R10,000 up for grabs on Canals

Pam Golding R10,000 challenge

Photos by Dave & Marie Louw

(Article by Richard Arderne)

Pam Golding Properties are offering R10,000 for the first canoe or surfski to break 40 minutes for the weekly St Francis Paddling Club 10km canal time trial, held on Wednesdays at 5.30pm. As per the table, times have steadily decreased since our time-keeping started in 2011. (Prior to that, time trials were held for many years without records being kept, but since Dave & Marie Louw arrived in town, they have not missed a week in nearly five years)!

Pam Golding thought their money was safe, but Phil Smith and Clint Hempel have shown in recent weeks that the day is not far off when the 40 minute barrier will be broken. The sponsorship was initiated to promote St Francis Bay, and in particular the canals as an amazing paddling venue.


Best times for the 10-K’s since September 2011


World champions Hank McGregor, Sean Rice, Jasper Mocke and Dawid Mocke, plus top national paddlers Andy Birkett, Greg Louw, Matt Bouman and Tom Schilperoort and more have all indicated that they will be here soon (possibly the Wednesday before the Fish River Marathon in early October) to see if they can take home the cash, but time is running out for them … the locals might beat them to it!

The photos are a sample of the many more taken by Dave & Marie at the start, held in all weather conditions, even the worst winter evening, almost dark at the start.

Pam Golding R10,000 sub 40mins time challeng

Photos by Dave & Marie Louw

Honest Spar staff save the day!

I mistakenly left my purse in a Spar trolley last week. On returning to the Spar we were directed to the Security Officer. The purse had been handed in by the two “Trolley Collectors” with all money and credit cards in tact.

It is gratifying to know that we have honest people in our St. Francis Bay Community!

A very special thanks to all those involved.


Cherry Owens


Rotary Swap Shop threatened by rain


Roshaad Sisuza with his new bike

Last Thursday’s Rotary Recycle Swap Shop went ahead despite the threat of rain and just as well as this was the day that young Roshaad Sisuza earned enough points for the bike he has been working towards over the past few months. Well done Roshaad!! Next swap shop day is due to be October 1st if all goes well.

Inauguration of the Kouga Wind Farm


Nomvula’s admin manager Pinky Stokwe admires the display



Nomvula’s blankets on display

St Francis Bay and Sea Vista residents were well represented at the inauguration of the Kouga Wind Farm in Oyster Bay, on Friday September 4th.

Nomvula’s Knitters Trust were very proud to have been asked to supply 200 gorgeous small blankets for the occasion which were to be donated to needy folk after the event. These  were attractively displayed on each table and in seating areas and guests were encouraged to wrap up warmly against the fierce wind that was blowing on the day. The blankets were really popular and many folks opted to make a donation to charity so that they could keep a blanket!


The Haven kiddies marching to circle the wind tower

The Talhado Children’s Haven pre-primary school kiddies “Marched to Jerusalem” carrying a cheery banner in the red and white Kouga Wind Farm corporate colours. They circled the wind tower and sang along with the Talhado Haven Steel Band entertaining all the VIP guests and dignitaries which included the MEC for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism Honourable Sakhumzi Somyo and the Honorable Mayor of Kouga Region, Mrs Daphne Kettledas.

Well done children and staff for a super show and making us all really proud of our special little school!!


The Talhado Haven Steel Band preparing to play

Pedigree Dogs ‘Donated’ by their Owners to the SPCA


We are amazed at how many beautiful pedigreed dogs have been brought into our SPCA Assisis this year. Labradors, Staffies, Dalmations, German Shepherds…and now a Pointer, Great Dane and another Scottie.

It’s so shameful that people buy these dogs and then, for whatever reason, find they no longer want them and simply abandon them with no thought of their welfare or their future.

If anyone can offer one of these dogs a loving home – please contact Tanya or Melanie at the SPCA Assisi in Humansdorp on: 042 295 2814.