St Francis puts on its best face

St Francis certainly put on its best face yesterday to welcome visitors to our tiny enclave and show them why it is simply the best place to live this side of the North Pole. Could the golfers have wished for a better start to the Calamari Classic? Wayward shots could only be blamed on technique, or lack of, and not on the wind for other than a gentle breeze to keep them cool, it was a perfect day for golf.


Calamari Classic – Putting on the 15th

The bowlers too had it good with the beautifully manicured bowling green’s running true (or are they called rinks, not too sure having never played the masterful game). Not really having watched a game of bowls other than when Doug Watson won the World Champs way back when. It was intriguing to watch a few games yesterday and witness the skill and accuracy of the bowlers who made the game look so easy which it definitely isn’t.

Travelling South to Seal Point, Cape St Francis, the youngsters here to compete in the Billabong Junior surfing event, also had the best of it with near perfect conditions as they prepare for the contest starting today. Let’s hope the waves keep their shape so our future stars can show off their talent.


Young surfer practicing for Billabong Junior event at Seal Point

Days like yesterday should hopefully make us realise just how lucky we are to live in St Francis. Sure we have problems with the roads and an eroding beach but this should give all of us living here, the resolve to meet these challenges by contributing positively to the efforts of the few who truly work to improve the status quo. It is natural to complain when things are not totally to our liking but we truly have it good! No traffic, little crime, beautiful beaches, a magnificent river playground! What more could we want?