  • First Hospitality Bar started some 30 years ago – Legends
  • First Super Store some 7 years and growing year on year – Super Spa

In addition the above there are lots of opportunities for business or individuals to get involved by either sponsorship of a hole, green or driving box or by donating prizes on this fun day.

We are happy to explore other innovations such as best dressed 1970’s golfers, best couple, best frock, best hat etc so let’s make this a special fun day and show that club life is a part of the community.

On a separate subject it is intended to start a St Francis Golf business League in February 2016 but more about that later.
Please give us a call to discuss the first Heritage event and attached find our suggested sponsorship options, we will be happy to explore alternative ideas.

Planning Team
Barry Tonkin – o82 602 2604
John Hammond – 072 770 7788

Sponsorship Options

Main Sponsors- Gold
We anticipate no more than 3/4 main sponsors who will have prime spots on all marketing materials, web site, press releases and social media platforms. The actual sponsorship will be agreed after discussions on how best to promote the individual companies. It is anticipated that each main sponsor would also have marketing of a particular hole both t box and green included in the package. Sponsorship funds or indeed a mix of funds and prizes are of interest. Funds raised via sponsorship will be utilised for advertising, promotional items and as a contribution to set up and entertainment activities as well as prizes.
Sponsors marketing material will be applied to both the appropriate area on the course and in both the car park and club house. Please contact Barry or John to discuss your interest and available options.

Sponsors – Silver
T box & Green = R 750
T box = R 500
Green = R 500

Marketing Material may be displayed on nominated area on the course and press releases etc

Sponsor – Bronze
Individuals or companies who sponsor prizes will be included in the awards ceremony, club signage and photographs of winners. All prizes will be greatly appreciated.




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Fantastic Whale sightings off St Francis



whales-otters-012aSt Franics Safaris captured these great whale sighting photos over the weekend of a Humpback whale and her calf joyfully playing in St Francis Bay. Tim Christy says they must have seen at least 20 whales per trip.

Conditions have been perfect, the Whales are here!

One can see from the photographs just how close the whales with (see the Cape St Francis lighthouse on the horizon).

Don’t miss out and book a trip to see these magnificent creatures of the sea close up. To book your whale  cruise call  042 294 0634



whales-otters-015 whales-otters-011 whales-otters-008 whales-otters-003



Grannies, Grampas and Grandfriends honoured

By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Performing for grandparents and grandfriends

Performing for grandparents and grandfriends

St Francis College knows how to spoil the VIP members of its family – and they did not disappoint this year when the school celebrated Grandparents and Grandfriends Day.

These much-loved special guests were treated to hugs, songs and delicious eats; an annual reminder of the treasured role they play in these children’s lives.

After a karaoke of many songs sung both by the school’s guests and Grade 00 – Grade 2 pupils, everybody gathered around on the grass outside for some bonding time and picnics. Many proud children took their guests on a tour of the school and their classrooms.

After much laughter, giggles and tons of fun, everyone agreed that this day was a highlight on the college calendar.

The audience

The audience

Photographs: Lyn Webb